CRUX ports

PortVersionDescriptionLast modified
7zip4.43-1p7zip is a port of 7-Zip, the archiver with the highest compression ratio.2011-08-01
a2j2_0_2-2ASN Parser that produces java based codec and Data Transfer Object2011-08-01
aalib1.4-1Library for converting images/movies to ascii art2011-08-01
aalib-old1.2-1Library for converting images/movies to ascii art2011-08-01
aap1.089-1Locate, download, build and install software2011-08-01
aargh1.2.2-1Generates C/C++ code to parse a command line2011-08-01
abakus0.90-2a simple calculator for KDE analogous to: "bc, with a nice GUI"2011-08-01
acid0.1-1Small textmode assembly intro2011-08-01
acl2.2.34-5a library and associated tools for ACL support2011-08-01
acme0.7-1A programmer's editor, shell, and user interface2011-08-01
acon1.0.5-1Linux Arabic Support2011-08-01
acookesvn-1Erlang utilities2011-08-01
acpi0.09-1attempts to replicate the functionality of the apm command, including battery and thermal information2011-08-01
acro_cat1-1Concatenate PDF files2011-08-01
adesklets0.6.1-1Interactive imlib2 console for the X Window System2011-08-01
adns1.1-1Asynchronous-capable DNS client library and utilities.2011-08-01
adns-perl1.1-1Perl native interface to ADNS 2011-08-01
adobesvg3.01-1Firefox SVG viewer2011-08-01
advi1.6.0-1DVI previewer and a programmable presenter for slides written in LaTeX.2011-08-01
ae_fonts1_ttf1.1-1Arabeyes TrueType Fonts2011-08-01
ae_fonts_mono1-1Font to configure X Windows for Arabic2011-08-01
aem0.9.1-15r10The Linux Asynchronous Event Mechanism2011-08-01
aewan1.0.01-1Ascii-art Editor Without a Name2011-08-01
agency-ttf1-1Agency TrueType font2011-08-01
aisee2.2.12-1Graph visualization2011-08-01
akka1.0-1Akka is a tool for Arabizing Linux/Unix consoles2011-08-01
albumart1.6.0-1a semi-automatic album cover art downloader for KDE2011-08-01
alex2.0.1-1A lexical analyser generator for Haskell 2011-08-01
alien8.65-1Utility that converts between rpm, dpkg, slp and tgz 2011-08-01
alleyoop0.9.2-1A graphical GTK+ front-end for Valgrind2011-08-01
alloy0.5.3-3KDE style and KWin decoration based on Incors' Java Alloy2011-08-01
alsa-driver1.0.12-1Advanced Linux Sound Architecture2011-08-01
alternative_repos5-1Collection of altenative port repositories2011-08-01
amaranth-althaea-icons0.5-2KDE iconset like Crystal SVG, but simpler-looking, with more shadows. They are also softer on the eyes, and much lower contrast.2011-08-01
antiword0.37-1Free MS Word reader for Linux and RISC OS2011-08-01
antlr2.7.6-1ANTLR provides a framework for constructing recognizers, compilers and translators2011-08-01
aoi221-1A free, open source 3D modelling and rendering studio2011-08-01
apes22.5.2-1A Process Engineering Software2011-08-01
apollon1.0.2.1-2a KDE giFT client2011-08-01
apptrace0.1.0-1Straces any application2011-08-01
apr_memcache0.7.0-1A client for memcached written in C using APR and APR-Util2011-08-01
apwal0.4.5-1Application Launcher for Linux2011-08-01
aqbanking2.0.0-1provides a middle layer between the applications and online banking libraries implementing various file formats and protocols2011-08-01
arabjoin1-1A simple filter to render Arabic text2011-08-01
arabtex3.11.orig-1TeX/LaTeX package to generate the arabic writing2011-08-01
arena0.9.13-1Arena Scripting Language2011-08-01
argouml0.24-1UML modelling tool in Java2011-08-01
aria20.9.0-1High speed download utility with resuming and segmented features2011-08-01
arkpandora-fonts1.0-1Arkpandora fonts2011-08-01
arla0.43-1A free AFS implementation2011-08-01
array1-1Functional, extendable Erlang arrays 2011-08-01
arts1.5.4-1aRts Sound system2011-08-01
ascii2binary2.13-1Convert Between Textual Representations of Numbers and Binary2011-08-01
asdf1.008-1Another System Definition Facility2011-08-01
asio0.3.7-1Asynchronous I/O model for network programming in C++2011-08-01
asmix0.6-1Small commands and utilities2011-08-01
asmutils0.18-1A set of miscellaneous utilities written in assembly language, targeted on embedded systems and small distributions2011-08-01
asn1-mode2.7-1(X)Emacs mode for ASN.12011-08-01
asn1c0.9.21-1Abstract Syntax Notation One to C compiler2011-08-01
aspell-en0.51-1-1English dictionary for aspell2011-08-01
aspell-fr0.50-3-1French dictionary for aspell2011-08-01
assoc-gen1-1Synthetic Data Generation Code for Associations and Sequential Patterns2011-08-01
asterisk1.4.2-1Open source telephone system2011-08-01
astyle1.21-1A free, fast and small automatic formatter for C, C++, C#, and Java source code2011-08-01
at76c503a0.13-1a Linux driver for the wlan USB adapter based on the Atmel at76c503 chip2011-08-01
atlas3.7.14-2Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software2011-08-01
atmel-firmware1.3-1firmware and utilities for atmel, atmel_cs, and "Berlios" at76c503 wlan NICs2011-08-01
attr2.4.28-5userspace tools for managing posix extended attrs2011-08-01
audioplay0.1.0-1AUdio console player2011-08-01
auto_ncftp2.0-1Powerful textbased ftp client with autotuned behaviours2011-08-01
auto_wuftp2.0-1Powerful ftp daemon for Unix systems with autotuned behaviours2011-08-01
autobench2.1.2-1Benchmarking web server using httperf2011-08-01
autogen5.5.7-1A tool designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of programs that contain large amounts of repetitious text2011-08-01
autojam2005-05-25-1A set of rules for the Jam build tool2011-08-01
autologin1-1Automated Login2011-08-01
autounit0.15.2-1A unit testing framework supporting test-driven development for C2011-08-01
avahi0.6.15-1A a system which facilitates service discovery on a local network2011-08-01
aview1.3.0-1High quality ascii-art image(pnm) browser and animation(fli/flc) player2011-08-01
avl0.4-1Implementation of threaded AVL trees2011-08-01
avlmap0.12.4-1AVL balanced binary tree and mapping library2011-08-01
awka0.7.5-1Awk to C translator2011-08-01
axis1.4-1Java implementation of the SOAP2011-08-01
azureus2.5.0.4-2A java bittorrent client2011-08-01
baghira0.7-2KDE style based on mosfet-liquid0.9.6pre42011-08-01
balance3.34-1TCP proxy with load balancing and failover mechanisms2011-08-01
barcat1.4-1'cat' with ASCII progress bar2011-08-01
barcode0.98-1A a tool to convert text strings to printed bars2011-08-01
base1.2d5-1iMatrix "Base" technology toolkit2011-08-01
base641-1Stand-alone encoder and decoder for base642011-08-01
basket0.5.0-2a desktop organization tool2011-08-01
bb1.3rc1-1A Killer AALib console demo2011-08-01
bbdock0.01-1Application launcher dockapp2011-08-01
bbkeys0.9.0-1Keybinding software for blackbox 2011-08-01
bcel5.1-1The Java Byte Code Engineering Library2011-08-01
bcpp20050725-1C, C++, SGML and XML Beautifier2011-08-01
beagle0.2.7-1a "personal information space" search tool--stripped version for Kerry2011-08-01
beecrypt4.1.2-1BeeCrypt Cryptography Library2011-08-01
bf1-1Brainfuck language2011-08-01
bget1-1The BGET Memory Allocator2011-08-01
bhl1.9-1Converts plain text to HTML / SGML (Linuxdoc) / Texinfo / LaTeX / Wiki2011-08-01
bibletime1.5.3-1Bible study software for KDE2011-08-01
bigforth2.1.3-1A native code Forth2011-08-01
bigloo2.8b-1Bigloo is another Scheme implementation2011-08-01
bin2c1-1Compiling binary data into a C program.2011-08-01
bin2iso1-1Simple utility to convert a BIN image format to ISO format2011-08-01
binbuddy1.0-1Binary Buddy allocator2011-08-01
bing1.3.5-1An application which measures the RAW bandwidth of a remote network link2011-08-01
blacs0-1Basic Linear Algebra Communication Subprograms2011-08-01
blas1-1Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms2011-08-01
blender2.42a-1Free 3D Modelling and Animation software2011-08-01
bleriot0.9.2-1Bleriot font2011-08-01
blingcvs-1Enlightenment module to change the grade of transparency2011-08-01
blobwars1.04-1a platform "run, jump, and shoot" game2011-08-01
bluez-firmware1.1-1An an implementation of the Bluetooth wireless standards specifications for Linux2011-08-01
bluez-hcidump1.30-1The bluez hcidump tool2011-08-01
bluez-libs2.25-1Official linux bluetooth protocol stack libraries2011-08-01
bluez-utils2.25-1Official linux bluetooth protocol stack - utilities2011-08-01
bmeps1.2.5-1Convert bitmap image files (PNG/JPEG/NetPBM) to EPS2011-08-01
boa0.94.13-1A multiplexed single-tasking HTTP server2011-08-01
boa-constructor0.3.1-1A cross platform Python IDE and wxPython GUI Builder2011-08-01
bochs2.1.1-1A highly portable open source IA-32(x86) PC emulator2011-08-01
bootcd2.51-1Run your system from cd without need for disks2011-08-01
bootsplash3.2-1Graphical boot process for the linux kernel2011-08-01
boson0.12-1an OpenGL real-time strategy game, with the feeling of C&C or StarCraft2011-08-01
boto0.8d-1Python interface to Amazon Web Services2011-08-01
bow20020213-1A Toolkit for Statistical Language Modeling, Text Retrieval, Classification and Clustering2011-08-01
boxes1.0.1-1A text filter which can draw ASCII art boxes2011-08-01
browsex2.0-1Fast Tcl/Tk Web Browser2011-08-01
bsearch1-1Efficient way of finding data on sorted file2011-08-01
bsed0.3-1Binary Stream Editor2011-08-01
bsed@1.0-1A Stream Editor for Binary Files2011-08-01
bstring03312007-1The Better String Library2011-08-01
bt2.0.3-1B Tree Library2011-08-01
btree1.0-1B-Tree data structure2011-08-01
btyacc3.0-2-1Backtracking yacc2011-08-01
buffer1.19-1implements double buffering and can be used to keep backup tapes streaming or printers printing2011-08-01
bugzilla2.18rc3-1Bug-Tracking System2011-08-01
bzip21.0.3-2Bzip2 library and tool2011-08-01
c-ares1.3.1-1C library that performs DNS requests and name resolves asynchronously2011-08-01
c-ip2location2.1.3-1XOSD displays text on your screen2011-08-01
c2lib1.4.2-1A C library influenced by both Perl's string handling and C++'s STL2011-08-01
c4.5r8-1C4.5 Programs for Machine Learning2011-08-01
c_count7.5-1Counts C-language source statements, and summarizes statistics2011-08-01
c_lines1-1Count C lines, not counting comments, blank lines or form feeds2011-08-01
cabal1.1.4-1Common Architecture for Building Applications and Libraries2011-08-01
cabextract1.1-1Free Software for extracting Microsoft cabinet files, also called .CAB files2011-08-01
cacti0.8.6i-1A complete RRDTool-based graphing solution 2011-08-01
cairo0.4.0-1A vector graphics library which provide high-quality display2011-08-01
calc2.11.10.1-1C-style arbitrary precision system2011-08-01
calcurse1.6-1A text-based personal organizer2011-08-01
calibrator0.9e-1A Cache-Memory and TLB calibration tool2011-08-01
calligrapher-font1-1Calligrapher font2011-08-01
camlimages2.2-1Objective Caml image processing library2011-08-01
catdoc0.94.2-1A program which reads one or more Microsoft word files and outputs text2011-08-01
cavl1.5-1C AVL Tree generic package 2011-08-01
cccc3.1.4-1A free software tool for measurement of source C/C++/Java/Ada-83/Ada-95 code related metrics2011-08-01
ccmath2.2.1-1A C library for linear algebra, numerical integration ...2011-08-01
ccp0.3-1A compact and fast algorithm for Regular Expression Search 2011-08-01
ccured1.3.5-1Analyzes C program to determine to prevent memory safety violations2011-08-01
cd4.4-12D platform-independent graphics library2011-08-01
cdb0.75-1A fast, reliable, simple package for creating and reading constant databases2011-08-01
cdemu0.8-1A kernel module designed to simulate a CD drive + CD with just simple cue/bin files2011-08-01
cdk4.9.13-1Curses Development Kit2011-08-01
cdoc0.9.7-1Simple documentation tool for C programs and libraries2011-08-01
cdtool2.1.8pre4-1Control audio functions of an attached CDROM from the command line 2011-08-01
celestia1.4.1-1a real-time visual space simulation2011-08-01
celestia-kde1.4.1-2a real-time visual space simulation (KDE enhanced)2011-08-01
cexcept2.0.0-1A try/catch/throw exception-handling interface for C2011-08-01
cfitsio2490-1A library subroutines for reading and writing data files in FITS data format2011-08-01
cfl1.2.7-1A C Foundation Library2011-08-01
cg+1.1-1Software for Large-scale Unconstrained Optimization2011-08-01
cgames2.2-1Games for the Linux Console2011-08-01
check0.9.5-1A unit test framework for C2011-08-01
chicken2.41-1Scheme compiler which produces a portable and efficient C2011-08-01
chili1.8-1jQuery code highlighter plugin2011-08-01
chkconfig1.3.30a-1A tool to simplify management of the symbolic links in /etc/rc.d under Linux2011-08-01
chkfontpath1.9.7-1Command line tool to manage the X-servers font path2011-08-01
chmlib0.38-1A library for dealing with MS ITSS/CHM format files.2011-08-01
cichlid2.0-1Data visualization software2011-08-01
cil1.3.5-1Infrastructure for C Program Analysis and Transformation2011-08-01
cilk5.4.2.3-1A language for multithreaded parallel programming based on ANSI C2011-08-01
cl-yacc0.2-1LALR(1) parser generator for Common Lisp2011-08-01
clamav0.88.6-1An antivirus toolkit2011-08-01
clamd-stream-client1.3-1Small client to ask a clamav antivirus server is a file containt a virus2011-08-01
classification-gen1-1Synthetic Data Generation Code for Classification2011-08-01
clean2.1.1-1Clean Programming language2011-08-01
clearlooks0.6.2-1Simple, elegant, and usable GTK theme2011-08-01
clearlooks-themes1-1Clearlooks themes and test application2011-08-01
clock_cycles1-1Test programs for measuring clock cycles and performance monitoring2011-08-01
cloop-utils2.05-1Tools for handling with cloop compressed volumes2011-08-01
clover1.3.13-1Unit tests drive code quality for Java2011-08-01
clucene0.9.20-1A high-performance, scalable, cross platform Lucene clone in C++2011-08-01
clusterit2.3.1-1A collection of clustering tools2011-08-01
clusterssh3.17.1-1Allow commands to be interactively run on multiple servers over ssh2011-08-01
cluto2.1.1-1Clustering low and high-dimensional datasets2011-08-01
cmake2.4.6-1Cross-platform open-source make system2011-08-01
cmatrix1.2a-1Matrix console screen saver2011-08-01
cmph0.7-1C Minimal Perfect Hashing Library2011-08-01
cmu-cam-toolkit2.05-1Statistical Language Modeling Toolkit2011-08-01
cmucl19d-1A high performance Common Lisp implementation.2011-08-01
cmunge1.0-1A tool for encrypting and compacting C source code2011-08-01
cncc1.3.1-1Counter of C/C++ source lines and bytes2011-08-01
cnet2.0.9-1Cnet network simulator2011-08-01
coccinella0.95-1Jabber chat client with whiteboard communication2011-08-01
coda6.9.0-1A distributed filesystem with its origin in AFS22011-08-01
code-print1-1Perl script that uses TeX to print source code2011-08-01
color1.2-1A convenience tool to ease the use of ANSI coloring in your shell2011-08-01
colormake0.2-1A simple wrapper for making the output from make easier to read2011-08-01
column@1-1A tool for extracting selected columns from text files2011-08-01
comix3.6.2-1A user-friendly, customizable image viewer designed to handle comic books2011-08-01
concat-pdfs1-1How do I concat several PS files to one PS file?2011-08-01
connect1-1Make network connection via SOCKS and https proxy2011-08-01
cons2.3.0-1Perl software construction tool2011-08-01
cook2.29-1A tool for constructing files2011-08-01
cooledit3.17.17-1A text editor for the X Window System2011-08-01
cora-hmm1-1C implementation of HMMs used for information extraction in Cora2011-08-01
coredumper1.1-1Allow applications to create core dumps without terminating 2011-08-01
coro1.0.3-1A C library that implements the low level handling of coroutines2011-08-01
coroutine1-1Coroutines in C2011-08-01
cowsay3.03-2Configurable talking ASCII cow2011-08-01
cpost1-1Produces excellent listings of C language files in Postscript2011-08-01
cprof1.0.2-1An enhanced performance profiler tool2011-08-01
cproto4.7e-1Generate C function prototypes and convert function definitions2011-08-01
cpucvs-1Enlightenment CPU monitoring module 2011-08-01
cpu_frequency1-1CPU frequency and code timer2011-08-01
cpuburn1.4-1a collection of programs to put heavy load on CPU 2011-08-01
cqual0.991-1A tool for adding type qualifiers to C2011-08-01
crashme2.4-2stress tests operating system stability2011-08-01
crawl0.4-1A small and efficient HTTP crawler2011-08-01
cross-entropy1.3.2-1Calculation of relative entropy and R-measure2011-08-01
crossfire1.7.0-1A cooperative multiplayer graphical RPG and adventure game2011-08-01
crossroadssvn-1Crossroads Load Balancer2011-08-01
crux_tuning1-1Crux tuning2011-08-01
cscope15.5-1A developer's tool for browsing source code2011-08-01
csoap1.1.0-1Client/server SOAP library in pure C2011-08-01
cssed0.4.0-1GTK2 application to help create and maintain CSS style sheets for web developing2011-08-01
cstore0.2-1A Column-Oriented DBMS2011-08-01
ct2.6-1Cheap Threads2011-08-01
ctio1-1The CTIO Colour Text Input/Output Library2011-08-01
ctorrent3.2-1Enhanced command line BitTorrent client 2011-08-01
curl-loader0.29-1XOSD displays text on your screen2011-08-01
curlpp0.6.0-pre4-2A C++ wrapper for libcURL2011-08-01
cut2.4-1C Unit Tester2011-08-01
cutils1.6-1C source code utilities (highlight C source files, make a C source file unreadable but compilable ...)2011-08-01
cvsgrab2.2.2-1Reads the repository via its web interface (ViewCVS,CvsWeb) 2011-08-01
cvstrac2.0.1-1Bug tracking system for Subversion and CVS with integrated Wiki and repository browser2011-08-01
cw1.0.14-1Color wrapper for Unix commands2011-08-01
cxxtest3.10.1-1A a JUnit/CppUnit/xUnit-like framework for C++2011-08-01
cyclone1.0-1A Safe Dialect of C2011-08-01
dap3.5-1A small statistics and graphics package based on C2011-08-01
darcs1.0.8-1A powerful CVS replacement for distributed software projects written in haskell2011-08-01
dateexpr1-1Perform date and time calculations2011-08-01
datemath1-1Manipulate dates mathematically2011-08-01
datrie0.1.0-1An Implementation of Double-Array Trie2011-08-01
dazuko2.3.3-1Gateway to File Access Control2011-08-01
db4.5.20-2Berkeley DB2011-08-01
dbc2.0.0-1Design by Contract for C2011-08-01
dbdesigner0.5.4-1A visual database design system2011-08-01
dbgrep1-1Extract and process records from simple text databases2011-08-01
dbus1.0.1-1A message bus system2011-08-01
dbus-glib0.72-1The D-Bus GLib bindings2011-08-01
dbvis4.3.6-1The Universal Database Tool2011-08-01
dbvis55.1.1-1The Universal Database Tool2011-08-01
dc-qt0.1.2-1a Qt GUI for the Direct Connect (TM) dctc text client2011-08-01
dclib0.3.7-1Direct connect interface library for dcgui2011-08-01
dcraw1-1C program that decodes any raw image from any digital camera.2011-08-01
dctc0.85.9-1Direct Connect Text Client2011-08-01
dd_rescue1.11-1Copy data from one file or block device to another2011-08-01
ddcxinfo-knoppix0.6-1Program to automatically probe a monitor for information2011-08-01
ddd3.3.12-1A graphical frontend for the commandline debugger GDB2011-08-01
dejagnu1.4.4-1Application test framework2011-08-01
depgen1-1Outputs makefile rules for each C file it examines2011-08-01
desyrel-ttf1-1Desyrel TrueType font2011-08-01
devede1.4-1A program to create video DVDs suitables for home players2011-08-01
dialog1.0-20060221-2A tool to display dialog boxes from shell scripts2011-08-01
dialyzer1.4.0-1DIscrepancy AnaLYZer of ERlang programs2011-08-01
dice20.6.2-1Dice Rolling System version2011-08-01
dictionary1.8.6-1Emacs package for talking to a dictionary server2011-08-01
dietlibc0.31-1DietC is a libc that is optimized for small size.2011-08-01
diffuse4.2b-1DIFFUSE package (DISCUS, PDFFIT, KUPLOT)2011-08-01
digikam0.8.2-1an advanced digital photo management application for KDE2011-08-01
digikamimageplugins0.8.2-1image editor plugins for digiKam2011-08-01
digikit0.40-1Perl widgets library based on TkZinc 2011-08-01
dillo0.8.6-1A graphical web browser in less than 400KB2011-08-01
disktype8-1Detect the content format of a disk or disk image2011-08-01
dissy2-1A a disassembler for Linux and UNIX which supports multiple architectures2011-08-01
distel3.3-1Distributed Emacs Lisp 2011-08-01
distribulator1.0.0-1A command for distributed computing (batch, console, multiple server)2011-08-01
djangosvn-1A high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design2011-08-01
djapiansvn-1Integration between Django and Xapian2011-08-01
djbdns1.05-2High performance DNS services2011-08-01
djbfft0.76-1Extremely fast library for floating-point convolution2011-08-01
dmalloc5.4.2-1Debug memory allocation 2011-08-01
dmd1-1D programming language 2011-08-01
dmenu2.1-1Dynamic menu2011-08-01
dnrd2.20-1A caching, forwarding DNS proxy server2011-08-01
dnscache1.05-1A robust DNS caching system2011-08-01
docx2txt1-1Documents convertor to text2011-08-01
domino0.6-1A Java toolkit to access any Human Input Device through a DOM tree2011-08-01
doodlesvn-1A tool to quickly search the documents on a computer2011-08-01
dosunix1.0.14-1A selection of features allowing manipulation of text files in a mixed DOS/Windows and Unix environment2011-08-01
dot2gdl0.1.111-1Convert GraphViz .dot files into aiSee .gdl files.2011-08-01
doxymacs1.7.0-1Make using Doxygen from within {X}Emacs easier2011-08-01
drbd8.0.2-1A block device which is designed to build high availability clusters2011-08-01
dred1-1A lightweight, customizeable, and extensible Unicode text editor2011-08-01
driconf0.9.0-1a graphical configuration tool for the Direct Rendering Infrastructure2011-08-01
drmpackager2.2.12-1Add DRM to MP3 files2011-08-01
dryverl0.1.2-1An Erlang-to-C binding assembly language2011-08-01
dsh0.25.6-1A distributed shell2011-08-01
duplicator1.0.9-1Locator of duplicated and plagiarized documents2011-08-01
dvd-slideshow0.7.5-1Allow user to easily create dvds from groups of pictures, sometimes from a directory and sometimes from an online photo album2011-08-01
dvdrtools0.3.1-1A fork of cdrtools with the primary goal of supporting writable DVD drives2011-08-01
dvi2tty5.3.1-1Simple DVI filter to text2011-08-01
dwatch0.1.1-1A Daemon Watcher2011-08-01
dwm3.2.2-1Dynamic window manager2011-08-01
dx0.2-1The Dxstore Database System2011-08-01
dylan2.4.0-1An advanced object-oriented dynamic language2011-08-01
e32.6.3-2A full featured impressively small text editor2011-08-01
easytag1.1-1Tag editor for MP3 and OGG files2011-08-01
eciadsl0.10-5Linux driver for ECI HiFocus ADSL USB Modems2011-08-01
eclipse5.10_69-1The ECLiPSe Constraint Programming System2011-08-01
eclipse-cdt-sdk3.1.2-1Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling2011-08-01
eclipse-koders1.0.667-1Koders IDE Plug-in for Eclipse2011-08-01
eclipse-sdk3.3-1An integrated development environment2011-08-01
eclipse-uml2-sdk2.1.0-1Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling2011-08-01
ed2k-gtk-gui0.6.4-1a GUI for the eDonkey2000 and Overnet file-sharing programs2011-08-01
edoc0.4-1Erlang program documentation generator2011-08-01
edonkey1.3.0-1a client for eDonkey, a completely decentralized peer to peer network2011-08-01
edtk1.5-1Erlang Driver Toolkit with robust interface to Berkeley DB2011-08-01
edupe1-1Duplicate file finder in Erlang2011-08-01
efcgisvn-1Erlang FastCGI Support2011-08-01
egenix-mx-base2.0.6-1Date and Time types for Python2011-08-01
egroupware1.2-105A free enterprise ready groupware software for entreprise network2011-08-01
egssapi0.1-1Erlang GSSAPI and SPNEGO library2011-08-01
ejabberdsvn-1A distributed fault-tolerant Jabber server in Erlang2011-08-01
ejson1-1JavaScript Object Notation for Erlang2011-08-01
elfkickers2.0a-1Collection of programs to help understanding of ELF file format2011-08-01
elfutils0.123-1Collection of utilities and DSOs to handle compiled objects2011-08-01
elinks0.11.3-1Enhanced version of the links textmode WWW browser with frame/table support2011-08-01
elucence0.0.5-1New module for focus-In/out transparency2011-08-01
emacs-bidi0.9.1-1Emacs-21 for Arabic and Hebrew2011-08-01
emacs-doxygen1.1-1Tom Emerson's lisp script to simplify writing doxygen comments2011-08-01
email2sms1-1A Perl filter which converts an e-mail into a compressed form suitable for sending as an SMS message2011-08-01
embutils0.17-1Small utilities and commands for embedded systems2011-08-01
endian-ness1.0-1Test the endian-ness2011-08-01
enterminuscvs-1An EFL Based Terminal2011-08-01
epersvn-1A set of tools for performance tuning and debugging Erlang code2011-08-01
ephotocvs-1An EFL Based Terminal2011-08-01
epix1.2.0-2Creates mathematically accurate, camera-quality figures, plots and line animations 2011-08-01
epm4.1-1Cross-Platform Software Publishing and Package Manager/Installer2011-08-01
epstool3.08-1Utility to create, convert or extract preview images in EPS files2011-08-01
erc5.1.1-1A powerful, modular, and extensible Emacs InternetRelayChat client2011-08-01
eres1.2.2-1A rule-processing engine written in Erlang2011-08-01
erl-geocodesvn-1A library that can find the latitude and longitude of an address using the Google Maps API2011-08-01
erlangR12B-1-8A programming language and runtime environment with built-in support for concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance2011-08-01
erlang-mysql-driversvn-1Revamped MySQL driver for Erlang2011-08-01
erlang-saeR10B-10-7A programming language and runtime environment with built-in support for concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance with SAE support2011-08-01
erlawyssvn-1An Erlang implementation of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) AP2011-08-01
erlcouchsvn-1Erlang interface to CouchDB2011-08-01
erlgtk0.9.7-1Gtk language binding for Erlang with Glade/Gnome support2011-08-01
erlgutensvn-1Erlang module producing typographic quality PDF from XML2011-08-01
erlhivesvn-1A high-level framework for web-based community development of web applications 2011-08-01
erlide0.3.28-1Eclipse Erlang Development Tooling 2011-08-01
erlmagicsvn-1Erlang mapping for the image magick++ library2011-08-01
erlmail0.0.3-1An Erlang email server 2011-08-01
erlmerge0.6-1A tool for installing and maintaining Erlang applications2011-08-01
erlmysql0.91-1Erlang interface to MySQL2011-08-01
erlog5-1A prolog interpreter written in, and for, Erlang2011-08-01
erlsoap0.4.3-1Erlang interface to SOAP protocol2011-08-01
erlsom1.0.0-1Support for XML Schema in Erlang 2011-08-01
erlsqs0.1-1Erlang API Amazon Simple Queue Service2011-08-01
erltlsvn-1A Simple Erlang Template Language2011-08-01
erlvsgsvn-1Very Simple Graphics for Erlang2011-08-01
erlycairosvn-1Erlang bindings for Cairo 2D graphics library2011-08-01
erlydbsvn-1The Erlang Twist on Database Abstraction 2011-08-01
erlyweb1.0-1The Erlang Twist on Web Framworks2011-08-01
erlzlib1-1Zlib binding for Erlang2011-08-01
erunit0.1.0-1Unit Testing for Erlang2011-08-01
erwin2.1.58633-1STL for C (and C++)2011-08-01
esasl0.1-1Erlang SASL authentication library2011-08-01
escript4.1-1A simple one pass "load and go" Erlang scripting interface2011-08-01
esdl0.96.0626-1Erlang library to access SDL and OpenGL2011-08-01
esense1.12-3Erlang IntelliSense for Emacs2011-08-01
esipua0.1-1Erlang SIP UA library, based on Yxa2011-08-01
essltest1-1A minimal Erlang SSL server2011-08-01
estraier1.2.29-1A personal full-text search system2011-08-01
eterm0.9.4-1The Enlightenment Terminal Emulator2011-08-01
ethtool5-1Ethernet diagnostic and tuning tool2011-08-01
etkcvs-1An EFL Based Terminal2011-08-01
etl0.04.08-1Voria Extended Class and Template Library2011-08-01
eunitsvn-1Automated testing of Erlang software2011-08-01
euphoria31-3A simple, flexible and easy-to-learn programming language2011-08-01
europecv1-1Unofficial class for European curricula vitae2011-08-01
event0.3-1Timer and I/O Event Manager library2011-08-01
eventwatcher0.4.2-2KDE log file/event viewer (DCOP events, log file events, RSS feed changes...etc)2011-08-01
evt2-1Erlang Verification Tool2011-08-01
ex112.5-1Erlang interface to the X windows graphics system2011-08-01
exat1.2-1Erlang eXperimental Agent Platform2011-08-01
expat2.0.0-1The Expat XML Parser2011-08-01
expect5.43-1A Tcl/Tk tool for automating interactive applications2011-08-01
ezfb9.05-1Linux Frame Buffer API2011-08-01
ezv240.1.1-1An easy to use programming interface to the serial ports2011-08-01
faad220050513-1ISO AAC audio decoder2011-08-01
fabulous-ttf1-1Fabulous TrueType font2011-08-01
factor0.81-1A high performance, robust language for general-purpose client-side and server-side application development2011-08-01
fann1.2.0-1Fast Artificial Neural Network Library2011-08-01
fanoutcurrent-1Run non-interactive commands on remote machines simultaneously2011-08-01
fasm1.67-20Fast and efficient assembler for x86 arch2011-08-01
fastdb3.31-1Main Memory Relational Database Management System2011-08-01
fbdesk1.2.1-1icons tool for fluxbox2011-08-01
fcluster1-1A tool for fuzzy cluster analysis2011-08-01
fd_server2.3.0-1Erlang library to passs open file descriptors between processes using AF_UNIX stream sockets2011-08-01
fdt0.6.2-1Fast Data Transfer2011-08-01
fdupe1.5-1Finding duplicate files2011-08-01
feedparser3.3-1Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Python.2011-08-01
felix1.1.2-1A modern statically typed modular programming language2011-08-01
fetcav0.5-1A smallish BASH script that uses Xdialog to provide a wizard style interface to the functions of clamscan2011-08-01
ffcall1.10-1Foreign function call libraries2011-08-01
ffit0.2.1-1First-Fit and Best-Fit allocators2011-08-01
ffmpeg2theora0.12-1A simple converter to create Ogg Theora files2011-08-01
fftw3.1.2-1Subroutine library for computing the discrete Fourier transform2011-08-01
fftw22.1.5-1a C library for computing the Discrete Fourier Transform2011-08-01
fib1.1-1Fibonacci Heap library2011-08-01
figlet222-1FIGlet is a program for making large letters out of ordinary text2011-08-01
filelight1.0-beta6-2attractively represents one's filesystem as a set of concentric segmented-rings2011-08-01
filetype0.1.3-1File type detection system2011-08-01
filter1-1Apply a filter to a set of files, in-place2011-08-01
final-fantasy-ttf1-1Final Fantasy TrueType font2011-08-01
findlib1.0.4-1O'Caml package manager2011-08-01
finomaton1-1Visual tool to create finite automaton with output in MetaPost format for La(TeX)t 2011-08-01
firebird1.5.2-4A relational database offering many ANSI SQL-92 features an excellent concurrency, high performance, and powerful language support for stored procedures and triggers2011-08-01
firebird-jdbc2.0.1-1Firebird JDBC driver2011-08-01
firedns0.9.12-1A library for handling asynchronous DNS requests2011-08-01
firefox1.0.7-2Patched version of Mozilla Firefox to improve complex-layout and right-to-left languages2011-08-01
fireftp0.9.4-1An FTP server designed for web hosting providers2011-08-01
firemake1.9.9-1A shell script to create Makefile based on architecture2011-08-01
firerpc0.9.13-1C Interface to make remote function queries via XML RPC2011-08-01
firestring0.9.12-1String library that provides maximum length aware string handling functions2011-08-01
fish1.22.3-1A user friendly command line shell for UNIX-like operating systems2011-08-01
fispro2.1-1Fuzzy inference system design and optimization2011-08-01
flac1.1.2-2Free Lossless Audio Codec2011-08-01
flac2ogg0.6-2convert flac to ogg files while retaining tags2011-08-01
flawfinder1.27-1Examines C source code and reports possible security weaknesses2011-08-01
fleur1.6-2your task is to empty a board by clicking on 2 equal chips, before time runs out2011-08-01
flirt20040823-1An SWF rendering library2011-08-01
flock0.4.10-1Revolutionary open source web browser2011-08-01
flowdesigner0.9.0-1A free "data flow" development environment2011-08-01
fltk1.1.7-1FLTK is a cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit for Unix, Windows and MacOSX2011-08-01
flupsvn-1Python modules for setting up a FastCGI server (ex. lighttpd)2011-08-01
fmod40201linux-1A cross platform audio library2011-08-01
fnord1.10-1Yet another small httpd2011-08-01
fnv4.1-1Fowler / Noll / Vo Hash algorithm2011-08-01
focustran1-1Transparency using X11 composite extension and transset-df2011-08-01
foreign1.1d4-1iMatrix Foreign Package Management2011-08-01
fortune-mod1.99.1-1provides fortune cookies on demand2011-08-01
fourier1-1Fourier font for LaTeX2011-08-01
fox1.6.29-1FOX Toolkit, a nice GUI C++ toolkit2011-08-01
fpc2.0.2-1Free Pascal Compiler2011-08-01
fpdns0.9.1-1Fingerprinting DNS servers2011-08-01
freecdb0.62-1A package for creating and reading constant databases2011-08-01
freetds0.64-1Libraries to natively talk to Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase databases2011-08-01
freetype2.3.5-1A Free, High-Quality, and Portable Font Engine2011-08-01
freewrl1.17.4-1Open source VRML and X3D browser with Firefox plugin2011-08-01
fsm1-1Finit State Machine Tools2011-08-01
fsmt4.0-1AT&T Finite-State Machine Library2011-08-01
ftjam2.5.2-1The JAM building tool2011-08-01
fuse2.3.0-1Interface for userspace filesystems2011-08-01
fuse-python1-1Python interface to FUSE2011-08-01
fusesmb0.8.4-1SMB for FUSE is a network neighborhood (Samba shares) filesystem2011-08-01
fusion-ttf1-1Fusion TrueType font2011-08-01
fwbuilder2.0.10-1Object-oriented GUI and set of compilers for various firewall platforms2011-08-01
fwipe0.35-1Securely Erase Files2011-08-01
g954.0.3-1A free, open source Fortran 95 compiler and runtime libraries2011-08-01
gambit4.0b22-1A Scheme interpreter and compiler + Termite (an Erlang-like) distributed programming2011-08-01
ganttproject2.0.2-1Making plans with GanttProject2011-08-01
gateguardian0.9.6-1C/C++ library to avoid common security problems2011-08-01
gatling0.9-1A high performance web server2011-08-01
gc6.7-1A garbage collector for C and C++2011-08-01
gcc3.4.4-1GCC is the GNU Compiler Collection2011-08-01
gecko-sdk1.8.0.4-1A set of XPIDL files, headers and tools to develop XPCOM components for Mozilla suite2011-08-01
gecode1.1.0-1An open, free, portable, accessible, and efficient environment for developing constraint-based systems and applications2011-08-01
gef9.0.1-1General Exception-Handling Facility for C with Eiffel facility2011-08-01
gen_leadersvn-1Leader election behaviour in Erlang2011-08-01
generator0.9.5-1Random text generator by given model text2011-08-01
gengetopt2.18-1A a tool to write command line option parsing code for C programs2011-08-01
geoip1.4.0-1A free GeoIP Country database2011-08-01
getid31.7.7-1PHP script that extracts useful information for different file formats2011-08-01
gforth0.6.2-1Gforth is the GNU implementation of Forth2011-08-01
ggui0.5.1-1Offer a graphical user interface for any command-line program2011-08-01
ghc6.4.2-2Glasgow Haskell Compiler2011-08-01
giblib1.2.4-1An utility library and a wrapper for imlib2 2011-08-01
gifsicle1.41-1A tool for creating, editing, and getting information about GIF images and animations2011-08-01
git1.5.2.5-1Fast Version Control System2011-08-01
gl-1171.3.2-1an action flight simulator, with dynamically generated terrain2011-08-01
gle4.0.12-1Graphics Layout Engine. A Professional Graphics Language 2011-08-01
glibmm2.4.8-1C++ interface for the popular glib library2011-08-01
glimpse4.18.5-1A powerful indexing and query system2011-08-01
glitz0.4.0-1A portable 2D graphics library that uses OpenGL 2011-08-01
globulation0.8.19-1a RTS which minimizes micro-management by automatically assigning tasks to the units.2011-08-01
gloriana-ttf1-1Gloriana TrueType font2011-08-01
glyph-keeper0.29.1-1A C language library for text rendering2011-08-01
gmailfs0.4-1GMail file system2011-08-01
gmime2.2.1-1A core library/utilities for creation/parsing of MIME messages2011-08-01
gmpy1.0-1Python modules providing multiprecision arithmetic functionality2011-08-01
gnugo3.6-1a free program that plays the game of Go2011-08-01
gnuplotmode0.6.0-1Gnuplot from within Emacs or XEmacs 2011-08-01
godi20040717-1O'Caml automatic libraries installation.2011-08-01
gold1-1A Free, Multi-Programming Language, Parser2011-08-01
goocanvas0.9-1A canvas widget for GTK+ that uses the cairo 2D2011-08-01
google-earth4.1.7076.4458-1A 3D interface to the planet Earth2011-08-01
goom2k4-1Visual effects generator for mp3 players2011-08-01
gozer0.7-1Commandline text rendering utility for creating images from text2011-08-01
gparted0.0.8-1Gnome Partition Editor2011-08-01
gperf3.0.2-1A perfect hash function generator2011-08-01
gpl1-1Perl script to add the GPL license to the top of a source file2011-08-01
gposttl0.8-1Brill's Parts-of-Speech Tagger, with built-in Tokenizer and Lemmatizer2011-08-01
gprolog1.3.0-1A a free Prolog compiler with constraints solving over finite domains2011-08-01
gqcam0.9-1Webcam tool2011-08-01
gqmpeg0.91.1-1A front-end to various audio players2011-08-01
gqradio1.9.1-1GQradio interfaces with radio cards through the video4linux, or the FreeBSD bktr APIs2011-08-01
grabc1.1-1Determines the color string in hex or RGB2011-08-01
grace5.99.0-1A WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool for the X Window System and M*tif2011-08-01
graphapp3.59-1A toolkit for platform-independent graphical user interface programming in the C2011-08-01
graphviz2.12-1An Open Source Graph Visualization Software2011-08-01
grdesktop0.23-1GNOME frontend, for the remote desktop client rdesktop2011-08-01
gregexp1.9.2-1Erlang Regular expressions2011-08-01
gri2.12.14-1A language for scientific graphics programming2011-08-01
groovy1.0-1Agile scripting language for Java2011-08-01
gsasl0.2.21-1GNU SASL Library2011-08-01
gsfonts8.14-1Fonts for the Ghostscript interpreter(s)2011-08-01
gsh0.9.0-1A simple macro language and grouping system for large numbers of machines2011-08-01
gsl1.5-1GNU Scientific Library is a collection of routines for numerical computing2011-08-01
gsl@4.0c19-1iMatrix code construction tool2011-08-01
gsoap2.7-1SOAP C++ Web Services2011-08-01
gtk+extra0.99.17-1GtkExtra Widget2011-08-01
gtk-canvas0.1-1GTK widget for GNOME canvas2011-08-01
gtk-gnutella0.96b-1Gnutella Client for Unix2011-08-01
gtk-led-askpass0.10-1a GTK2 passphrase dialog for OpenSSH -- used for a nice, graphical prompt for ssh-add, particularly from an .xsession; or an Autostart folder.2011-08-01
gtk-qt-enginecvs-3allows GTK to use Qt widget styles2011-08-01
gtk-recordmydesktop0.3.0r1-1A Gtk desktop session recorder for linux2011-08-01
gtk-server1.3.3-1Enables access to GTK widgets for shell scripts and interpreted languages2011-08-01
gtk-sharp22.8.2-1GTK+ 2 bindings for mono2011-08-01
gtk-smooth-engine0.6.0.1-1Smooth GTK1/GTK2 Theme Engine2011-08-01
gtk-splitter2.2.1-1Split files into smaller pieces and combine them back together2011-08-01
gtk-theme-switch2.0.4-1GTK2 Theme Switcher2011-08-01
gtkcairo0.3-1Gtk binding for Cairo library2011-08-01
gtkglarea1.2.3-1An OpenGL widget for GTK+ GUI toolkit2011-08-01
gtkmm2.4.11-1C++ interface to GTK+2011-08-01
gtknodecvs-1Yet Another GUI framework for Erlang (GTK)2011-08-01
gtkpod0.99.8-1a GTK2 gui for accessing Apple iPods2011-08-01
guiftp0.1-1FTP client using the GTK+ toolkit2011-08-01
guile1.8.0-1Embeddable library implementation of Scheme2011-08-01
gwenhywfar2.2.0-2an OS abstraction layer2011-08-01
ha-prosper1-1LaTeX package to make nice looking slides2011-08-01
hackerlab1.0pre2-1The Hackerlab C Library2011-08-01
halffit0.1-1Half-Fit allocator2011-08-01
hamachi0.9.9.9-20A zero-configuration virtual private networking (VPN) application2011-08-01
hanshand-font1-1Hanshand font2011-08-01
hanzo-s3-toolssvn-1XOSD displays text on your screen2011-08-01
happy1.15-1A parser generator system for Haskell2011-08-01
happycoders-emacs1-1Emacs configuration2011-08-01
hapy0.0.8-1A runtime C++ parser generator library2011-08-01
hardware-detection1-1Hardware detection shell scripts2011-08-01
harvestman1.4.6-1The HarvestMan Web Crawler2011-08-01
haserl0.8.0-1Html And Shell Embedded Report Language2011-08-01
hashit0.9.4-1Generic hash library implemented in C which supports multiple collision handling methods2011-08-01
hashlib1.0.0.0-1Generalized hash storage data base package which has O(1) storage and retrieval performance2011-08-01
hashtbl2.0.0-1Hash table package in C2011-08-01
hdf51.6.5-1A general purpose library and file format for storing scientific data2011-08-01
hdparm6.6-1Get/set ATA drive parameters under Linux2011-08-01
heapavl1.1-1AVL based allocator2011-08-01
heartbeat2.0.7-1High-Availability for Linux2011-08-01
heirloom060122-1Provides traditional implementations of standard Unix utilities2011-08-01
help2man1.36.4-1A tool for automatically generating simple manual pages from program output2011-08-01
heritrix1.12.1-2Heritrix is the Internet Archive's open-source web crawler2011-08-01
hfsplus1.0.4-1HFS+ Filesystem Access Utilities2011-08-01
hibase0.1.3-1A Persistent Functional Programming Environment DataBase2011-08-01
hicolor-icon-theme0.5-1A high-color icon theme shell from the FreeDesktop project2011-08-01
high-scale-lib0.2-1Highly Scalable Lock Free Java HashTable2011-08-01
highlight2.4.7-1A universal source code to HTML, XHTML, RTF, TeX, or LaTeX convertor2011-08-01
highslide2.1-1JS Thumbnail Expander 2011-08-01
histogram0.0.3-1Calculate distribution of symbols in a file2011-08-01
histograms1.3.1-1A library that can be used to gather statistical information from any Linux program2011-08-01
hla1.81-1High Level Assembly Language2011-08-01
hmmer2.3.2-1Profile HMMs for protein sequence analysis2011-08-01
hoard3.4.0-1The Hoard Multiprocessor Memory Allocator2011-08-01
hod1.5-1Hex and octal dumper2011-08-01
homebank3.2-1Free easy personal accounting2011-08-01
honeyd0.8b-1Honeyd is a small daemon that creates virtual hosts on a network2011-08-01
hs-pluginsdarcs-1Dynamically Loaded Haskell Modules2011-08-01
htcheck1.2.4-rc1-1A console application link checker derived from ht://Dig2011-08-01
htk3.3-1Hidden Markov Model Toolkit2011-08-01
html2pdf1-1Convert HTML document to a PDF2011-08-01
html2text1.3.2a-1Converts HTML documents into plain text2011-08-01
html2txt1.0-1HTML to text converter2011-08-01
htmldoc1.9.x-r1521-1Converts HTML files into indexed HTML, PostScript or PDF2011-08-01
htopsvn-1An interactive process viewer for Linux2011-08-01
http-fetcher1.1.0-1A small, robust, flexible library for downloading files via HTTP using the GET method.2011-08-01
http-tiny1.2-1A tiny http library and a command line tool to perform http queries2011-08-01
http_load12mar2006-1Multiprocessing http test client2011-08-01
httperf0.8-1A benchmark tool for measuring web server performance2011-08-01
httrack3.42-1HTTrack web site copier2011-08-01
htup0.5.2.1-9utility to check, and publish (upload-sync) an httpup repository2011-08-01
hudson1.120-1Extensible continuous integration engine2011-08-01
hugs98Mar2005-2A functional programming system based on Haskell 982011-08-01
hv307_1004-1Tcl/Tk Web Browser2011-08-01
hwinfo13.18-1Hardware identification system library2011-08-01
hyperestraier1.4.10-1A full-text search system for communities2011-08-01
i1-1A little utility for printing numbers in hex, octal and ascii2011-08-01
iat0.1.3-1Detect the structure of many types of CD-ROM image and convert them into ISO-96602011-08-01
ibrowse1.2-1A powerful HTTP client written in erlang2011-08-01
iburg1-1A Tree Parser Generator2011-08-01
iceicons0.10.0-1IceWM Icons2011-08-01
icon943-1A high-level, general-purpose programming language with a large repertoire of features for processing data structures and character strings2011-08-01
icoutils0.13.0-1Extract MS Windows icons and cursors2011-08-01
icu3.8-1International Components for Unicode for C2011-08-01
idutilscvs-1Tools for indexing2011-08-01
ilenia3.1-1Powerful package installer2011-08-01
imagemagick6.3.0-4Image manipulation wizard2011-08-01
imgseek0.8.6-1A photo collection manager and viewer with content-based search and many other features2011-08-01
imgtops1.0-1Utilites for translating between bitmap images and PostScript files2011-08-01
imgv3.1-1A unique and feature rich Image Viewer2011-08-01
induction-ttf1-1Induction TrueType font2011-08-01
inferno4e-20070202A compact operating system for building cross-platform distributed systems2011-08-01
ink0.3-1a command line tool to retrieve the ink level of a printer 2011-08-01
inotify-utils0.25-2debugs the kernel's inotify interface, to make sure inotify is working. This port also include inotify.h from the latest stable kernel.2011-08-01
installjammer1.0-1A free, open source, multiplatform GUI installer and builder2011-08-01
integrit4.0-1A simple but robust integrity verification programs2011-08-01
interlogic0.30-1a game is based on an old Amiga logic game Balls2011-08-01
intermezzo0.9.5-1A new distributed file system with a focus on high availability2011-08-01
io1-1Io is a small and pure OOP language2011-08-01
iperf1.7.0-1Tools to measure network performance2011-08-01
ipodslave0.7.2-2This ioslave enables KIO aware apps like konqueror or amarok to access the Music stored on an Apple iPod2011-08-01
ircp0.3-1Transfer files via IrDA the OBEX way2011-08-01
irqbalance0.12-1balances irq's across multiple CPUs. Only useful on SMP systems2011-08-01
isconf4.2.6.168-1Deterministic, reproducible management of UNIX machines you can count on for disaster recovery and auditability2011-08-01
itcl3.3-1[incr Tcl] 2011-08-01
itext1.3.6-1Java library that allows you to generate PDF files on the fly2011-08-01
itk3.3-1[incr Tk] 2011-08-01
itools0.6.2-1Arabic tools and applications2011-08-01
its41.1.1-1C/C++ Software Security Tool2011-08-01
iv1.4.2-1An image viewer2011-08-01
ivy-c3.8.1-1Library to broadcast information through text messages with a subscription mechanism based on regular expressions2011-08-01
ivy-perl4.17-1Perl interface to Ivy2011-08-01
ivy-python1.1-1Python interface to Ivy2011-08-01
jabref2.2b2-1An open source bibliography reference manager2011-08-01
jail1.9-1Tool that builds chrooted environment2011-08-01
jam2.5-1A robust replacement for make2011-08-01
japev7_d4_9-1A lightweight, uncommitted, transparent proof calculator.2011-08-01
jastex1.1-1A Graphical User Interface written in Java for GasTeX2011-08-01
java-spread3.17.3-1Java interface to Spread Toolkit2011-08-01
java3d1.3.1-1Java 3D for Linux2011-08-01
javacc4.0-1Java Compiler Compiler2011-08-01
javasqlite20050608-1SQLite JDBC driver2011-08-01
jay0.8-1A yacc for Java2011-08-01
jbidwatch0.9.4pre3-1Ebay monitoring java client2011-08-01
jdk1.5.0-13Java 2 Platform Standard Edition 5.02011-08-01
jenny1-1A tool for generating regression tests2011-08-01
jetty6.1.5-1An open-source, standards-based, full-featured web server implemented entirely in Java2011-08-01
jim1-1A small footprint implementation of the Tcl programming language2011-08-01
jmimemagic0.1.0-1A Java library for determining the content type of files or streams2011-08-01
jonas4.7.2-1Java (TM) Open Application Server2011-08-01
jpeg2pdf0.5-1Command-line tool to convert SVG files into PDF2011-08-01
js1.6-1Mozilla JavaScript Engine2011-08-01
json-c0.7-1A JSON implementation in C2011-08-01
json-checker2.2.12-1Pushdown Automaton that very quickly determines if a JSON text is syntactically correct2011-08-01
json-py3_4-1An implementation of a JSON reader and writer in Python2011-08-01
junit4.4-1A Java unit testing framework2011-08-01
kaffe1.1.4-1A clean room implementation of the Java virtual machine2011-08-01
kallery1.0.7a-2an image gallery generator for KDE2011-08-01
kandid1.0.0-1Genetic algorithms tool2011-08-01
kanjisaver0.9.9-2a screensaver which, essentially, functions as a deck of digital flash cards2011-08-01
kannasaver1.1.1-2a screensaver which, essentially, functions as a deck of digital flash cards2011-08-01
kannel1.4.1-1Open Source WAP and SMS gateway2011-08-01
karmav1.7.25-1A toolkit for interprocess communications, authentication, encryption, graphics display, user interface and manipulating the Karma network data structure2011-08-01
kat0.6.4-3desktop search engine for KDE (like Spotlight, Beagle, and Google Desktop Search)2011-08-01
katapult0.3.1-2an application designed to allow faster access to applications, bookmarks, and other items2011-08-01
kazlib1.20-1A collection of modules portably written in ANSI C2011-08-01
kbarcode2.0.3-1a barcode and label printing application for KDE2011-08-01
kbeam0.61-2a KDE app that up/downloads files through one's IR device2011-08-01
kbiff3.8-2a mail notification utility for the KDE project2011-08-01
kboincspy0.8.0-2a KDE monitoring utility for the BOINC distributed client. The successor of KSetiSpy.2011-08-01
kcachegrind0.4.6-1Profiling Visualization2011-08-01
kcheckgmail0.5.5-2KDE systray application to monitor Gmail mailbox status2011-08-01
kde-i18n-en_gb3.5.4-1British English (en_GB) internationalized (i18n) files2011-08-01
kde-i18n-fr3.5.4-1French (fr) internationalized (i18n) files2011-08-01
kdeaddons3.5.4-1Additional plugins and scripts for some KDE applications2011-08-01
kdeadmin3.5.4-1Various KDE tools which aid system administration2011-08-01
kdeartwork3.5.4-1Additional themes, sounds, wallpapers, etc. for KDE 2011-08-01
kdebase3.5.4-1Basic applications for the KDE system 2011-08-01
kdebindings3.5.4-1Language bindings for the KDE integrated desktop2011-08-01
kdeedu3.5.4-1Various educational applications2011-08-01
kdegames3.5.4-1KDE games2011-08-01
kdegraphics3.5.4-1Graphics utilities for the KDE integrated X11 desktop2011-08-01
kdelibs3.5.5-1Base set of libraries needed by KDE programs2011-08-01
kdemultimedia3.5.4-1Multimedia utilities for the KDE integrated X11 desktop2011-08-01
kdenetwork3.5.4-1Network-related programs and modules for KDE2011-08-01
kdepim3.5.4-1Personal Information Management tools for KDE2011-08-01
kdesdk3.5.4-1KDE Developer tools2011-08-01
kdesvn0.8.4-1a KDE frontend to the Subversion version control system2011-08-01
kdetoys3.5.4-1Small applications for KDE2011-08-01
kdeutils3.5.4-1Utilities for the KDE integrated X11 desktop2011-08-01
kdevelop3.3.4-1an IDE for KDE with support for many languages, and toolkits2011-08-01
kdewebdev3.5.4-1Web development apps for the KDE integrated X11 desktop 2011-08-01
kdissert1.0.6-waf-1a mindmapping-like tool used to produce complicated documents2011-08-01
kdmtheme1.1-2a KCM module which allows one to change one's KDE >=3.4 KDM Theme without using the console (uses GDM-style themes)2011-08-01
keepalived1.1.13-1Add strong & robust keepalive facility to the Linux Virtual Server project2011-08-01
kerberos1.6.2-2MIT Kerberos V5 client and server daemons and utilities2011-08-01
kerry0.1.90-1a KDE frontend for the Beagle desktop search daemon2011-08-01
keyjnote0.9.4-1The stylish way of giving presentations2011-08-01
khacc3.3-2simple, KDE financial manager (1 or 2 entry bookkeeping)2011-08-01
kid30.7-1a QT/KDE MP3 ID3 tag editor (tags entire albums w/ ID3v1 AND ID3v2)2011-08-01
kink0.2.1-2a KDE app which monitors the ink level of an HP DeskJet printer2011-08-01
kio-beagle0.3.1-1a kio-slave which performs Beagle queries2011-08-01
kio-locate0.4.4-3a KDE I/O Slave for the locate command2011-08-01
kipi-plugins0.1.2-1libkipi plugins for digikam and other KDE`apps2011-08-01
kirateradio0.1-2iRate Radio plugin for KDE2011-08-01
kismet2005-08-R1-1An 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system2011-08-01
kjam0.37-1A program construction tool based on Jam2011-08-01
kleansweep0.2.8-1allows you to reclaim disk space by finding unneeded files2011-08-01
klibido0.2.4.1-2a graphical Usenet file grabber for KDE2011-08-01
klinpopup0.3.3-1a small program to send and receive winpopup messages via samba like "net send"2011-08-01
kmymoney0.8.4-1Personal finance manager for KDE 2011-08-01
knemo0.4.0-1the KDE Network Monitor2011-08-01
knews1.0b.1-1A threaded newsreader with an X Window interface2011-08-01
koffice-l10n-en_GB1.5.1-1British English (en_GB) translations for KOffice2011-08-01
koffice-l10n-fr1.5.1-1French (fr) translations for KOffice2011-08-01
kojak2.2-1Kit for Objective Judgement and Knowledge-based Detection of Performance Bottlenecks2011-08-01
kompose0.5.3-2Expose for KDE2011-08-01
konjue0.4.0-2un programme de KDE qui conjugue des verbes francaise2011-08-01
konversation0.19-2a user friendly Internet Relay Chat client2011-08-01
koverartist0.4-1an application which aids in the creation and printing of CD-covers2011-08-01
kraptor03_2004-2a classic shoot 'em up scroller game, where you must fight against tons of bad dudes2011-08-01
krename3.0.11-2a batch file renamer for KDE3 2011-08-01
kst1.2.1-1a KDE application used for displaying scientific data2011-08-01
kstreamripper0.3.4-3a KDE frontend for Streamripper2011-08-01
ktorrent2.0beta1-1a BitTorrent program for KDE2011-08-01
ktuosvn-1Json and Erlang Tuple Parsing/encoding library2011-08-01
kudzu1.2.64-1Linux hardware identification library2011-08-01
kudzu11.1.116.3-1Linux hardware identification library2011-08-01
kunzip2006-11-14-1A free library for decompressing ZIP archives2011-08-01
kxdocker1.0.0a-2an innovative docker for KDE--like Mac OS X Docker, but more powerful2011-08-01
kxdocker-resources1.0.0-1standard themes and icons for KXDocker2011-08-01
kylie0.0.7-1A Lightweight Web Browser2011-08-01
lablgtk11.2.7-1Objective Caml interface to GTK12011-08-01
lapack3.0-it3Linear Algebra PACKage - F77 routines for Linear Algebra2011-08-01
lar0.0.2-1Determining LCP-decomposition of the text2011-08-01
lasi1.0.4-1A C++ library that provides an interface for creating postscript documents2011-08-01
lateef1-1Arabic Script Unicode Fonts for OpenType and AAT systems2011-08-01
latex-algorithm2e0.9-1Algorithm package for LaTeX with Hyperref and Beamer compatibity2011-08-01
latex-algorithms1-1LaTeX subclass for writing algorithms2011-08-01
latex-beamer3.06-1A LaTeX class to create a beamer presentation 2011-08-01
latex-beamer-theme-ntnu1-1Beamer theme for NTNU2011-08-01
latex-biblist1-1Print a listing with all entries of a BibTeX database2011-08-01
latex-bibunits1-1LaTeX subclass for printing context free grammar2011-08-01
latex-bnf1-1LaTeX subclass for printing context free grammar2011-08-01
latex-fourier1-1Fourier-GUTenberg fonts for LaTeX2011-08-01
latex-gastex2.7-1Graphs and Automata Simplified in La(TeX)2011-08-01
latex-ifsym1-1Symbols for alpinistic, electronic, meteorological, geometric etc2011-08-01
latex-kerkis1-1Kerkis fonts for LaTeX2011-08-01
latex-multimedia0.01-1Beamer LaTeX subclass for multimedia2011-08-01
latex-pstricks1-2LaTeX package for drawing high quality graphics2011-08-01
latex-qtree1-1LaTeX package for drawing syntax trees2011-08-01
latex-skull1-1A font to draw a skull2011-08-01
latex-treesvr1-1LaTeX package to draw basic trees2011-08-01
latex-utopia1-1TeX Type-1 fonts from Adobe2011-08-01
latex-vaucanson1-1La(TeX) package for drawing automata and graphs2011-08-01
latex-xkeyval1-1Extension of the keyval package2011-08-01
latex-xyling1-1LaTeX macros for linguistic graphics2011-08-01
latex-z1-1LaTeX class for the Z formal specification notation2011-08-01
latex2html2002-2-1-1Convert LATEX documents to HTML2011-08-01
launcher0.2-1Make all Java classes, whoever wrote them, appear as if they are part of rt.jar2011-08-01
lazarus0.9.14-1Free Pascal Lazarus Project (Delphi-like RAD tool)2011-08-01
lburgsvn-1A Tree Parser Generator2011-08-01
lc2-1A tool to count lines of code in C and C++ files2011-08-01
lcc4.1-7-1A Retargetable Compiler for ANSI C2011-08-01
lcdproc0.4.5-1Displays real-time system information on a LCD2011-08-01
lcp0.1.9-1Longest-Common-Prefix construction from Suffix Arrays2011-08-01
leex1.0-1Erlang Flex like scanner generator2011-08-01
lemon3.5.2-7LALR(1) parser generator2011-08-01
less394-1Less command with Arabic support2011-08-01
less-color1-1Add colors support for less 2011-08-01
lfetch1.0-1A simple, fast, and flexible HTTP download tool built on the HTTP Fetcher library2011-08-01
lftp3.0.8-1A sophisticated ftp/http client2011-08-01
lgrindsrc-1Produce beautiful listings of source code with LaTeX2011-08-01
libaio0.3.104-1Kernel aio access library2011-08-01
libapreq22.08-1Methods for dealing with client request data2011-08-01
libarc0.2.0-1C++ library to access compressed ARC format from Heritrix crawler2011-08-01
libarenasnapshot-1Custom Memory Allocator Interface2011-08-01
libart1_lgpl0.1.1-1A high-performance 2D graphics library2011-08-01
libavifile0.7-0.7.45-2Linux avi libary and utils (video stuff)2011-08-01
libavl2.0.2a-1A library in ANSI C for manipulation of various types of binary trees2011-08-01
libbio1-1Libbio is a port of Plan 9's buffered I/O library2011-08-01
libbraille0.13.0-1Access Braille displays and terminals 2011-08-01
libbt1.05-1C-language Impementation of the BitTorrent core protocols2011-08-01
libcaca0.9-1Colour AsCii Art library2011-08-01
libcache1.0-1A cache library2011-08-01
libcalen1.1-1A library for calendar2011-08-01
libcddb1.2.1-1C library to access and submit data on a CDDB server2011-08-01
libcdio0.77-1library for creating CDs2011-08-01
libcmt0.1.0-1Software Transactional Memory library in C2011-08-01
libconfig1.0-1C/C++ Configuration File Library2011-08-01
libconfig-inifiles-perl2.38-1A module for reading .ini style configuration files2011-08-01
libcprops0.1.6-1C prototyping tools library, provides: basic data structure implementations, persistence, threading and tcp and http communication2011-08-01
libcunit0.7.5-1C Unit Testing Framework2011-08-01
libdaap0.0.4-1The Digital Audio Access Protocol2011-08-01
libdict0.2.1-1A compact, library which provides access to flexible dictionary data structures2011-08-01
libdnet1.10-1Provides interface to low-level networking routines2011-08-01
libdshconfig0.20.9-1Library for parsing dsh-style configuration files2011-08-01
libdumb0.9.2-1Dynamic Universal Music Bibliotheque2011-08-01
libdvbpsi20050419-1Library for the decoding and generation of MPEG TS and DVB PSI tables2011-08-01
libdvdnav20050211-1DVD Navigation library needed by the xine-dvdnav plugin2011-08-01
libedit20070831-2.10-1Editline Library2011-08-01
libelf0.8.6-1ELF object file access library2011-08-01
libero232-1iMatrix Libero programming language2011-08-01
liberror2.1.58643-1Message printing with colors support2011-08-01
libev3.0-1Drop-in replacement for libevent2011-08-01
libevent1.4.2-rc-6A scalable events handling API2011-08-01
libevnetsnapshot-1Network Daemon Services for libevent2011-08-01
libexploitV02-1A generic exploit creation library2011-08-01
libextractor0.5.19-1A library used to extract meta-data from files of arbitrary type2011-08-01
libffi1.20-1A portable, high level programming interface to various calling conventions2011-08-01
libflv0.2-1Creating FLV video streams2011-08-01
libfmt1-1Libfmt is a port of Plan 9's formatted print library2011-08-01
libfwbuilder2.0.10-1Firewall Builder API2011-08-01
libgd2.0.33-1ANSI C library for the dynamic creation of images2011-08-01
libgda1.1.4-1GNU Data Access to data sources stored in databases or XML for GNOME-DB2011-08-01
libgdiplus1.1.13.6-1An Open Source implementation of the GDI+ API2011-08-01
libghthash0.6.2-1Generic Hash Table library2011-08-01
libglide3_10_00_30303-1Glide3 library for the 3dfx Voodoo graphic cards2011-08-01
libgmailcvs-1Library for accessing your Gmail-account2011-08-01
libgnomedb1.1.4-1Manage data stored in databases or XML for GNOME-DB2011-08-01
libgpod0.4.0-1A shared library used to access the contents of an iPod-based on code used in the gtkpod project2011-08-01
libgsf1.14.2-1The GNOME Structured File Library -- lite version2011-08-01
libhal10.5.8.1-1Hardware Abstraction Layer2011-08-01
libhx1.10.1-1C library that provides deques, arbtrees, option parsing, some string and container manipulation functions, and some cross-OS wrappers to unify access2011-08-01
libical0.24-1Calendar library2011-08-01
libiconv1.11-1Provides support for languages encodings 2011-08-01
libid33.8.3-1Small C library to parse ID3 tags2011-08-01
libieee12840.2.10-1a library for accessing the parallel port2011-08-01
libinklevel0.6.4-1a library for retrieving the ink level of a printer 2011-08-01
libio0.1-1A data transport abstraction library2011-08-01
libiodbc3.52.2-1Independent Open DataBase Connectivity2011-08-01
libitl0.6.4-1Arabic library2011-08-01
libixp0.2-1Standalone client/server 9P library (plan9)2011-08-01
libjudy1.0.4-1C library for creating and accessing dynamic arrays.2011-08-01
libkexif0.2.4-1a library for manipulating EXIF information2011-08-01
libkipi0.1.4-1a library which aims to share image plugins among graphic applications2011-08-01
liblzf1.7-1A a very small and fast data compression library2011-08-01
libmal0.40-1a convenience library of the functions in Tom Whittaker's malsync2011-08-01
libmatchbox1.9-1An Open Source base environment for the X Window System running on non-desktop embedded platforms2011-08-01
libmcrypt2.5.7-1A replacement for the old crypt() package2011-08-01
libmemcached1.4.0-1C API for memcached2011-08-01
libmodplug0.7-1Library for playing module music2011-08-01
libmpeg220050802-1A free MPEG-2 video stream decoder2011-08-01
libmpeg31.6-1Advanced editing and manipulation of MPEG streams2011-08-01
libmsock1-1A library for TCP/IP client-server applications on Unix2011-08-01
libmspack0.0.20040308alpha-1A library for Microsoft compression formats2011-08-01
libmysqld5.1.7-beta-1Embedded MySQL Server Library2011-08-01
libnbio0.20-1A C library that can function as the main event loop of a non-blocking-I/O based application2011-08-01
libnss-mdns0.8-1A plugin for the GNU Name Service Switch providing host name resolution via Multicast DNS (aka zeroconf)2011-08-01
libode0.5-1a high performance library for simulating rigid body dynamics2011-08-01
libofx0.8.0-1a parser and an API designed to allow applications to very easily support OFX command responses2011-08-01
liboop1.0-1Low-level event loop management library 2011-08-01
libopts27.4-1AutoOpts option parser library that supports stand alone config files2011-08-01
libosip3.0.3-2GNU an implementation of SIP2011-08-01
libotf0.9.3-1Library for handling OpenType fonts2011-08-01
libowfat0.24-1A nice reimplementation of libdjb under GPL2011-08-01
libpfm3.2-061205-1A library which can be used to develop monitoring tools which use the Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU) of several modern processors 2011-08-01
libpixman0.1.4-1Merge between Pixel Region Library and Image Compositing Library2011-08-01
libposix-aio0.8-1POSIX Asynchronous I/O for Linux2011-08-01
libpri1.4.0-1C implementation of the Primary Rate ISDN specification2011-08-01
libquicktime0.9.8-1A library for reading and writing quicktime files2011-08-01
libquran0.21-1Provides abstraction functions to display/play audio of Holy Quran2011-08-01
librecogest0.11-1Perl gesture recognition library2011-08-01
libredblack1.3-1RedBlack Balanced Tree Searching and Sorting Library2011-08-01
libregex0.12m-1GNU regex 2011-08-01
libregexp91-1Libregexp9 is a port of Plan 9's Unicode-capable regular expression library2011-08-01
libreiserfs0.3.0.5-1Reiserfs library2011-08-01
librpm4.0.5-1RPM package management system library2011-08-01
libsball1.0-1A library for communicating with Spaceball 2003/3000/3003/4000 FLX Six-Degree-Of-Freedom virtual reality controllers2011-08-01
libsexy0.1.5-1A collection of GTK+ widgets that extend the functionality of standard widgets2011-08-01
libshellcode0.3.1-1A library you can include in your exploits2011-08-01
libsigsegv2.4-1Handling page faults in user mode2011-08-01
libslang1.4.9-1The slang library2011-08-01
libsll1-1Singly Linked List library from any kind of data2011-08-01
libsocket1.7-1Generic C++ socket library2011-08-01
libstemmer1-1Snowball stemming algorithms in C 2011-08-01
libstocks0.5.0-1The stocks quotes library2011-08-01
libstree0.4.2-1A Generic Suffix Tree Library2011-08-01
libstrfunc8.2-2A powerful string library2011-08-01
libsubject-perl2.00-1Perl library to easily use design in software design2011-08-01
libsvg0.1.2-1SVG API2011-08-01
libsvgcairo0.1.5-1Cairo LibSVG API2011-08-01
libsvm2.84-1A Library for Support Vector Machines2011-08-01
libsyckcvs-1Syck is a YAML parser written in C2011-08-01
libsylph1.0.0-1A library to create new mail clients2011-08-01
libtask1-1A Coroutine Library for C and Unix2011-08-01
libtecla1.6.1-1UNIX and LINUX library which provides an interactive command line editing facilities2011-08-01
libtextcat2.2-1N-Gram-Based Text Categorization library2011-08-01
libtomcrypt1.15-1Open source cryptographic toolkit written in portable C2011-08-01
libtommath0.39-1Provides highly optimized and portable routines for a vast majority of integer based number theoretic applications2011-08-01
libtomnet0.06-1TCP/IP authenticated+encrypted streaming protocol that uses the LibTomCrypt cryptographic toolkit2011-08-01
libtranslate0.99-1A natural language translation library2011-08-01
libunicode0.4-1Unicode library2011-08-01
libuninameslist1-1Unicode annotation data library2011-08-01
libusb0.1.12-1Library giving userland programs access to USB devices2011-08-01
libutf1-1Libutf is a port of Plan 9's support library for UTF-8 and Unicode2011-08-01
libutf80.8-1A Unicode/UTF-8 locale plugin2011-08-01
libvisual0.2.0-1an abstraction library that comes between applications and audio visualisation plugins2011-08-01
libvisual-plugins0.2.0-1plugins for the libvisual framework2011-08-01
libvolume_id0.71.0-1Library to provide file system type information2011-08-01
libwmf0.2.8.4-1Tools & library for converting Microsoft WMFs--windows metafiles2011-08-01
libxac0.5-1Memory-Mapped Transactions2011-08-01
libxft2.1.6-1The X Font library2011-08-01
libxml-perl0.08-1Perl SAX parser using XML::Parser2011-08-01
libzvt2.0.1-1Zed's Virtual Terminal library2011-08-01
lighttpd1.4.18-1A secure, fast, compliant and very flexible web-server2011-08-01
lilo22.7.1-1Lilo boot loader with image2011-08-01
limewire4.13-1Limewire Java Gnutella client2011-08-01
limo0.61-1Lucene Index Monitor2011-08-01
line@1-1A tool for extracting selected lines from text files2011-08-01
links1.00pre12-1A text-based browser with support for HTML tables and frames2011-08-01
linphone1.7.1-2Let you phone to your friends anywhere in the whole world2011-08-01
linpopup2.0.3-1Linux enhanced port of Winpopup2011-08-01
linux-live5.5.0-1These scripts are used to create LiveCD iso image from your real Linux distribution2011-08-01
linux-pam0.99.6.3-1Linux-PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules for Linux)2011-08-01
linuxsms0.77-1A cool Perl script for sending short messages to gsm phones2011-08-01
liquidwar5.6.3-1a unique multiplayer wargame 2011-08-01
live1-1C++ libraries for multimedia streaming (RTP/RTCP, RTSP, SIP)2011-08-01
livemedialatest-1LIVE.COM Streaming Media2011-08-01
lkl0.1.1-1Userspace keylogger that runs under Linux2011-08-01
llgen1-1A ELL(1) parser generator2011-08-01
lockfree-lib1-1Practical lock-free data structures2011-08-01
log4c1.2.1-1Logging for C Library2011-08-01
log4c_light1.0-1Log4C light2011-08-01
log4cxx0.9.7-1Log4cxx is C++ port of Log4j2011-08-01
longcoolwoman-ttf1-1Long Cool Woman TrueType font2011-08-01
longlcp0.0.5-1Longest-Common-Prefix construction from Suffix Arrays2011-08-01
loopess2.1-1A a small signal and select loop C++ library2011-08-01
loudmouth0.90-1A lightweight C library for programming with the Jabber protocol2011-08-01
lout3.31-1A document formatting system2011-08-01
lsx0.1-1Prints all executable file names of given absolute paths to standard output2011-08-01
ltt0.9.6-1Linux Trace Toolkit2011-08-01
ltxml1.2.7-1The LT XML toolkit2011-08-01
lucene2.1.0-1A high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written in Java2011-08-01
luke0.8.1-1Lucene Index Toolbox2011-08-01
lush1.1-2Lish Universal SHell - lisp and perl compiler2011-08-01
lwc1.3.2-1Lightweight C++2011-08-01
lxpanel0.2.1-1Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment2011-08-01
lzo2.02-1A data compression library suitable for data de-/compression in real-time2011-08-01
lzop1.02rc1-1A file compressor which is very similar to gzip with much higher compression and decompression speed2011-08-01
m17n1.2.0-1Library and database for multilingualization of applications2011-08-01
m17n-db1.2.0-1Database for multilingualization of applications2011-08-01
macosd0.2.0-1On-Screen-Display wrappre for PBButtonsd 2011-08-01
makejail0.0.5-1Help administrators creating and updating a chroot jail 2011-08-01
makeplus0.2.3-1Advanced build system for GNU make2011-08-01
makepp1.40-1A drop-in replacement for GNU make for more reliable builds2011-08-01
makeself2.1.4-1Generate self-extractable tar.gz archives2011-08-01
mapkit1.4-1A hash table library in C2011-08-01
mapm4.9.2-1Arbitrary Precision Math Library in C2011-08-01
marshalgen1.0-1Semi-automatic marshaling for C++2011-08-01
mass1-1Split tasks on multiple machines2011-08-01
matchbox-desktop0.9-1Desktop for MatchBox GUI library2011-08-01
matchbox-window-manager1.1-1Window Manager for MatchBox library2011-08-01
mathopd1.5p5-1A very small, yet very fast HTTP server2011-08-01
maven2.0.6-1Java software project management and comprehension tool2011-08-01
maximillion-ttf1-1Maximillion TrueType font2011-08-01
maxlcp0.0.9-1Locating maximal repeated substring2011-08-01
mbrola3.01h-1A speech synthesizer based on the concatenation of diphones2011-08-01
mcrypt2.6.4-1Mcrypt replacement of the old command crypt2011-08-01
mdns-scan0.4-1Scan for mDNS/DNS-SD services published on the local network2011-08-01
mdnsresponder107.6-1Apple zero configuration networking, enables automatic discovery of computers, devices, and services on IP networks2011-08-01
mecab0.81-1Yet Another Part-of-Speech and Morphological Analyzer2011-08-01
med1-1A math filter for processing columns of numbers2011-08-01
memcvs-1Enlightenment memory monitoring module 2011-08-01
memcached1.2.0-1A high-performance, distributed memory object caching system2011-08-01
memprof0.5.9-1Memory allocation debugging2011-08-01
memwatch2.71-1Memory leak and corruption detection tool2011-08-01
mesa3d-dri6.4.2-1Mesa 3D Graphics Library2011-08-01
metakit2.4.9.7-1Metakit is an efficient embedded database library2011-08-01
metalink0.3.1-1An open standard that bundles the various ways (FTP/HTTP/P2P) to get files into one format for easier downloads2011-08-01
mew5.1-1A mail reader for Emacs2011-08-01
mg1.3.64x.1-1Managing Gigabytes fast search engine2011-08-01
mhash0.9.7.1-1Library which provides a uniform interface to a large number of hash algorithms2011-08-01
micmatch0.691-1OCaml pattern matching library2011-08-01
micro_httpd1-1A very small Unix-based HTTP server2011-08-01
middleman2.0.1-1A fast HTTP/HTTPS proxy server2011-08-01
mii-tool1.9.1.1-1Allows set or autodetect the media type or mii chipset-based ethernet devices2011-08-01
mimms2.0.1-1MiMMS isn't an MMS Message Sender2011-08-01
ming0.3.0-1SWF Flash library in C with bindings to PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby2011-08-01
mini_httpd1.19-1A small HTTP server2011-08-01
minigui1.6.2 -1A cross-operating-system graphics user interface support system for embedded devices2011-08-01
minigui-res1.6-1Basic fonts, cursors, icons, and bitmaps for MiniGUI2011-08-01
minilzo2.02-1Tiny implementation of LZO library2011-08-01
minised1.11-1A smaller, cheaper and faster SED implementation2011-08-01
minunit1-1A minimal unit testing framework for C 2011-08-01
miranda2027-1A pure, non-strict, polymorphic, higher order functional programming language 2011-08-01
mird1.0.7-1A free database library, for operating on simple disk-based databases2011-08-01
misctools2.4-1A collection of small but useful utilities2011-08-01
mit-scheme7.7.1-1MIT implementation of the UnCommon Lisp2011-08-01
mix20001.0.1-1Volume controls for guys who like volume controls2011-08-01
mixer1.8.0-1Volume mixer dockapp2011-08-01
mjson0.4-1Small lightweight JSON parser in C2011-08-01
mk1-1Libutf is a port of Plan 9's support library for UTF-8 and Unicode2011-08-01
mkdistro2.5-1Excellent tool for building and remastering modules and whole Linux distros2011-08-01
mktclapp1-1A utility that helps you mix C/C++ with Tcl/Tk to make a standalone executable2011-08-01
ml91-1Erlang markup language2011-08-01
mlex1.0-1Erlang micro lexical scanner 2011-08-01
mlterm2.9.2-1A multilingual terminal emulator on X112011-08-01
mlton20051202-1-1A whole-program optimizing Standard ML compiler.2011-08-01
moc2.4.1-3Console audio player with support for mp3, ogg, wav etc.2011-08-01
mochijson1-1Yet another JSON (RFC 4627) library for Erlang2011-08-01
mochiwebr2093-1An erlang based webserver toolkit - fast and simple HTTP server suited to dynamic requests2011-08-01
mod_estraier0.3.2-1An Apache module for Hyper Estraier2011-08-01
mod_gsoap0.7-1Apache module that allows Apache to serve SOAP requests via the Gsoap library2011-08-01
mod_perl2.0-svnPersistent Perl interpreter for the Apache HTTP server2011-08-01
mod_perl22.0.2-1Persistent Perl interpreter for the Apache HTTP server2011-08-01
modex1-1A tool to extract high-level verification models from implementation level C code2011-08-01
modula22.51-1Modula-2 / Oberon-2 development toolset2011-08-01
monetdb-client1.16.2-1MonetDB Client2011-08-01
monetdb-common1.16.2-1Open source high-performance database2011-08-01
monetdb-server4.16.2-1MonetDB Server2011-08-01
monetdb-sql2.16.2-1MonetDB SQL frontend2011-08-01
monit4.9-1Utility for managing and monitoring, processes, files, directories and devices on a UNIX system2011-08-01
monkey0.9.0-1A fast, efficient, small and easy to configure web server2011-08-01
mono1.1.13.8-1a platform for ECMA/ISO standard applications, .NET, and java2011-08-01
moodin0.4.2-2a splash screen engine for KDE2011-08-01
moodle1.4.3-1A course management system (CMS) to help educators create quality online courses 2011-08-01
most4.10.2-1A powerful paging program for Unix, VMS, MSDOS, and win32 systems2011-08-01
movixmaker2-0.8.3-1A GUI or command line utility to create customized bootable disk images of eMoviX, MoviX or MoviX²2011-08-01
mowitz0.3.0-1More widgets library2011-08-01
mozart1.3.2-1The Mozart Programming System2011-08-01
mozart-gtk1.3.2-1GTK interface to Mozart Programming System2011-08-01
mozart-std1.3.2-1The Mozart Standard Library2011-08-01
mozlab0.1.6-1A suite of tools to develop AJAX and Mozilla applications (Firefox/Thunderbird)2011-08-01
mozpluggercvs-1Streaming Multimedia Plugin for Unix Mozilla2011-08-01
mp3gain1_4_5-1analyzes and adjusts whole mp3 files so that they have the same volume2011-08-01
mph1.2-1An order preserving minimal perfect hash function2011-08-01
mpich21.0-1MPICH2 is an implementation of the Message-Passing Interface2011-08-01
mplayer1.0rc1-4Media player2011-08-01
mplayer-skins1-1Media player skins2011-08-01
mplayerplug-in3.40-1Embedded video player for Firefox2011-08-01
mq44.1-1Open Message Queue for Java2011-08-01
mrxvt0.3.13-1Multi-tabbed X terminal emulator based on rxvt2011-08-01
mss1.2.1-1Memory supervision system2011-08-01
mtasc1.11-1ActionScript 2 Open Source free compiler2011-08-01
mtools3.9.10-1Utilities for accessing unmounted MS-DOS disks from Unix2011-08-01
mtpaint2.03-2A simple GTK+1/2 painting program2011-08-01
multijava1.3.1-1An extension to the Java language that adds open classes and symmetric multiple dispatch2011-08-01
multipipe1.0-1Simple command to split output into several parallel commands2011-08-01
multitail4.2.0-1Lets you view one or multiple files like the original tail program2011-08-01
multivalent20040415-1Open source Java software to natively view all formats2011-08-01
multixterm1-1Drive multiple xterms separately or together2011-08-01
mussh0.6-1Shell script to execute command or script over ssh on multiple hosts2011-08-01
mutella0.4.5-1Terminal-mode Gnutella client2011-08-01
muwi0.4-1Mutella Web User Interface2011-08-01
mxml2.3-1A small XML parsing library2011-08-01
myhtml0.0.2-1A lightweight HTML parser that actually works2011-08-01
myodbc3.51.11-2MySQL Connector/ODBC2011-08-01
mysql-erlang1-1Erlang interface to MySQL2011-08-01
mysql-jdbc5.0.0-1MySQL JDBC driver2011-08-01
n1-1A Simple Everyday Application - Keeping Notes in a Database2011-08-01
nagios2.0-1An open source host, service and network monitoring program2011-08-01
nana2.5-1Improved support for assertions and logging2011-08-01
nano1.2.5-1GNU pico clone (a tiny text editor)2011-08-01
ncbrowse1.4.0-1A Java application to displays netCDF data2011-08-01
ncompress4.2.4-1Original Lempel-Ziv compress/uncompress programs2011-08-01
ncp1.2.4-1A fast file copy tool for LANs2011-08-01
ncs1-1Diagnose and troubleshoot networks hop-by-hop2011-08-01
nedlib2arc1.0-1Nedlib to ARC conversion utility 2011-08-01
nedmalloc1.03-1An alternative malloc implementation written in C2011-08-01
netcvs-1Enlightenment network monitoring module 2011-08-01
netarchive0.2-1Java ARC utilities2011-08-01
netarchivesuite3.2.1-1Netarchive Suite2011-08-01
netcdf3.6.0-p1-1Network Common Data Form library2011-08-01
netlog2.1-1Provide instrumentation of network performance2011-08-01
netperf2.4.1-1Network performance measurement 2011-08-01
newspost2.1.1-1a usenet binary autoposter for unix2011-08-01
newsqueak2000-1Concurrent Applicative Language2011-08-01
newt0.52.2-1Not Erik's Windowing Toolkit - console I/O handling library2011-08-01
nextaw0.15.1-1A a replacement library for the Athena (libXaw) widget set2011-08-01
nexus3.0.0-1NeXus data format2011-08-01
nginx0.5.26-1Ultra fast HTTP and mail proxy server2011-08-01
njs0.2.5-1NJS JavaScript Interpreter2011-08-01
nltk0.7a1-1Natural Language Toolkit2011-08-01
nltk-corpora0.7a1-1NLTK-Lite Corpora Package2011-08-01
noia-icons1-1Complete iconset with around 600 beautiful icons2011-08-01
notex20040916-1A tiny application which monitors list of files and executes program if any of them changes2011-08-01
nova-ttf1-1Nova TrueType font2011-08-01
npfs0.1-1Library for writing 9P2000 file servers2011-08-01
nss-mdns0.8-1NSS module for Multicast DNS name resolution2011-08-01
nttcp1-1Test TCP connection2011-08-01
nttlscan0.1-1A quick network topology scanner and traceroute.2011-08-01
numarray1.5.2-1Array manipulation and computational capabilities2011-08-01
numlockx1.1-1Make your X start with NumLock on2011-08-01
numpy24.2-1Numerical Python2011-08-01
nutch2007-04-23_06-52-53-1Open source web search engine2011-08-01
nuttcp5.5.5-pre1-1New Test TCP tool 2011-08-01
nuvola-icons1.0rc1-1Nuvola iconset for KDE2011-08-01
nvu1.0-1A complete Web Authoring System2011-08-01
nwatoolset1.1-1The Nordic Web Archive Toolset2011-08-01
nxclient2.0.0-93-1NoMachine graphical administration interface for Unix systems2011-08-01
nxml-mode20041004-1XML mode for GNU Emacs2011-08-01
nxnode2.0.0-93-1NoMachine graphical administration interface for Unix systems2011-08-01
nxserver2.0.0-69-1NoMachine graphical administration interface for Unix systems2011-08-01
oak1.5.0-1System Log Reporting Tool2011-08-01
obexftp0.10.6-1Transfer files to/from any OBEX enabled device2011-08-01
objson0.1-1OO way to manipulate JSON data in python2011-08-01
ocaml3.10.0-1Objective CAML Compiler2011-08-01
octave2.1.73-1A high-level language for numerical computations2011-08-01
ocurl0.2.0-1O'Caml bindings to libCurl.2011-08-01
odt2txt0.3-1XOSD displays text on your screen2011-08-01
omuscd0b2-0701251429-1OpenMosix User Space Cluster Daemon2011-08-01
onig5.9.0-1Regular expressions library with different character encoding2011-08-01
ooc2.0-1Object Oriented Programming in C2011-08-01
oops1.5.23-1Fast proxy server2011-08-01
openafs1.5.12-1A distributed filesystem for file sharing, providing location independence, scalability, security, and transparent migration capabilities for data2011-08-01
openclipart0.18-1Open Clip Art2011-08-01
openh3231.17.1-1ITU H.323 teleconferencing protocol2011-08-01
openntpd3.9-1Portable ntpd implementation2011-08-01
openobex1.0.1-1Free implementation of the Object Exchange (OBEX) protocol2011-08-01
openoffice2.3.0-1A full featured cross platform office suite (binary)2011-08-01
openoffice-sdk2.2.0-1OpenOffice SDK2011-08-01
openslp1.0.11-1Service Location Protocol 2011-08-01
openvpn2.0-1OpenVPN is a full-featured SSL VPN2011-08-01
oprofile0.9.1-1A system-wide profiler for Linux systems2011-08-01
oracle-xe-univ10.2.0.1-1.0.i386-1Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Universal)2011-08-01
oregexp1.2-1Erlang interface to Oniguruma regular expressions library2011-08-01
orly1.1-1Orly font2011-08-01
oserl1.1-1Open SMPP Erlang Library2011-08-01
otf1.2.6-1Open Trace Format2011-08-01
otp_baseR1-1-1A build environment that supports the OTP way of building applications with Erlang2011-08-01
ots0.5.0-1Open Text Summarizer2011-08-01
overnet1.3.0-1a client for Overnet, a completely decentralized peer to peer network2011-08-01
oxinesvn-1Lightweight pure OSD (on screen display) GUI for Xine engine2011-08-01
p-run1-1Utility that runs a program on a large number of hosts in parallel2011-08-01
p5-acme-bleach1.12-1For really clean Perl programs 2011-08-01
p5-ai-fuzzy0.05-1Perl extension for Fuzzy Logic 2011-08-01
p5-algorithm-cluster1.29-1Perl interface to Michiel Jan Laurens de Hoon's C clustering library 2011-08-01
p5-algorithm-diff1.1901-1Compute `intelligent' differences between two files / lists2011-08-01
p5-algorithm-markovchain0.06-1Object oriented Markov chain generator2011-08-01
p5-algorithm-markovchain-ghash0.01-1Object oriented Markov chain generator, glib/C storage2011-08-01
p5-algorithm-skiplist1.02-1Perl implementation of skip lists 2011-08-01
p5-ansicolor1.10-1Perl class to ANSI color screen2011-08-01
p5-anyevent2.52-1Provide framework for multiple event loops2011-08-01
p5-apache-clean2.00_7-1Interface to HTML::Clean for mod_perl 2.02011-08-01
p5-apache-dbi0.94-1Initiate a persistent database connection2011-08-01
p5-apache-session1.82-1A persistence framework for session data 2011-08-01
p5-apache-session-memcached0.03-1Stores persistent data using memcached for Apache::Session storage 2011-08-01 wrapper with helpers for testing Apache 2011-08-01
p5-apache2-authcookiedbi0.02-1Perl class to parse Uniform Resource Identifiers2011-08-01
p5-apache2-safepnotes0.02-1A safer replacement for Apache2::RequestUtil::pnotes2011-08-01
p5-app-config1.63-1Perl module for reading configuration files and parsing command line arguments2011-08-01
p5-archive-tar1.26-1Perl module for manipulations of tar archives 2011-08-01
p5-archive-zip1.16-1Perl class to access ZIP archive files2011-08-01
p5-array-compare1.13-1Perl extension for comparing arrays2011-08-01
p5-array-heap21.0-1Treat perl arrays as heaps (priority queues)2011-08-01
p5-array-unique0.04-1Perl Tieable array that allows only unique values 2011-08-01
p5-astro-fits-cfitsio1.02-1Perl extension for using the cfitsio library2011-08-01
p5-astro-fits-header2.8.1-1Perl interface to FITS HDUs 2011-08-01
p5-authen-sasl2.09-1Perl SASL Authentication framework2011-08-01
p5-autodia2.02-1The configuration and Utility perl module for AutoDia2011-08-01
p5-bat0.07-1Perl class to parse ARC, DAT and CDX files2011-08-01
p5-berkeley-db0.26-1Perl extension for Berkeley DB2011-08-01
p5-bit-vector6.4-1Efficient bit vector, set of integers and "big int" math library2011-08-01
p5-bloom-faster1.4-1Perl extension for the c library libbloom2011-08-01
p5-bsd-resource1.28-1BSD process resource limit and priority functions2011-08-01
p5-bundle-lwp5.803-1Libwww-perl related modules2011-08-01
p5-cache2.04-1the Cache interface2011-08-01
p5-cache-cache1.04-1Cache interface2011-08-01
p5-cache-fastmmap1.09-1Uses an mmap'ed file to act as a shared memory interprocess cache2011-08-01
p5-cache-memcached1.21-1Perl interface to memcached 2011-08-01
p5-cairo0.03-1Perl interface to the cairo library2011-08-01
p5-carp-clan5.3-1Report errors from perspective of caller of a "clan" of modules2011-08-01
p5-catalyst5.65-1The Elegant MVC Web Application Framework2011-08-01
p5-catalyst-engine-apache1.05-1Catalyst Apache Engines2011-08-01
p5-catalyst-model-cdbi0.11-1CDBI Model Class2011-08-01
p5-catalyst-plugin-authentication0.05-1Infrastructure plugin for the Catalyst authentication framework2011-08-01
p5-catalyst-plugin-scheduler0.05-1Schedule events to run in a cron-like fashion2011-08-01
p5-catalyst-plugin-session0.05-1Generic Session plugin2011-08-01
p5-catalyst-plugin-session-peruser0.02-1Per user sessions (instead of per browser sessions)2011-08-01
p5-catalyst-plugin-session-state-cookie0.02-1Maintain session IDs using cookies2011-08-01
p5-catalyst-plugin-session-store-fastmmap0.02-1FastMmap session storage backend2011-08-01
p5-catalyst-plugin-session-store-file0.07-1File storage backend for session data2011-08-01
p5-catalyst-plugin-xmlrpc0.06-1Dispatch XMLRPC methods with Catalyst 2011-08-01
p5-catalyst-singleton0.02-1Singleton to context2011-08-01
p5-catalyst-view-tt0.22-1Template View Class2011-08-01
p5-catalyst-view-tt-controllerlocal0.02-1Catalyst TT View with template names relative to the Controller2011-08-01
p5-cgi3.20-2Perl CGI module2011-08-01
p5-cgi-ajax0.691-1Perl-specific system for writing AJAX- or DHTML-based web applications2011-08-01
p5-cgi-enurl1.07-1Perl module for URL-encoding strings and hashes2011-08-01
p5-cgi-lite2.02-1Perl module to decode form and query information, including file uploads, as well as cookies2011-08-01
p5-chart2.3-1Perl modules to create Charts2011-08-01
p5-chart-director1-1Perl charting and graphics library for web servers and for embedding in applications2011-08-01
p5-chart-graph2.0-1Perl front-end to gnuplot, XRT and Xmgrace.2011-08-01
p5-class-accessor0.22-1Automated accessor generation2011-08-01
p5-class-data-inheritable0.04-1Inheritable, overridable class data 2011-08-01
p5-class-date1.1.8-1Class for easy date and time manipulation 2011-08-01
p5-class-dbi3.0.14-1Simple Database Abstraction2011-08-01
p5-class-dbi-loader0.31-1Dynamic definition of Class::DBI sub classes2011-08-01
p5-class-factory-util1.6-1Provide utility methods for factory classes 2011-08-01
p5-class-gomor-hash0.20-1Perl class and object builder, hash version 2011-08-01
p5-class-inspector1.13-1Get information about a class and its structure2011-08-01
p5-class-singleton1.03-1Implementation of a "Singleton" class 2011-08-01
p5-class-std0.0.8-1Support for creating standard "inside-out" classes 2011-08-01
p5-class-trigger0.10-1Mixin to add / call inheritable triggers2011-08-01
p5-clone0.23-1Recursively copy Perl datatypes2011-08-01
p5-clone-pp1.02-1Recursively copy Perl datatypes 2011-08-01
p5-compress-zlib1.42-1Perl interface to zlib compression library2011-08-01
p5-config-general2.27-1Perl generic config module 2011-08-01
p5-config-tiny2.08-1Read/Write .ini style files with as little code as possible2011-08-01
p5-coro4.2-1Perl class for coroutine process abstraction 2011-08-01
p5-coy0.05-1Perl class like Carp, only prettier2011-08-01
p5-cpan1.86_52-1Query, download and build perl modules from CPAN sites2011-08-01
p5-cpanplus0.072-1Command-line access to the CPAN interface 2011-08-01
p5-crypt-cbc2.17-1Encrypt data with Cipher Block Chaining mode2011-08-01
p5-crypt-des2.05-1Perl interface to DES crypt algorithm2011-08-01
p5-crypt-idea1.08-1Perl interface to IDEA crypt algorithm2011-08-01
p5-crypt-rsa1.55-1Perl interface to RSA crypt algorithm2011-08-01
p5-crypt-ssleay0.51-1OpenSSL glue that provides LWP https support for Perl2011-08-01
p5-curl3.0-1Perl binding for libCurl API2011-08-01
p5-curses1.14-1Terminal screen handling and optimization2011-08-01
p5-curses-ui0.95-1A curses based OO user interface framework2011-08-01
p5-danga-socket1.48-1Event loop and event-driven async socket base class 2011-08-01
p5-data-lazy0.6-1"lazy" (defered/on-demand) variables 2011-08-01
p5-data-optlist0.101-1Parse and validate simple name/value option pairs2011-08-01
p5-data-random0.05-1Perl module to generate random data2011-08-01
p5-data-rmap0.61-1Recursive map, apply a block to a data structure2011-08-01
p5-date-calc5.4-1Perl Gregorian calendar date calculations 2011-08-01
p5-datemanip5.45-1A perl 5 module which allows you to easily parse and manipulate dates 2011-08-01
p5-datetime0.34-1A date and time object 2011-08-01
p5-datetime-event-cron0.07-1DateTime extension for generating recurrence sets from crontab lines and files2011-08-01
p5-datetime-format-builder0.7807-1Create DateTime parser classes and objects2011-08-01
p5-datetime-format-mysql0.04-1Parse and format MySQL dates and times2011-08-01
p5-datetime-format-pg0.15-1Parse and format PostgreSQL dates and times2011-08-01
p5-datetime-format-strptime1.0700-1Parse and format strp and strf time patterns 2011-08-01
p5-datetime-locale0.22-1Localization support for 2011-08-01
p5-datetime-set0.25-1Datetime sets and set math2011-08-01
p5-datetime-timezone0.48-1Time zone object base class and factory 2011-08-01
p5-dbd-mysql3.0002_5-1A bundle to install Perl drivers for mSQL or MySQL 2011-08-01
p5-dbd-pg1.49-1PostgreSQL database driver for the DBI module2011-08-01
p5-dbd-sqlite1.10-1Self Contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver2011-08-01
p5-dbi1.55-1Database independent interface for Perl2011-08-01
p5-dbix-contextualfetch1.03-1Add contextual fetches to DBI2011-08-01
p5-decision-markov0.03a-1Markov models for decision analysis 2011-08-01
p5-devel-cover0.55-1Perl module to perform coverage analysis2011-08-01
p5-devel-profiler0.04-1Perl profiler compatible with dprofpp2011-08-01
p5-devel-smallprof2.00_03-1Per-line Perl profiler 2011-08-01
p5-devel-stacktrace1.12-1Stack trace and stack trace frame objects 2011-08-01
p5-devel-tokenizer-c0.05-1Generate C source for fast keyword tokenizer2011-08-01
p5-digest-hmac1.01-1Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication 2011-08-01
p5-digest-md52.36-1Digest MD5 interface for Perl2011-08-01
p5-digest-sha5.34-1Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512 2011-08-01
p5-digest-sha12.11-1Perl interface to the SHA-1 algorithm 2011-08-01
p5-email-valid0.176-1Check validity of Internet email addresses 2011-08-01
p5-encode-arabic1.11-1Perl extension for encodings of Arabic 2011-08-01
p5-encode-detect0.01-1An Encode::Encoding subclass that detects the encoding of data2011-08-01
p5-encode-mapper1.18-1Perl extension for intuitive, yet efficient construction of mappings for Encode 2011-08-01
p5-enum1.016-1C style enumerated types and bitmask flags in Perl 2011-08-01
p5-enum-fields1.0-1Perl extension for defining constants for use in Array-based objects 2011-08-01
p5-error0.15-1Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way2011-08-01
p5-etl-pequel2.4-4-1A comprehensive system for data file processing and transformation2011-08-01
p5-ev1.72-1High performance full-featured event loop2011-08-01
p5-event1.06-1Perl class for events loop processing 2011-08-01
p5-event-lib1.00-1Perl extentions for event-based programming libevent2011-08-01
p5-exception-class1.22-1Module that allows you to declare real exception classes in Perl 2011-08-01
p5-expect1.15-1Expect for Perl 2011-08-01
p5-extutils-autoinstall0.63-1Automatic install of dependencies via CPAN 2011-08-01
p5-extutils-cbuilder0.15-1Compile and link C code for Perl modules 2011-08-01
p5-extutils-depends0.205-1Perl class to easily build XS extensions that depend on XS extensions 2011-08-01
p5-extutils-f771.14-1Perl module to link C programs with Fortran subroutines2011-08-01
p5-extutils-makemaker6.30_01-1Create a module Makefile2011-08-01
p5-extutils-modulemaker0.32-1Better than h2xs, for creating all the parts of modules2011-08-01
p5-extutils-parsexs2.15-1converts Perl XS code into C code 2011-08-01
p5-extutils-pkgconfig1.07-1Perl interface to pkg-config 2011-08-01
p5-extutils-xsbuilder0.28-1Automatic XS glue code generation2011-08-01
p5-fcgi0.67-1Fast CGI module2011-08-01
p5-fcgi-procmanager0.17-1Functions for managing FastCGI applications2011-08-01
p5-file-copy-recursive0.18-1Perl extension for recursively copying files and directories2011-08-01
p5-file-flock104.111901-1File locking with flock2011-08-01
p5-file-homedir0.60_02-1Get the home directory for yourself or other users2011-08-01
p5-file-libmagic0.82-1Perl wrapper for libmagic 2011-08-01
p5-file-modified0.07-1Checks intelligently if files have changed2011-08-01
p5-file-nfslock1.20-1perl nfs lock support2011-08-01
p5-file-slurp9999.11-1Efficient Reading/Writing of Complete Files 2011-08-01
p5-filter1.32-1A number of source filters for perl5 programs2011-08-01
p5-filter-simple0.82-1Perl class for source filtering 2011-08-01
p5-fuse0.06-1write filesystems in Perl using FUSE2011-08-01
p5-gd2.34-1Perl interface to GD graphics library 2011-08-01
p5-gd-graph1.4308-1Graph Plotting Module for Perl 5 2011-08-01
p5-gd-graph3d0.56-1Perl class to create 3D Graphs with GD and GD::Graph 2011-08-01
p5-gd-text-util0.86-1Perl text utilities for use with GD2011-08-01
p5-geo-coder-hostip0.02-1Interface for retrieving geocoding information from an IP address2011-08-01
p5-geo-ip2location2.10-1Fast lookup of country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, ISP and domain name from IP address2011-08-01
p5-geography-countries1.4-12-letter, 3-letter, and numerical codes for countries2011-08-01
p5-geoip1.27-1Look up country by IP Address2011-08-01
p5-gimp2.0-1Perl extension for writing Gimp extensions and handlers 2011-08-01
p5-glib1.120-1Perl wrappers for the GLib utility and Object libraries2011-08-01
p5-gnome21.040-1Perl interface to the 2.x series of the GNOME libraries2011-08-01
p5-gnome2-canvas1.002-1Gnome2 canvas Perl interface 2011-08-01
p5-graph-easy0.42-1Render graphs as ASCII, HTML, SVG or Graphviz2011-08-01
p5-graph-easy-as_svg0.17-1Output a Graph::Easy as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)2011-08-01
p5-graph-flowchart0.08-1Generate easily flowcharts as Graph::Easy objects2011-08-01
p5-graphics-plplot0.03-1Perl interface to the PLplot plotting library 2011-08-01
p5-graphviz2.02-1Interface to the GraphViz graphing tool 2011-08-01
p5-graphviz-data-structure0.14-1Visualise Perl data structures with GraphViz2011-08-01
p5-gtk21.121-1Perl interface to the Gimp Toolkit library 2011-08-01
p5-gtk2-gladexml1.005-1Perl class to create user interfaces directly from Glade XML files. 2011-08-01
p5-gtk2-trayicon0.03-1Perl interface to the EggTrayIcon library 2011-08-01
p5-guess-language0.03-1Perl class to text language detection2011-08-01
p5-hash-merge0.07-1Merges arbitrarily deep hashes into a single hash2011-08-01
p5-heap0.71-1Perl extensions for keeping data partially sorted2011-08-01
p5-hook-lexwrap0.20-1Lexically scoped subroutine wrappers2011-08-01
p5-hop-lexer0.03-1Higher Order Perl Lexer 2011-08-01
p5-hop-parser0.01-1Higher Order Perl Parser2011-08-01
p5-hop-stream0.01-1Higher Order Perl streams2011-08-01
p5-html-clean0.8-1Cleans up HTML code for web browsers, not humans 2011-08-01
p5-html-getlinks0.01-1Quick url extraction program2011-08-01
p5-html-parser3.56-1Perl HTML parser 2011-08-01
p5-html-tagset3.10-1Perl data tables useful for parsing HTML2011-08-01
p5-html-template2.8-1Perl module to use HTML Templates from CGI scripts2011-08-01
p5-html-tokeparser-simple3.15-1Easy to use HTML::TokeParser interface2011-08-01
p5-html-tooltip-javascript0.03-1Provides a perl interface for easy use of Walter Zorn's javascript tooltip library2011-08-01
p5-html-tree3.18-1Perl parser that builds a HTML syntax tree2011-08-01
p5-http-body0.6-1HTTP Body Parser 2011-08-01
p5-http-proxy0.17-1A pure Perl HTTP proxy2011-08-01
p5-http-request-ascgi0.5-1Setup a CGI enviroment from a HTTP::Request2011-08-01
p5-ima-dbi0.34-1Database connection caching and organization2011-08-01
p5-image-info1.25-1Extract meta information from image files 2011-08-01
p5-image-size3.0-1Perl modules to get images dimensions2011-08-01
p5-inline0.44-1Write Perl subroutines in other programming languages2011-08-01
p5-inline-java0.50_91-1Write Perl classes in Java2011-08-01
p5-io-aio2.5-1Asynchronous Input/Output 2011-08-01
p5-io-epoll0.01-1Perl interface to the scalable IO multiplexing for Linux 2.5.44 and higher 2011-08-01
p5-io-event0.601-1Tied Filehandles for Nonblocking IO with Object Callbacks 2011-08-01
p5-io-gzip0.17-1Perl extension to provide a PerlIO layer to gzip/gunzip 2011-08-01
p5-io-interface0.98-1Perl extension for access to network card configuration information2011-08-01
p5-io-socket-inet62.51-1Object interface for AF_INET|AF_INET6 domain sockets2011-08-01
p5-io-socket-multicast1.00-1Send and receive multicast messages 2011-08-01
p5-io-socket-ssl1.03-1Nearly transparent SSL encapsulation for IO::Socket::INET2011-08-01
p5-io-string1.07-1Emulate file interface for in-core strings 2011-08-01
p5-io-stringy2.110-1Perl I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays2011-08-01
p5-io-stty02-1Perl class for setting terminal parameters2011-08-01
p5-io-tty1.02-1Low-level allocate a pseudo-Tty2011-08-01
p5-io-zlib1.04-1Perl interface to the Compress::Zlib2011-08-01
p5-ip-country2.23-1Fast lookup of country codes from IP addresses2011-08-01
p5-ipc-run0.79-1System and background procs w/ piping, redirs, ptys (Unix, Win32) 2011-08-01
p5-ipc-shareable0.60-1Share Perl variables between processes 2011-08-01
p5-ipc-sharelite0.09-1Light-weight interface to shared memory2011-08-01
p5-iterator0.03-1A general-purpose iterator class2011-08-01
p5-javascript-spidermonkey0.16-1Perl interface to the JavaScript Engine2011-08-01
p5-jcode0.88-1Japanese Charset Handler for Perl2011-08-01
p5-json1.07-1Parse and convert between Perl data structure and JSON2011-08-01
p5-json-xs1.21-1JSON serialising/deserialising, done correctly and fast2011-08-01
p5-kinosearch0.15-1A Perl search engine library2011-08-01
p5-latex-table0.0.3-1Perl extension for the automatic generation of LaTeX tables2011-08-01
p5-libnet1.20-1Network Command class2011-08-01
p5-libwww-perl5.805-1The World-Wide Web library for Perl2011-08-01
p5-libxml-enno1.02-1Perl XML modules2011-08-01
p5-libxml-perl0.08-1Perl modules for working with XML2011-08-01
p5-libzip0.06-1reate very low weight self executables2011-08-01
p5-lingua-en-inflect1.89-1Convert singular to plural. Select "a" or "an".2011-08-01
p5-lingua-en-squeeze2003.1003-1Squeeze English text to most compact format possible so that it is barely readable2011-08-01
p5-lingua-stem-snowball0.941-1Perl interface to Snowball stemmers2011-08-01
p5-lingua-stopwords0.08-1Stop words for several languages2011-08-01
p5-linux-aio1.9-1Linux specific aio implemented using clone 2011-08-01
p5-linux-inotify21.1-1Scalable directory/file change notification 2011-08-01
p5-list-moreutils0.22-1Provide the stuff missing in List::Util 2011-08-01
p5-log-dispatch2.12-1Dispatches messages to one or more outputs2011-08-01
p5-log-dispatch-filerotate1.15-1Log to files that archive/rotate themselves2011-08-01
p5-log-log4perl1.06-1Log4j implementation for Perl 2011-08-01
p5-lucene0.18-1API to the C++ port of the Lucene search engine2011-08-01
p5-mailtools1.72-1Perl tools to parse mails2011-08-01
p5-math-base850.2-1Perl extension for base 85 numbers, as referenced by RFC 1924 2011-08-01
p5-math-bezier0.01-1Solution of Bezier Curves2011-08-01
p5-math-derivative0.01-1Numeric 1st and 2nd order differentiation2011-08-01
p5-math-matrixreal1.9-1Matrix of Reals 2011-08-01
p5-math-spline0.01-1Cubic Spline Interpolation of data 2011-08-01
p5-mime-base643.05-1Perl modules to Encode and decode base64 strings 2011-08-01
p5-mime-lite2.117-1Low calorie MIME generator2011-08-01
p5-mime-tools5.416-1Perl modules for parsing MIME entities2011-08-01
p5-mime-types1.16-1Definition of MIME types2011-08-01
p5-module-build0.2805-1Build and install Perl modules2011-08-01
p5-module-corelist2.07-1What modules shipped with versions of perl 2011-08-01
p5-module-dependency1.13-1Collection of modules for examining dependencies between parents and children2011-08-01
p5-module-depends0.05-1Identify the dependencies of a Perl distribution 2011-08-01
p5-module-install0.64-1Automatic install of dependencies via CPAN2011-08-01
p5-module-pluggable-fast0.18-1Fast plugins with instantiation2011-08-01
p5-module-scandeps0.63-1Recursively scan Perl code for dependencies 2011-08-01
p5-module-signature0.50-1CPAN signature management utility 2011-08-01
p5-net-daemon0.39-1Perl extension for portable daemons 2011-08-01
p5-net-dns0.59-5Perl interface to the DNS resolver2011-08-01
p5-net-fping0.02-1Quickly ping a large number of hosts2011-08-01
p5-net-http-server1.1.1-1A light weight Perl HTTP server2011-08-01
p5-net-ip1.24-1Perl extension for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses2011-08-01
p5-net-ipv4addr0.10-1Perl extension for manipulating IPv4 addresses2011-08-01
p5-net-ipv6addr0.2-1Perl module to check the validity of IPv6 addresses 2011-08-01
p5-net-netmask1.9012-1Parse, manipulate and lookup IP network blocks 2011-08-01
p5-net-netsend0.11-1Perl extension for sending Windows Popup Messages2011-08-01
p5-net-packet2.00-1Perl a framework to send/receive frames from layer 2 to layer 7 2011-08-01
p5-net-pcap0.11-1Interface to pcap(3) LBL packet capture library 2011-08-01
p5-net-ping2.31-1Perl module to check a remote host for reachability 2011-08-01
p5-net-smsO2-0.019-1A perl module to send SMS messages, using the O2 web2sms gateway2011-08-01
p5-net-sms-web0.015-1A generic module for sending SMS messages using web2sms2011-08-01
p5-net-ssleay1.30-1Perl extension for using OpenSSL2011-08-01
p5-next0.60-1Provide a pseudo-class NEXT (et al) that allows method redispatch2011-08-01
p5-nextrieve0.41-1Perl interface to NexTrieve search engine software2011-08-01
p5-noid0.423-1Perl routines to mint and manage nice opaque identifiers2011-08-01
p5-object-signature1.03-1Generate cryptographic signatures for objects2011-08-01
p5-ole-storage_lite0.14-1Simple Class for OLE document interface2011-08-01
p5-openoffice-uno0.04-1Perl interface to OpenOffice's UNO runtime2011-08-01
p5-par0.91-1Perl class to pack applications in a single executable file 2011-08-01
p5-par-dist0.07-1Perl class to create and manipulate PAR distributions 2011-08-01
p5-params-util0.20-1Simple, compact and correct param-checking functions2011-08-01
p5-params-validate0.78-1Validate method/function parameters 2011-08-01
p5-parse-flex0.11-1The Fastest Lexer in the West2011-08-01
p5-parse-recdescent1.94-1Generate Recursive-Descent Parsers for Perl 2011-08-01
p5-parse-yapp1.05-1Perl extension for generating and using LALR parsers2011-08-01
p5-patch-reader0.9.5-1Perl utilities to read and manipulate patches and CVS 2011-08-01
p5-path-class0.15-1Cross-platform path specification manipulation2011-08-01
p5-pdf-api20.60-1A Perl Module Chain to faciliate the Creation and Modification of High-Quality PDF files2011-08-01
p5-pdf-report1.30-1A wrapper written for PDF::API22011-08-01
p5-pdf-reuse0.33-1Reuse and mass produce PDF documents2011-08-01
p5-pdf-writer0.06-1PDF writer abstraction layer2011-08-01
p5-pdflib6.0.2-1A library for processing PDF on the fly for Perl2011-08-01
p5-pdl2.4.3-1Perl Data Language2011-08-01
p5-pdl-netcdf0.89-1Perl interface to the NETCDF library2011-08-01
p5-perlmagick6.02-1Perl interface to ImageMagick2011-08-01
p5-pgplot2.19-1Perl interface to PGPLOT graphics library2011-08-01
p5-plrpc0.2018-1Perl extension for writing RPC clients and servers2011-08-01
p5-pod-pom0.17-1POD Object Model 2011-08-01
p5-pod-readme0.05-1Convert POD to README file2011-08-01
p5-pod-stripper0.22-1Strip all pod, and output what's left2011-08-01
p5-pod-todemo1.00-1Writes a demo program from a tutorial POD 2011-08-01
p5-postscript-simple0.06-1Produce PostScript files from Perl2011-08-01
p5-readkey2.30-1a perl module for simple terminal control2011-08-01
p5-readonly1.03-1Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, hashes2011-08-01
p5-readonly-xs1.04-1Companion module for, to speed up read-only scalar variables2011-08-01
p5-regexp-assemble0.32-1Perl class to parse Uniform Resource Identifiers2011-08-01
p5-regexp-common2.120-1Provide commonly requested regular expressions2011-08-01
p5-rose-datetime0.532-1DateTime helper functions and objects2011-08-01
p5-rose-db0.734-1A DBI wrapper and abstraction layer2011-08-01
p5-rose-db-object0.764-1Extensible, high performance RDBMS-OO mapper2011-08-01
p5-rose-html-objects0.548-1Rose DB Object-oriented interfaces for HTML2011-08-01
p5-rose-object0.83-1A simple object base class2011-08-01
p5-rose-uri0.021-1A standalone URI class allowing easy and efficient manipulation of query parameters and other URI components2011-08-01
p5-rpc-xml0.58-1A set of classes for core data, message and XML handling2011-08-01
p5-rrdtool0.12-1Object-oriented interface to RRDTool 2011-08-01
p5-rtf-writer1.11-1Perl module for generating documents in Rich Text Format 2011-08-01
p5-scalar-list-utils1.18-1A selection of general-utility scalar subroutines 2011-08-01
p5-sdl-perl2.1.3-1SDL perl extension 2011-08-01
p5-search-estraier0.07-1Pure perl module to use Hyper Estraier search engine 2011-08-01
p5-set-crontab1.00-1Expand crontab(5)-style integer lists 2011-08-01
p5-set-infinite0.61-1Sets of intervals 2011-08-01
p5-set-object1.14-1Set of objects and strings 2011-08-01
p5-set-scalar1.20-1Basic set operations2011-08-01
p5-sms-api3.01.1-1A module to send SMS using the servers 2011-08-01
p5-soap-lite0.67-1Client and server side SOAP implementation2011-08-01
p5-socket60.19-1IPv6 related part of the C socket.h defines and structure manipulators2011-08-01
p5-sort-versions1.5-1Perl module for sorting of revision-like numbers 2011-08-01
p5-spiffy0.30-1Spiffy Perl Interface Framework For You2011-08-01
p5-spread3.17.3-1Perl interface to Spread Toolkit2011-08-01
p5-spreadsheet-parseexcel0.2603-1Get information from Excel file2011-08-01
p5-spreadsheet-parseexcel-simple1.03-1A simple interface to Excel data 2011-08-01
p5-spreadsheet-writeexcel2.16-1Write to a cross-platform Excel binary file2011-08-01
p5-springgraph0.05-1Directed Graph alternative to GraphViz2011-08-01
p5-sql-reservedwords0.7-1Reserved SQL words by ANSI/ISO2011-08-01
p5-statistics-chisquare0.5-1How well-distributed is your data2011-08-01
p5-statistics-distributions1.02-1Perl module for calculating critical values and upper probabilities of common statistical distributions 2011-08-01
p5-statistics-table-f0.02-1Perl module for computing the statistical F-ratio2011-08-01
p5-statistics-table-t0.01-1Perl module for the statistical t-test2011-08-01
p5-storable2.16-1Persistence for Perl data structures 2011-08-01
p5-string-crc321.3-1Perl interface for cyclic redundency check generation 2011-08-01
p5-sub-exporter0.970-1A sophisticated exporter for custom-built routines2011-08-01
p5-sub-install0.922-1Install subroutines into packages easily 2011-08-01
p5-sub-override0.08-1Perl extension for easily overriding subroutines2011-08-01
p5-sub-uplevel0.09-1Apparently run a function in a higher stack frame2011-08-01
p5-svg-svg2zinc0.10-1Display or convert SVG files in scripts, classes, images... 2011-08-01
p5-swf-chart1.3-1Perl interface to the SWF Chart generation tool2011-08-01
p5-switch2.10-1A switch statement for Perl 2011-08-01
p5-sys-statistics-linux0.02-1Collect linux system statistics2011-08-01
p5-sys-syscall0.1-1Access system calls that Perl doesn't normally provide access to2011-08-01
p5-sysadm-install0.13-1Typical installation tasks for system administrators2011-08-01
p5-tangram2.09_02-1Perl OO abstraction to access DB2011-08-01
p5-tcl0.88-1Tcl extension module for Perl 2011-08-01
p5-tcl-tk0.88-1Extension module for Perl giving access to Tk via the Tcl extension2011-08-01
p5-template-plugin-javascript0.01-1Encodes text to be safe in JavaScript2011-08-01
p5-template-plugin-tooltip0.04-1Template Toolkit plugin for HTML::Tooltip::JavaScript 2011-08-01
p5-template-timer0.04-1Rudimentary profiling for Template Toolkit 2011-08-01
p5-template-toolkit2.19-1Front-end module to the Template Toolkit2011-08-01
p5-term-ansiscreen1.42-1Terminal control using ANSI escape sequences2011-08-01
p5-term-gnuplot0.5704-1Perl low level graphics using gnuplot2011-08-01
p5-term-readkey2.30-1A perl module for simple terminal control 2011-08-01
p5-term-readpassword0.07-1Asking the user for a password2011-08-01
p5-term-shell0.01-1A simple command-line shell framework2011-08-01
p5-termreadkey2.30-1A perl module for simple terminal control 2011-08-01
p5-test-base0.50-1A Data Driven Testing Framework2011-08-01
p5-test-builder-tester1.01-1Test testsuites that have been built with Test::Builder 2011-08-01
p5-test-deep0.093-1Extremely flexible deep comparison2011-08-01
p5-test-exception0.21-1Test exception based code2011-08-01
p5-test-manifest1.14-1Interact with a t/test_manifest file 2011-08-01
p5-test-mockobject1.02-1Perl extension for emulating troublesome interfaces2011-08-01
p5-test-nowarnings0.082-1Make sure you didn't emit any warnings while testing2011-08-01
p5-test-simple0.62-1Basic utilities for writing tests2011-08-01
p5-test-tester0.103-1Ease testing test modules built with Test::Builder 2011-08-01
p5-test-warn0.08-1Perl extension to test methods for warnings 2011-08-01
p5-text-autoformat1.12-1Perl class for automatic text wrapping and reformatting 2011-08-01
p5-text-balanced1.95-1Extract delimited text sequences from strings for Perl2011-08-01
p5-text-csv-xs0.23-1Perl class to parse comma-separated values manipulation2011-08-01
p5-text-diff0.35-1Perform diffs on files and record sets 2011-08-01
p5-text-figlet1.06-1A perl module to provide FIGlet abilities2011-08-01
p5-text-iconv1.4-1Perl interface to libiconv2011-08-01
p5-text-reform1.11-1Manual text wrapping and reformatting 2011-08-01
p5-text-simpletable0.03-1Simple Eyecandy ASCII Tables2011-08-01
p5-text-template1.44-1Expand template text with embedded Perl2011-08-01
p5-threads1.15-1Perl interpreter-based threads2011-08-01
p5-tidy1-1Perl script which indents and reformats Perl scripts to make them easier to read2011-08-01
p5-tie-array-sorted1.3-1An array which is kept sorted 2011-08-01
p5-tie-dbi1.02-1Tie hashes to DBI relational databases 2011-08-01
p5-tie-dns0.41-1Tie interface to Net::DNS 2011-08-01
p5-tie-hash-sorted0.10-1Presents hashes in sorted order2011-08-01
p5-tie-ixhash1.21-1Perl ordered associative arrays2011-08-01
p5-tie-judy0.03-1Perl extension for using a Judy Array library2011-08-01
p5-time-clock0.11-1Twenty-four hour clock object with nanosecond precision2011-08-01
p5-time-date1.16-1Perl date formating subroutines 2011-08-01
p5-time-hires1.86-1High resolution alarm, sleep, gettimeofday, interval timers 2011-08-01
p5-time-piece2.00_01-1Object Oriented time objects2011-08-01
p5-tk804.027_501-Tk extension for Perl2011-08-01
p5-tk-contrib0.07-1Perl Tk contribution2011-08-01
p5-tk-cursor-control0.4-1Manipulate the mouse cursor programmatically in Perl2011-08-01
p5-tk-dkw0.03-1Beautiful Perl widgets2011-08-01
p5-tk-gbarr2.06-1Perl contribution to the Tk Widgets2011-08-01
p5-tk-hist-entry0.42-1Perl entry widget with history capability 2011-08-01
p5-tk-mk0.09-1Perl Tk-add-ons2011-08-01
p5-tk-progress-bar-mac1.2-1Perl blue 3D Macintosh progress bar2011-08-01
p5-tk-table-matrix1.2-1Perl Tk TableMatrix Widget2011-08-01
p5-tk-toobar0.09-1A toolbar widget for Perl/Tk 2011-08-01
p5-tk-zinc3.303-1A killer Perl-Tk canvas based on openGL 2011-08-01
p5-tree-dag_node1.05-1Super class for representing nodes in a tree2011-08-01
p5-tree-node0.03-1Memory-efficient tree nodes in Perl 2011-08-01
p5-tree-simple1.16-1A simple tree object2011-08-01
p5-tree-simple-visitorfactory0.10-1A factory object for dispensing Visitor objects2011-08-01
p5-treegraph1.029-1Perl Tk widget to draw trees in a canvas2011-08-01
p5-uml-sequence0.05-1Produces call sequence outlines2011-08-01
p5-uml-state0.02-1An object oriented module which draws simple state diagrams2011-08-01
p5-unicode-map0.112-1Maps charsets from and to utf16 unicode 2011-08-01
p5-unicode-map-utf81.09-1Conversions to and from arbitrary character sets and UTF8 2011-08-01
p5-unicode-map80.12-1Mapping table between 8-bit chars and Unicode2011-08-01
p5-unicode-string2.09-1String of Unicode characters (UCS2/UTF16)2011-08-01
p5-universal-can1.11-1Hack around people calling UNIVERSAL::can() as a function2011-08-01
p5-universal-isa0.05-1Hack around stupid module authors using UNIVERSAL::isa as a function when they shouldn't2011-08-01
p5-universal-moniker0.08-1Add a moniker (and plural_moniker) method to UNIVERSAL2011-08-01
p5-universal-require0.10-1Require modules from a variable2011-08-01
p5-uri1.35-1Perl class to parse Uniform Resource Identifiers2011-08-01
p5-vcg0.5-1Interface to the VCG graphing tool2011-08-01
p5-version0.7203-1Perl extension for Version Objects 2011-08-01
p5-www-checksite0.015-1Check the contents of a website2011-08-01
p5-www-curl3.0-1Compatability Perl extension interface for libcurl 2011-08-01
p5-www-mechanize1.22-1Handy web browsing in a Perl object2011-08-01
p5-www-mechanize-formfiller0.05-1Framework to automate HTML forms 2011-08-01
p5-www-mechanize-shell0.40-1An interactive shell for WWW::Mechanize2011-08-01
p5-wx0.27-1Perl interface to the wxWidgets GUI toolkit 2011-08-01
p5-x11-guitest0.21-1Provides GUI testing/interaction facilities2011-08-01
p5-x11-protocol0.54-1Raw interface to X Window System servers2011-08-01
p5-xml-dom1.44-1A perl module for building DOM Level 1 compliant document structures 2011-08-01
p5-xml-parser2.34-1A perl module for parsing XML documents2011-08-01
p5-xml-regexp0.03-1Perl regular expressions for XML tokens 2011-08-01
p5-xml-rss1.10-1Creates and updates RSS files with Perl2011-08-01
p5-xml-simple2.16-1Easy API to maintain XML2011-08-01
p5-xml-tokeparser0.05-1Simplified Perl interface to XML-Parser class2011-08-01
p5-xml-twig3.23-1Processing huge XML documents in tree mode2011-08-01
p5-xml-xpath1.13-1Perl modules for parsing and evaluating XPath statements2011-08-01
p5-yaml0.62-1YAML Ain't Markup Language2011-08-01
p5-yaml-syck0.85-1JSON is YAML2011-08-01
p6-pugs6.2.11-2A Perl6 Implementation in Haskell2011-08-01
p7zip4.43-1p7zip is a port of 7-Zip, the archiver with the highest compression ratio with LZMA algorithm2011-08-01
pabbrev1-1Predictive abbreviation expansion for Emacs2011-08-01
papi3.5.0-1Performance Application Programming Interface2011-08-01
paraview2.4.2-1Parallel visualization application for very large data sets2011-08-01
parrot0.4.8b-2Perl virtual machine designed to execute bytecode for interpreted languages efficiently2011-08-01
parted1.6.25-2A program for creating, destroying, resizing, checking and copying partitions, and the file systems on them2011-08-01
pass-gen1-1Generates random password using with alternating consonants and vowels 2011-08-01
pastels-nuvola-icons1-2a KDE iconset comprised of Pastels and Nuvola2011-08-01
patchutils0.2.30-1A collection of programs that operate on patch files2011-08-01
pathalizer0.7-1What paths do your users take once on your site?2011-08-01
pbbuttonsd0.7.4-1Support for Laptops special functions2011-08-01
pbook1.3-1LaTeX-based program listing generator2011-08-01
pcal4.9.1-1PostScript Calendar Programs2011-08-01
pchar1.5-1A Tool for Measuring Internet Path Characteristics2011-08-01
pcl1.6-1Low level API for coroutines.2011-08-01
pconsole1.0-1Administrative tool for working with clusters of machines2011-08-01
pcp2.2-1Pattern Classification Program2011-08-01
pcre-ocaml5.09.2-1Perl compatibility regular expressions for OCaml2011-08-01
pcsx1.5-1PlayStation Emulation for the PC2011-08-01
pdf417_enc3.9.5-1A program that converts ascii text to the pdf417 barcode standard2011-08-01
pdflib-lite6.0.3-1An ANSI C library to dynamically generate PDF files with bindings to Perl, Tcl, Python and Ruby2011-08-01
pdfmerge1-1Merges PDF documents into a single document2011-08-01
pdftk1.12-1The PDF Toolkit2011-08-01
pdftohtml0.39-1Utility which converts PDF files into HTML and XML formats2011-08-01
pdict1-1Process dictionary in Erlang 2011-08-01
pdksh5.2.14-1Public Domain Korn Shell2011-08-01
pdmenusvn-1A full screen menuing system for Unix2011-08-01
pdt3.9-1A framework for analyzing source code and for making rich program knowledge accessible to developers of static and dynamic analysis tools2011-08-01
pen0.17.0-1Load balancer tcp based protocols (http, smtp)2011-08-01
perfctr2.6.25-1Linux Performance Counters Driver 2011-08-01
perfsuite0.6.2a4-1A collection of performance analysis software2011-08-01
perl5.8.8-4Perl programming language2011-08-01
perl-anim3.13-1Perl library for GUI animations2011-08-01
perl-ttp1-1Perl phonetizer2011-08-01
perl-tts1.0-1Perl Text-to-Speech2011-08-01
perl2exe8.70-1A command line program for converting perl scripts to executable files2011-08-01
perlsms0.3-1A powerfull front-end to smssend2011-08-01
perluno0.04-1Perl module that act as a bridge to OpenOffice UNO2011-08-01
pfmon3.2-061205-1A tool to monitor performance on Linux2011-08-01
pgaccess0.98.7-1A graphical database management tool for PostgreSQL2011-08-01
pgadmin31.4.3-1Open Source administration and development platform for PostgreSQL2011-08-01
pgcluster1.5.0rc9-1Synchronous replication system of the multi-master composition for PostgreSQL2011-08-01
pgmemcache1.0-1PostgreSQL API to memcached2011-08-01
pgplot5.2-1Graphics Subroutine Library2011-08-01
pgpool3.1.1-1A connection pool server for PostgreSQL2011-08-01
pgtcl1.5-1Tcl binding library for Postgresql2011-08-01
pgxtal1-1A Fortran library for the graphical display of crystal structures2011-08-01
physfs1.0.0-1a library to provide abstract access to various archives2011-08-01
pil1.1.4-1Python Imaging Library.2011-08-01
pilot-mailsync0.9.0-1app to sync one's mailbox to one's Palm, so that one use it as a MUA2011-08-01
pjprojectsvn-1Small footprint and scalable C library, media stack and SIP prototol stack2011-08-01
plan9port1-1Unix software from Plan 92011-08-01
plastique-icons1-1Plastique iconset for KDE2011-08-01
plb0.3-1A free high-performance load balancer for Unix2011-08-01
ploticus233-1A non-interactive software for producing plots, charts, and graphics from data2011-08-01
plotutils2.5-1A powerful C/C++ function library for exporting 2-D vector graphics ...2011-08-01
plplot5.6.1-1Library making scientific plots2011-08-01
plt207-1An integrated, graphical programming environment for the Scheme, MzScheme, and MrEd2011-08-01
plucker1.8-2an offline Web and e-book viewer for Palm OS2011-08-01
polipo0.9.9-1A small and fast caching web proxy 2011-08-01
portaudiosvn-1Portable cross-platform Audio API2011-08-01
poseidon4.1.0-1Advanced UML1/2 modeling tool2011-08-01
posh1-1Portable Open Source Harness library2011-08-01
posix1b1-1POSIX.1b support for Linux2011-08-01
posregex1.0-1Erlang interface to posix regular expressions2011-08-01
postgresql8.2.4-1A sophisticated Object-Relational DBMS2011-08-01
postgresql-jdbc8.2-504-1PostgreSQL JDBC driver2011-08-01
powernowd0.97-1a daemon for cpufreq which uses the sysfs interface. It sits in the background and changes CPU speed in configurable "steps" according to usage2011-08-01
ppp2.4.3-4An open source package which implements the Point-to-Point Protocol2011-08-01
prelink20050610-2ELF prelinking utility to speed up dynamic linking2011-08-01
pretendroot0.7-1Enabling the possibility of building a package as a user instead of root2011-08-01
pretty_printer1-1Hack for source code formationg2011-08-01
prettyp2.0.2-1A suite of programs that generates "pretty" PostScript source code listings using TeX2011-08-01
preview-latex0.8.1-1An Emacs minor mode for incremental viewing of LaTeX documents2011-08-01
prima1.21-1An extensible Perl toolkit for multi-platform GUI development2011-08-01
property-file0.1-1Erlang configuration files parser2011-08-01
prosper1.00.4-1A LaTeX class for writing transparencies2011-08-01
proxycheck0.49a-1Open Proxy checker2011-08-01
prozilla2.0.4-1download accelerator which provides a 200 to 300 percent improvement in your file downloading speeds2011-08-01
prtfwd1-1Forward std{in,out} to a host/port2011-08-01
ps2eps1.58-1Tool for generating Encapsulated Postscript Format (EPS,EPSF) files from one-page Postscript documents2011-08-01
ps2html1-1A powerful PostScript converter to HTML2011-08-01
pscal1.16-1Bash that produces simple, nice-looking PostScript calendars2011-08-01
pscan1.2-1Format string security checker for C files2011-08-01
psmerge1-1Shell hack to merge multiple ps file in one 2011-08-01
psql0.0.1-1Erlang PostgreSQL driver 2011-08-01
psqlodbc08.00.0102-1The PostgreSQL ODBC Driver2011-08-01
pstill1727j-1Convert PS/EPS/TIFF/JPEG files to PDF, transcode PDF to PDF/X, generate EPS2011-08-01
pstoepsi1-1Convert an arbitrary postScript image to an encapsulated postScript image 2011-08-01
pstopdf1-1Convert PS document to PDF2011-08-01
pstotext1.9-1Extracts plain text from PostScript and PDF files2011-08-01
psyco1.3-1Psyco is a Python extension to massively speed up the execution of Python code2011-08-01
psycopg2.0.5.1-1Python interface to Postgresql DB2011-08-01
pt1.4-1Extremely lightweight stackless threads designed for severely memory constrained systems2011-08-01
pth2.0.6-1The GNU Portable Threads2011-08-01
ptmalloc3-1A fast, memory-efficient implementation of malloc for Unix systems2011-08-01
puf1.0.0-1Parallel crawler for UNIX-like systems2011-08-01
pulp0.12-1A collection of perl/zinc utilities2011-08-01
puredb2.1-1 A portable and tiny set of libraries for creating and reading constant databases2011-08-01
pv0.9.2-1Pipe viewer2011-08-01
pvtrace1-1To visualize function calls with Graphviz2011-08-01
pwlib1.9.1-1a cross platform C++ library, used by OpenH3232011-08-01
pycairo0.1.3-1Python interface to Cairo library2011-08-01
pycrypto2.0.1-1Python collection of cryptographic algorithms and protocols2011-08-01
pygtk2.6.3-1GTK+ for Python2011-08-01
pyjudy1.0-1Python interface to Judy Array library2011-08-01
pylinda0.6-1Distributed Computing Made Easy2011-08-01
pyopengl2.0.2.01-1Cross platform Python binding to OpenGL2011-08-01
pyopenssl0.6-1Python interface to the OpenSSL library2011-08-01
pyparallel0.1-1Python parallel port API2011-08-01
pyqt3.16-1Set of Python bindings for Trolltech's Qt application framework2011-08-01
pyrex0.9.4.1-1Language for writing Python extension modules2011-08-01
pyro3.5-1Python Remote Objects - Distributed Object Technology2011-08-01
pyserial1.11-1Python serial port API2011-08-01
pyshadow0.2-1Python module to access the shadow password file2011-08-01
python-cjson1.0.5-1Fast JSON encoder/decoder for Python2011-08-01
python-imaging1.1.4-3adds image processing capabilities to your Python interpreter 2011-08-01
pyxml0.8.4-1XML package for Python2011-08-01
q7.6-1Equational Programming Language2011-08-01
qamoose2.1-1Facilitates the access to an English/Arabic user-defined dictionary via web access using the DICT protocol2011-08-01
qcomicbook0.3.3-1a viewer for comic book archives containing jpeg/png images, which aims at convenience and simplicity2011-08-01
qdbm1.8.75-1Quick Database Manager2011-08-01
qgo1.0.4-r2-1a Qt Go client and full featured SGF editor2011-08-01
qhacc3.5-1Simple, QT financial manager (1 or 2 entry bookkeeping)2011-08-01
qhull2003.1-1Library which computes the convex hull, Delaunay triangulation, Voronoi diagram, etc.2011-08-01
qiv2.0-1A very small and pretty fast gdk/Imlib image viewer2011-08-01
qsort1-1Inline QSORT() implementation2011-08-01
qtclamavclient0.02-1A small QT client for ClamAV that uses the STREAM socket connection to a clamd server machine to locally scan files2011-08-01
qtiplot0.8.5-1an application useful for data analysis and scientific plotting -- a free clone of Origin.2011-08-01
qtquran0.041-1Qt interface to libquran2011-08-01
quad_hash2-1C hashtable with quadratic probing2011-08-01
quicktime4linux2.0.4-1Read and write uncompressed Quicktime movies2011-08-01
qwt4.2.0-1Qt Widgets for Technical Applications2011-08-01
qwtplot3d0.2.6-1Qt/OpenGL-based C++ programming library containing 3d-widgets2011-08-01
r2.6.0-1A language and environment for statistical computing and graphics2011-08-01
rabbitmq1.0.0-alpha-1An implementation of AMQP, the emerging standard for high performance enterprise messaging2011-08-01
racc1.4.5-1LALR(1) parser generator for Ruby2011-08-01
ragel6.0-1Ragel State Machine Compiler2011-08-01
rand1-1Random number generator server in Erlang2011-08-01
randline1-1A filter for selecting random lines from text files2011-08-01
rats2.1-1Rough Auditing Tool for Security2011-08-01
rbldnsd0.996a-1Small Daemon for DNSBLs2011-08-01
rbtree1.1.2-1RedBlack-Tree C implementation2011-08-01
rc1.7.1-1Unix implementation of Plan 9 shell2011-08-01
rdbms1.992-1A relational database management layer on top of mnesia2011-08-01
rdesktop1.5.0-1A remote desktop protocol client for accessing Windows NT Terminal Server2011-08-01
re1-1Implementatoin of regular expressions in pure Erlang2011-08-01
re2c0.13.1-1A fast scanners for generating C-based recognizers from regular expressions.2011-08-01
re@1-1New Erlang regular expression module2011-08-01
readfiles1-1Simple utilities for measuring bulk read and write throughput to files or devices2011-08-01
realplayer10.0.6.776-3RealPlayer 10 for Linux2011-08-01
rebolcore042-1A messaging language for distributed Internet applications2011-08-01
rebolview042-1The graphical version of REBOL/Core.2011-08-01
recordmydesktop0.3.0-1A desktop session recorder for linux2011-08-01
regex0.12-1GNU regular expression matcher2011-08-01
regexp1-1Imporved Erlang regular expressions2011-08-01
reinhardt-icons0.9.2-2The Reinhardt SVG Icon Set (formely Slicker)2011-08-01
reinhardtsplash0.1-1a minimalist KDE splash screen2011-08-01
reinhardtstyle0.8.2-2KDE style inspired by the minimalism of a painter by the same name2011-08-01
rekerlib0.2.0-1A collection of miscellaneous C functions including several string buffer operations2011-08-01
remote_update1.6-1Script for performing automated administration to many UNIX machines via SSH2011-08-01
reportlab1.2-1PDF library to create or automate complex (even data-driven) documents2011-08-01
retroforth9.2.10-1A lightweight and complete implementation of the Forth programming language2011-08-01
rfc46271.0.2-1JSON and JSON-RPC for Erlang2011-08-01
rgang2_7-1Execute commands on or distribute files to many nodes (> 1000)2011-08-01
rhino1_6R4-1JavaScript for Java2011-08-01
riece2.0.2-1An IRC client for Emacs2011-08-01
rline1-1Run any command line driven program under readline control2011-08-01
rltk1.20-1Library designed for creating PDF,SVG,EPS... documents programmatically2011-08-01
rmcmt1-1Strip C,C++ and Java comments2011-08-01
rosen0.3.3-pre-alpha-1RObotic Simulation Erlang eNgine2011-08-01
rpm4.4.2-1A powerful command line driven package management system2011-08-01
rrdtool1.2.15-1A system to store and display time-series data2011-08-01
rshall10.4-1Runs commands on multiple remote hosts simultaneously2011-08-01
rsibreak0.7.1-1a small utility which bothers you at certain intervals to let you know when it is time to have a break from your computer. This can help prevent Repetive Strain Injury2011-08-01
rss-glx0.8.1-1Really Slick Screensavers2011-08-01
rssowl1.0-1Collect and organize Web-based news and information (RSS/RDF/ATOM...)2011-08-01
rstartree1-1R*-tree library2011-08-01
rsyncbackup7-1A perlscript interface to rsync2011-08-01
rtfreader1-1A portable application/ms-rtf parser2011-08-01
ruby-rexml3.1.7-1A non validating conformant XML processor for the Ruby 2011-08-01
rxp1.4.8-1A very fast XML parser in C2011-08-01
rxspenceralpha3.8.g3-1Henry Spencer's regular expression libraries2011-08-01
sablecc3.2-1Java parser generator2011-08-01
sablotron1.0.2-1XSLT, DOM and XPath processor2011-08-01
safe0.09-1Stand Alone File Encryption2011-08-01
safestr1.0.3-1Provide a rich string-handling library for C that has safe semantics 2011-08-01
sal1.08-1System Abstraction Layer2011-08-01
samba3.0.21-1SMB server and client for unix2011-08-01
saoimage1.35.1-1An utility for displaying astronomical images 2011-08-01
sary1.2.0-1A suffix array library and tools2011-08-01
sbcl1.0.6-1Steel Bank Common Lisp2011-08-01
scam0.5.2-1Simple Configure for Automatic Makefiles2011-08-01
scanssh2.1-1Supports scanning a list of addresses and networks for open proxies2011-08-01
schedtool1.2.4-1schedtool interfaces with the Linux CPU scheduler2011-08-01
schedutils1.5.0-1Linux scheduler utilities2011-08-01
scheherazade1-1Arabic Script Unicode Fonts for OpenType and AAT systems2011-08-01
scigraphica0.8.0-1A scientific application for data analysis and technical graphics 2011-08-01
scilab4.1.1-4A scientific software package for numerical computations2011-08-01
scintilla1.71-1Free source code editing components2011-08-01
sciplot1.36-1A full-featured widget to display 2D data in a graph2011-08-01
scite1.62-1SCIntilla based Text Editor2011-08-01
scons0.96.91-1The next-generation software construction tool based on Python2011-08-01
scribus1.3.3.6-1Open Source Desktop Publishing2011-08-01
scribus-template1.2.4.1-1Additional scribus templates2011-08-01
scrot0.8-1Commandline screen capture2011-08-01
scythe0.3-1Scythe Statistical Library2011-08-01
sdb0.6.2-1A simple database library interface 2011-08-01
sdl_gfx2.0.13-1SDL graphics drawing primitives2011-08-01
sdlroids1.3.4-2an Asteroids clone, with extra features, and nice game physics. 2011-08-01
sdx1-1Tcl Starkit Developer eXtension2011-08-01
see2.1.1277_snapshot-1Simple ECMAScript Engine2011-08-01
sglib1.0.4-1A Simple Generic Library for C2011-08-01
sgte1-1A simple Erlang Template Engine2011-08-01
shapelib1.2.10-1a simple C API for reading and writing ESRI Shapefiles2011-08-01
sharedance0.6-1A daemon to centralize keys and associated data2011-08-01
shash0.2.6-1A program intended to produce message digests for files2011-08-01
shc3.8.6-1Generic shell script compiler2011-08-01
shellsql0.7.6-1SQL for Shell Scripts2011-08-01
shmux1.0b6-1A program for executing the same command on many hosts in parallel2011-08-01
showasm1-1Show disassembled code of a C program/snippet2011-08-01
showimg0.9.5-1a feature-rich image viewer / management system for KDE2011-08-01
shtool2.0.5-1Portable Shell Tool2011-08-01
shuffle1-1A filter for shuffling lines in a text file into random order2011-08-01
siag3.6.0-1A spreadsheet based on X and Scheme2011-08-01
simclist1.2-1A C library for Lists which exploits several advanced techniques for improving performance2011-08-01
sinansvn-1An OTP centric build system for erlang applications2011-08-01
sip4.4.3-1A tool for creating Python bindings for C and C++ libraries2011-08-01
skalibs0.45-1A set of general-purpose libraries used in building other Skarnet software2011-08-01
skew1-1Priority queues in Erlang2011-08-01
skipdb0.6.1-1A fast BerkeleyDB style database implemented with skip lists instead of a b-tree2011-08-01
skiplist1.1-1Skiplist library2011-08-01
skippy0.5.0-1A killer full-screen task-switcher for X112011-08-01
skycache2.2-1A free, lightweight and fast page cache for PHP 4 and PHP 52011-08-01
skype1.3.0.53-1Free Internet telephony system2011-08-01
slay1.2-1provides a way to quickly rid yourself of every process a particular is running2011-08-01
sleep@1-1A reimplementation of the standard Unix sleep utility2011-08-01
slgtk0.5.16-1GTK bindings for libslang and a FITS image loader for GDK2011-08-01
slib3a1-1A portable scheme library2011-08-01
slik0.92.0-1SimpLIstic sKin interface2011-08-01
slime2.0-1The Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs2011-08-01
slirp1.7.9-1The S-Lang Interface Package2011-08-01
slk3.89-1The Only True LL(k) Parser Generator2011-08-01
slock0.3-1Simple X screen locker2011-08-01
slony11.2-rc1-1A replication system for PostgreSQL2011-08-01
smake1.2-a33A higly portable make program with automake features2011-08-01
smallutils1.3-1Group of very small standard utilities2011-08-01
smarteiffel2.2-1The GNU compiler for the Eiffel object-oriented language 2011-08-01
smartmontools5.33-1Analysis and Reporting Technology System2011-08-01
smb4k0.7.0-1a SMB share browser for KDE2011-08-01
smclone0.97-1Secret Maryo Chronicles is a 2D Jump&Run Game built upon SDL2011-08-01
smerlsvn-1Simple Metaprogramming for Erlang2011-08-01
smlnj110.62-1Standard ML of New Jersey compiler2011-08-01
sms4nothing0.8-1Perl script to send SMS via some French Telecom operators2011-08-01
smsclient2.0.9-1A UNIX command line which allows you to send SMS messages to mobile phones and pagers2011-08-01
smtp-client1.1-1A Simple SMTP client in Erlang2011-08-01
smtp_client1-1Erlang SMTP client2011-08-01
snlp1.0-1Statistical Natural Language Processing2011-08-01
snns4.2-1Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator2011-08-01
snowball1-1A small string-handling language2011-08-01
solr1.2.0-1An enterprise search server based on the Lucene search engine with XML/HTTP and JSON APIs2011-08-01
solrpy1-1Simple python client to Solr search engine2011-08-01
sort1-1A library of internal sorting routines2011-08-01
source-highlight2.5-1Given a source file, produces a document with syntax highlighting2011-08-01
sox12.18.2-1The swiss army knife of sound processing programs2011-08-01
sparsehash0.3-1Google hashtables that use memory the way you want them to2011-08-01
speex1.1.12-1A free codec library for speech2011-08-01
sphinx0.9.7-1Free open-source SQL full-text search engine2011-08-01
spidermonkey1.60-1SpiderMonkey (JavaScript-C) Engine2011-08-01
spin4.2.9-1On the fly model checking for the formal verification of distributed software systems2011-08-01
splay0.9.5.2-1A console audio player2011-08-01
splint3.1.2-1A tool for statically checking C/C++ programs for security vulnerabilities and programming mistakes2011-08-01
spread4.0.0-1A high performance messaging service that is resilient to faults across external or internal networks2011-08-01
sqlite2.8.17-4A self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration SQL database2011-08-01
sqlite33.5.2-7A self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration SQL database2011-08-01
sqlite_fk1-1Generate triggers to enforce foreign key constraints with SQLite2011-08-01
sqliteodbc0.65-1SQLite ODBC Driver2011-08-01
sqsh2.1-1SQL shell for Unix2011-08-01
squeak3.7.7-3An open highly-portable Smalltalk-80 implementation2011-08-01
srep1-1Search and REPlace command for debuging2011-08-01
srtp1.4.2-1Open source implementation of the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP2011-08-01
ssed3.62-1Super Sed2011-08-01
ssid0.1-1Simple setsid replacement2011-08-01
st1.7-1State Threads provides a foundation for writing fast and highly scalable Internet Applications.2011-08-01
stalonetray0.4-1A STAnd-aLONE system TRAY2011-08-01
starbase3.3.2-1An ASCII relational database for UNIX2011-08-01
starfighter1.1-1Project: Starfighter is an arcade-worthy 2D scrolling shooter 2011-08-01
start-stop-daemon1.9.18-1Rewrite of the start stop daemon Perl script in C 2011-08-01
statist1.3.0-1Small and portable statistics program2011-08-01
stklos0.72-1A free Scheme system 2011-08-01
stlport5.1.3-1Multiplatform C++ Standard Library2011-08-01
streamripper1.61.9-1splits a SHOUTcast stream into tracks2011-08-01
streamtuner0.99.99-1a stream directory browser2011-08-01
strigi0.3.8-1Strigi Desktop Search Community2011-08-01
strmat1-1A collection of C programs that implement a variety of string matching and pattern discovery algorithms2011-08-01
styx1.7.5-1A scanner and parser generator2011-08-01
subst1.0.0-1Search & replace filter for a large number of search strings2011-08-01
subversion1.3.2-1A version control system (CVS replacement)2011-08-01
suffsort0.1.6-1Construction of suffix array for given file2011-08-01
superkaramba0.39-1A tool to easily create interactive eye-candy on KDE2011-08-01
superstrip0.11sp-1A very aggressive ELF strip utility2011-08-01
svg2pdf0.5-1Command-line tool to convert SVG files into PDF2011-08-01
svg2png0.1.2-1SVG to PNG convertor2011-08-01
sw-utils1.0.1-1Crux toolsuit for software package creation2011-08-01
sweave1-1A framework for mixing LaTeX source code and statistic tools like S or R for automatic document generation2011-08-01
swfmill0.2.11-1An xml2swf and swf2xml processor with import functionalities2011-08-01
swi-prolog5.6.12-1A comprehensive Free Software Prolog environment2011-08-01
swig1.3.29-1An interface compiler that connects programs written in C and C++ with scripting languages2011-08-01
swish-e2.4.3-1Simple Web Indexing System for Humans - Enhanced2011-08-01
swixml1.5-1Small GUI generating engine for Java applications and applets2011-08-01
sword1.5.8-1API/library for bible software2011-08-01
sxemacs22.1.5-1A highly customisable, extensible, self-documenting real-time display editor and IDE2011-08-01
synergy1.3.1-1Lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers2011-08-01
synfig0.61.05-1Film-Quality 2D Vector Animation2011-08-01
synfigstudio0.61.05-1Film-Quality 2D Vector Animation Studio2011-08-01
syntax-tools1.4a-1Modules for handling abstract Erlang syntax trees2011-08-01
syslinux3.36-1Collection of boot loaders for the Linux operating system2011-08-01
syslog1-1A command-line syslog interface2011-08-01
sysstat7.0.1-1Package utilities to monitor system performance and usage activity2011-08-01
szip2.0-1Compression software, providing lossless compression of scientific data (HDF4, HDF5)2011-08-01
talkfilters2.3.7-1Filter programs that convert ordinary English text into text that mimics a stereotyped or otherwise humorous dialect2011-08-01
talloc1.0.1-1A hierarchical pool based memory allocator with destructors2011-08-01
tau2.16-1A portable profiling and tracing toolkit for performance analysis of parallel programs written in Fortran, C, C++, Java, Python2011-08-01
tavrasm122-1Linux AVR assembler2011-08-01
tcc0.9.23-1Tiny C Compiler2011-08-01
tclcurl0.15.1-3Tcl binding to libcurl2011-08-01
tclkit8.5a4-1A compact, single file executable containing Tcl, Tk, IncrTcl, Metakit2011-08-01
tclockcvs-1Enlightenment digital clock module 2011-08-01
tclplugin3.1-1Tcl/Tk browser plugin2011-08-01
tcltk-icons1.0-1A cross platform icons library for Tcl/Tk2011-08-01
tcptrace6.6.7-1Analysis of TCP dump files (tcpdump, snoop, etherpeek, HP Net Metrix and WinDump)2011-08-01
tdb1.0.6-1Trivial Database2011-08-01
tdom0.8.0-1Manipulate XML with Tcl2011-08-01
ted2.17-1Ted, an easy rich text processor2011-08-01
tellico1.1.6-1a collection manager for KDE 3.x2011-08-01
template0.1.1-1Template program in C2011-08-01
tempo1-1Emacs package for creating templates2011-08-01
tentakel2.2-1A distributed command execution2011-08-01
terciosvn-1Web app server/system for erlang2011-08-01
termcap1.3.1-1GNU termcap library2011-08-01
tex2im1.8-1Converts LaTeX formulas into high resolution pixmap graphics2011-08-01
tex2rtf2.01-1Transform a LaTeX document to RTF format2011-08-01
texi2html1.76-1Open Source Texinfo to HTML Conversion Script2011-08-01
text-nsp1.03-1Ngram Statistics Package2011-08-01
textshadowedit0.1.1-2a simple Control Center module one can use to change the look of the shadows under the KDE desktop icons2011-08-01
tftp-hpa0.41-1Enhanced version of the BSD TFTP2011-08-01
thinlet1-1Beautiful tiny java GUI toolkit based on XML description2011-08-01
threadalloc1.05-1Fast memory allocation library for multithreaded applications2011-08-01
thttpd2.25b-1Tiny turbo throttling HTTP server2011-08-01
tidy1-3HTML/XML/XHTML cleanup tool2011-08-01
tiger1-1A Fast New Cryptographic Hash Function2011-08-01
tightvnc1.2.9-1A free remote control software package derived from VNC2011-08-01
tile0.7.8-1An improved themeing engine for Tk2011-08-01
timed_command1-1A utility to run a command with a timeout2011-08-01
timeout1-1Set timeout for a command2011-08-01
tinc1.0-1Tiny, in C2011-08-01
tinlink1.0.0-1A tool to create very small elf binary from pure binary files2011-08-01
tiny1-1Very small Unix executable 2011-08-01
tinycdb0.76-1Tool for creating and reading constant databases2011-08-01
tinyxml2.5.3-1A simple, small, C++ XML parser2011-08-01
tipc1.5.10-1Transparent Inter Process Communication2011-08-01
tkanim1.5-1A Perl Tk extension for animating2011-08-01
tkhtml3-alpha-15-1Tk widget that displays content formatted according to the HTML and CSS standards2011-08-01
tkimg1.3-1The venerable IMG package for Tk2011-08-01
tktable2.9-1A table/matrix widget extension to tk/tcl2011-08-01
tkxinput1.0-1A library that adds Xinput management capabilities to the Tk toolkit2011-08-01
tkzinc3.3.4-1Zinc Is Not Canvas2011-08-01
tkzincanimate0.7-1Extension de tkzinc qui permet d'animer les transformations, changements de coordonnées et changements de certains attributs.2011-08-01
tkzincfx1.4-1Perl module to apply simple animated effects to tkzinc items2011-08-01
tla1.3.4-1GNU Arch is a powerful revision control system2011-08-01
tlsf2.3.2-1TLSF dynamic memory allocator2011-08-01
tnef2txt1.4-1Decode the Microsoft's Translation Neutral Encapsulation Format2011-08-01
tomsfastmath0.10-1Portable fixed precision math library geared towards doing one thing very fast2011-08-01
topc2.5.0-1Task Oriented Parallel C/C++2011-08-01
tosr3065-V2.0.0-1Open Data Management solutions2011-08-01
tpg3.0.6-1Toy Parser Generator2011-08-01
tpl1.2-1Fast and easy serialization in C2011-08-01
trac0.10.4-1Enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software projectt.2011-08-01
transcode1.0.2-1Text console video-stream processing tool2011-08-01
transparency0.1.151-1Command Line Tool for Transparent PNGs2011-08-01
transset-df5-1A heavily patched version of Xorg's transset2011-08-01
tre0.7.5-1A lightweight, robust, and efficient POSIX compliant regexp matching library2011-08-01
tree1.1.0-1Display directory tree2011-08-01
trex1.3-1T-Rex a tiny regular expression library2011-08-01
trio1.11-1Portable and complete scanf and printf implementation2011-08-01
trised0.1.3-1TRansformation Invertable Stream EDitor2011-08-01
truetype-fonts4.82-1Cool TrueType fonts2011-08-01
tst1.3-1Ternary Search Trie2011-08-01
tsung1.2.1-1An open-source multi-protocol distributed load testing tool2011-08-01
ttcp1-1A benchmarking tool for determining TCP and UDP performance between 2 systems2011-08-01
ttf-freefont1-1Free outline fonts covering the ISO 10646/Unicode UCS 2011-08-01
ttime1.0-1A simplified time management routines2011-08-01
ttmkfdir1-1A tool to create valid and complete fonts.dir files from TrueType fonts2011-08-01
ttyrpld2.19-1TTY capturing daemon for Linux, *BSD and Solaris2011-08-01
tux2.2.9-1A kernel http-daemon (webserver) for Linux2011-08-01
tweak3.00-1An efficient hex editor2011-08-01
twisted2.2.0-1Python event-driven networking framework2011-08-01
twisted-names0.2.0-1Both a domain name server as well as a client resolver library2011-08-01
twisted-web0.5.0-1A web server, and also provides basic HTTP client support2011-08-01
tworld1.2.1-1Tile World game2011-08-01
txt2regex0.8-1A Regular Expression wizard for Perl, Awk, Sed, Python ...2011-08-01
typica0.3-1A Java client library for Amazon's SQS REST web service2011-08-01
u++5.3.0-1A high-level concurrency extension for C++2011-08-01
uberkey1.2-1Keylogger for x86 systems2011-08-01
ubf1.12-1A language for transporting and describing complex data structures across a network2011-08-01
ubiqx1-1Data structures and algorithms library (binary splay trees, sparse arrays, linked lists, and suchlike)2011-08-01
ucarp1.2-1Aallows a couple of hosts to share common virtual IP addresses in order to provide automatic failover2011-08-01
ucl1.03-1A portable lossless data compression library written in ANSI C2011-08-01
ucs-fonts1-1Unicode versions of the X11 misc-fixed fonts2011-08-01
ucspi-tcp0.88-3Tools for building TCP client/server applications2011-08-01
udns0.0.8-1DNS resolver library with ability to perform both syncronous and asyncronous DNS queries2011-08-01
ugrep1-1Barebones version of grep/egrep2011-08-01
uisp20050207-1AVR In-System Programmer2011-08-01
ultraworld-font4.3-1UltraWorld font2011-08-01
unace2.5-1command-line ace unarchiver for Linux2011-08-01
unicode-x11-misc1-1Unicode versions of the X11 misc-fixed fonts2011-08-01
unicon1-1A very high level, goal-directed, object-oriented, general purpose applications language2011-08-01
unimodeler1.4-1Visual modeling tool designed to create, view, and edit UML diagrams2011-08-01
unison2.9.1-1A file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows2011-08-01
unixdom0.1-1UNIX-domain socket driver for Erlang2011-08-01
unixodbc2.2.11-1ODBC API which provides data access standard for non-Windows platforms2011-08-01
uno211-1A simple tool for C source code analysis2011-08-01
unrtf0.20.2-1a command-line program written in C which converts documents in Rich Text (.rtf) format to HTML, LaTeX, PostScript, and other formats2011-08-01
upx3.02-1The Ultimate Packer for eXecutables2011-08-01
urlgfe1.0rc2-1A download manager2011-08-01
usbutils0.72-1Pciutils-like utilities for USB2011-08-01
uthash1.2-1A hash library implemented in C2011-08-01
uuid1.4.2-1Universally Unique Identifier2011-08-01
valknut0.3.7-2a QT Direct Connect client2011-08-01
valkyriesvn-1A graphical user interface for the Valgrind 3.X2011-08-01
varnish1.0.1-1A high performance caching reverse proxy2011-08-01
vbrfix0.25-1rebuilds mp3 headers, tags, queue-points, bitrate info, etc.2011-08-01
vectoroids1.1.0-2a clone of the classic arcade game "Asteroids" by Atari.2011-08-01
verbiste0.1.14-2un systeme de conjugaison des verb francaises2011-08-01
vlc0.8.5-2VideoLAN streaming media player2011-08-01
vlc-plugin-dvb0.5.0-1DVB input plugin for the VLC media player2011-08-01
vlc-skins0.8.2-1VideoLAN skins2011-08-01
vnc4_1_7-1Virtual Network Computing2011-08-01
vnc2swf0.5.0-1A cross-platform screen recording tool for ShockWave Flash (swf) format2011-08-01
vprof0.12-1The Visual Profiler2011-08-01
vrrpd1.0-1Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol designed to eliminate the single point of failure associated with statically routed networks2011-08-01
vstr1.0.15-1A string library designed to work easily and efficiently in network applications2011-08-01
vtcl1.6.1a1-1Tcl/Tk high-quality application development (RAD Tool)2011-08-01
vtf31.43-1Trace Generation Library2011-08-01
vym1.7.0-1a thinking tool. a planning tool. Change the map when your thoughts change2011-08-01
w34.0pre.47-1A web browser written entirely in Emacs Lisp2011-08-01
walrus0.6.3-1A tool for interactively visualizing large directed graphs in three-dimensional space2011-08-01
wasp-icons2.6.1-2Wasp Icons for KDE2011-08-01
wayback0.6.0-1An open source java implementation of the The Internet Archive Wayback Machine2011-08-01
wdx0.4.2-1Shaman-X disaster recovery kit for Linux2011-08-01
weathercvs-1Enlightenment weather monitoring module 2011-08-01
webdot2.8-1A tcldot scripted WWW service for graphs in HTML documents2011-08-01
weka3-4-7-1Data Mining Software in Java2011-08-01
wepper0.8-1a GUI for generation pseudo-random WEP keys2011-08-01
white_dune0.29beta320-1A low level VRML97 tool with GUI2011-08-01
whizzytex1.3.0-2An Emacs minor mode for incremental viewing of LaTeX documents2011-08-01
wifi-radar1.9.6-1An utility for managing WiFi profiles2011-08-01
wings0.98.36-4A polygon mesh modeler in Erlang2011-08-01
wink1.5-1A Tutorial and Presentation creation software2011-08-01
wipe0.20-1A UNIX tool for secure deletion2011-08-01
wireless-tools28-1Tools to configure and manipulate wlan devices2011-08-01
wlassistant0.5.5-2a user friendly KDE app which allows one to scan for and connect to wireless networks using any adapter which uses Wireless Extensions2011-08-01
wm-icons0.3.0-1Window Manager Icons2011-08-01
wma2mp31-1Convert WMA files to MP3 files2011-08-01
wmab0.3-1Dockapp ACPI monitor with multiple batteries support2011-08-01
wmalbum0.1.5-1a WindowMaker dock applet that displays album covers for songs being played by XMMS2011-08-01
wmapm1.21-1Laptop Advanced Power Management dockapp with APM support2011-08-01
wmbatteries0.1.3-1Informations about remaining battery and cpu temperature in dockapp2011-08-01
wmcalclock1.25-1A simple dockapp that displays a calendar clock with antialiased text.2011-08-01
wmcalendar0.5.0-1A calendar dockapp2011-08-01
wmcpuload1.0.1-1A simple dockapp to monitor cpu usage 2011-08-01
wmget0.6.0-1A dockapp to perform long downloads in the background2011-08-01
wmi10-1A lightweight window manager for X112011-08-01
wmii3.5.1-1Window manager improved 22011-08-01
wmmemload0.1.6-1A simple dockapp that displays memory and swap space usage2011-08-01
wmmemmon1.0.1-1WMMemMon is a memory/swap monitor dockapp2011-08-01
wmnd0.4.10-1A dockapp for monitoring network interfaces2011-08-01
wmpinboard1.0-1A miniaturized pinboard dockapp2011-08-01
wmpopup0.3-1A messenger dockapp2011-08-01
wmtop0.84-1Dockapp of the top command2011-08-01
wmweather2.4.3-1Monitor the current weather2011-08-01
wmwfu1.2-1A dockapp that checks remote hosts activity2011-08-01
wmxkb1.2.2-1Showns and controls XKB groups from XFree86 key maps2011-08-01
wondershaper1.1a-1easy to use traffic shaping script2011-08-01
wooper0.1-1Wrapper for OOP in Erlang2011-08-01
wootz0.5-1Perl TkZinc widgets library with FX effects2011-08-01
wv1.2.1-1Microsoft Word document to PS/PDF/HTML/LaTeX/DVI/ABW converters2011-08-01
wvware0.2.3-1A library which allows access to Microsoft Word files2011-08-01
wwwoffle2.9a-1World Wide Web Offline Explorer2011-08-01
wxdfast0.5.3-1Fast download manager2011-08-01
wxe0.001-1An Erlang binding to the C++ GUI library wxWidgets2011-08-01
wxerlang0.96.0628-1wxErlang is an Erlang binding to the C++ GUI library wxWidgets2011-08-01
wxgtk2.6.3-3wxWidgets for GTK+2011-08-01
wxpython2.6.1.0-1Python bindings for the wxWindows toolkit2011-08-01
x11-nvidia100.14.03-1nVIDIA Linux Display Driver (for X11)2011-08-01
x26420060420-2245-1MPEG4 video encoder AVC/H.2642011-08-01
xampp1.6.3b-1An easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl2011-08-01
xanim2920-3xanim 2.92.0 video player including plugins2011-08-01
xaos3.2.3-1An interactive fractal zoomer2011-08-01
xapian-bindings1.0.3-1Python and Tcl interfaces to Xapian2011-08-01
xapian-core1.0.3-1Open Source Probabilistic Information Retrieval Library2011-08-01
xapian-omega1.0.3-1Xapian indexers and a CGI search frontend2011-08-01
xaralx0.7-r1763A powerful, general purpose graphics program 2011-08-01
xautomation0.96-1Control X from the command line for scripts2011-08-01
xawm1.6-1Xaw with Modern look and feel2011-08-01
xbindkeys_config0.1.3-1GUI iterface for xbindkeys 2011-08-01
xchm1.9-1A cross-platform GUI front-end to read document in CHM format2011-08-01
xcitata0.1.3-1Index of cross-citations for two texts2011-08-01
xclip0.08-1Provides interface to X clipboard from the command line2011-08-01
xcoral3.46-1A multiwindow mouse-based text editor for Unix and X Window System2011-08-01
xd1-1Extended Dump and Load Utility2011-08-01
xdialog2.3.1-1Converts terminal based into X-windows programs2011-08-01
xenomai2.0.4-1Real-time framework for Linux 2011-08-01
xf86config-knoppix0.8-1A script used by knoppix to automatically generate an X config file2011-08-01
xfa0.17-1Portable Finite state Automata library2011-08-01
xfe1.00-1X File Explorer2011-08-01
xforms1.0-1A GUI toolkit for X2011-08-01
xgs20030323-1GS-style interface for erlgtk 2011-08-01
xincsvn-1A free open source continuous integration tool 2011-08-01
xlhtml0.5-1Command line utilities to convert Excel and Powerpoint files2011-08-01
xlinuxsms0.1.1-1A graphical interface to the linuxsms tool2011-08-01
xlt11.1.11-1Xlt widgets set2011-08-01
xmacropre0.3-20000911-1Recording and replaying keyboard and mouse events on an X server2011-08-01
xmagick0.2.1-1Integrate ImageMagick with any X Application2011-08-01
xmerl0.19-1Erlang interface to XML2011-08-01
xml2txt0.5-1Convert XML to TXT2011-08-01
xmlcopyeditor1.0.8.3-1A fast, free, validating XML editor2011-08-01
xmlrpc1.13-1HTTP 1.1 compliant XML-RPC library for Erlang2011-08-01
xmms20.2DrJekyll-1Second generation of the XMMS music player2011-08-01
xmoto0.2.0-1a challenging 2D motocross platform game, where physics play an all important role in the gameplay2011-08-01
xmovie1.9.13-1To watch uncompressed movies on a Linux Box2011-08-01
xmule1.13.7-1Gnu Emule client2011-08-01
xorg-nvidia100.14.03-1nVIDIA Linux Display Driver (for xorg)2011-08-01
xosd2.2.12-1XOSD displays text on your screen2011-08-01
xotcl1.5.3-1An object-oriented scripting language based on Tcl2011-08-01
xpad2.12-1A sticky note application2011-08-01
xpde0.5.1-1A complete desktop environment for Linux on x862011-08-01
xrender0.8.3-1Pseudo transparency for X112011-08-01
xscreensaver5.01-1A collection offree screen savers for X112011-08-01
xsvg0.2.0-1A program viewer for SVG files2011-08-01
xterm229-1The standard termulator2011-08-01
xtermcontrol2.7-1Dynamic control of XFree86 xterm properties2011-08-01
xtraceroute0.9.1-1A graphical version of the traceroute program2011-08-01
xvidcap1.1.3-1Video capturing program for X windows2011-08-01
xxl1.0.1-1A library for C and C++ that provides exception handling and asset management2011-08-01
xyssl0.1-1A small SSL library2011-08-01
xzgv0.8-1A picture viewer for X2011-08-01
yafc1.1.1-1Yet Another FTP Client2011-08-01
yakuake2.8-1Next-generation console2011-08-01
yasm0.6.0-1A complete rewrite of the NASM assembler under the new BSD License2011-08-01
yatsysvn-1Yet Another Test Server - Yaws compatible2011-08-01
yaws1.73-1HTTP high perfomance 1.1 webserver in Erlang2011-08-01
yayacc1.0.1-1Yet Another Yacc for C++2011-08-01
yaz2.1.8-1a programmers' toolkit which supports the development of Z39.50/SRW/SRU clients and servers2011-08-01
yeahconsole0.3.4-1Addictive pop-up console utility2011-08-01
yoolex0.9j-1Yet-another Object-Oriented Lex2011-08-01
yudit2.7.8-1Unicode text editor2011-08-01
yxa1.0rc1-1A SIP software written in Erlang2011-08-01
zaptel1.4.1-1Open computer telephony hardware driver API2011-08-01
zcip0.5.3-1An implementation of the ad-hoc link-local IP autoconfiguration algorithm2011-08-01
zdelta2.1-1A general purpose lossless delta compression library to generate deltas of HTML pages2011-08-01
zeroconf0.9-1IPv4 link-local addresses2011-08-01
zettair0.9.3-1The Zettair Search Engine2011-08-01
zgrviewer0.5.0-12.5D graph visualizer2011-08-01
zile2.2.24-1A small Emacs clone2011-08-01
zziplib0.10.82-1Lightweight ZIP library 2011-08-01

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