Romster - 10th November 2008

I have made a mirror of my site on shortcircuit again, but i'm keeping my main site where i know where it is.
My system is running stable on HV Linux, but still a few small anoyances to sort out. The generate xdelta code is working well and is almost ready to be merged into pkgutils, it is currently in some of the pre-install scripts.

updated commands
Romster - 29th August 2008

I have started a page on comands so i can stop loosing them in heaps of text files.

moved games
Romster - 5th August 2008

I have moved all my games from romster repository to games for crux ports.

ports hg-to-git
Romster - 3th August 2008

Today I converted my mercurial SCM to git using a tool found in "git-".
$ /usr/ports/work/git/src/git- -v romster-git |tee /tmp/hg-to-git_log

Various updates
Romster - 30th July 2008

Long time since I added any news. HVLinux is progressing and a iso is being worked on.

Various updates
Romster - 17th June 2008

Added more pages: music,movies,tc-hfsc and cleaned up the menu a little. And also toying with some code block improvments.

Various updates
Romster - 15th June 2008

Added a red theme, working on HVLinux, expect a ports tree to come soon.

Various updates
Romster - 27th May 2008

A lot has been going on shortcircuit is now offline so I'm hosting the site myself for the time being.
I'm working on a number of projects and will update this site when I find time.

Various updates
Romster - 10th November 2007

Initial site design comenced for a newer and long time overdue redesign, colour theme by Shiva64 :) thank you.

Various updates
Romster - 15th November 2007

more changes that i haven't been keeping track of other than in a Mercurial Distributed SCM.