High Voltage Linux, or HVL for short is a minimal source based didistribution designed to be built up for any number of tasks. One distro many uses.

Currently we are building the ports and soon to work on a iso, join us on irc freenode #hvlinux

The core ports are almost complete; but not ready for production use. Grab them here if you would like to test.


Incremental updates

Source based Linux distributions suffer from increased source file downloading which will burden a dial up user or low bandwidth connections and consumes more hard disk storage. There are two ways that i can think of to reduce this burden, 1) use the projects Source Content Manager; but really; do you want to have even more disk space used in some cases and the burden of finding the right commit that works. So this leads to option 2) Use a delta difference of the already downloaded source archive. You got it why not re-use it; and only download the difference, projects don't alter all the source code all the time so a delta file is a lot smaller to download.