CRUX ports

PortVersionDescriptionLast modified
allegrogl0.4.3-1AllegroGL - A library to mix OpenGL graphics with Allegro routines.2019-07-14
alsaequal0.6-2Alsaequal is a real-time adjustable equalizer plugin for ALSA.2019-07-14
aranha0.1.1-1Simple gevent based web spider and tools.2019-07-14
ardour3.5.357-1A multichannel digital audio workstation.2019-07-14
asio1.4.8-1Asynchronous Network Library.2019-07-14
aubio0.4.3-1A tool for extracting annotations from audio signals.2019-07-14
audacity-old-effects-vstold-1Audacity old VST, for Steinberg-VST-SDK header-files.2019-07-14
avfs1.0.0-1AVFS is a virtual filesystem that allows browsing of compressed files.2019-07-14
awesfx0.5.0d-1MIDI utilities for the AWE32/64, and Live! soundcards.2019-07-14
bashish2.2.4-1Theme enviroment for text terminals. 2019-07-14
bcg7291.0.0-1g729 codec.2019-07-14
belle-sip1.3.0-1A Voice-over-IP phone2019-07-14
bfgminer5.1.0-1Modular FPGA/GPU miner written in C.2019-07-14
bin2iso1.9b-1bin2iso converts RAW format (.bin/.cue) files to ISO/WAV format.2019-07-14
bing1.3.5-1An application which measures the RAW bandwidth of a remote network link2019-07-14
bio2jack0.9-1A library to speed the porting of general purpose bio(blocking io, OSS/ALSA) audio applications to the Jack audio server.2019-07-14
bonnie++1.03e-1Hard drive bottleneck testing benchmark suite.2019-07-14
bootchart0.9-1A tool for performance analysis and visualization of the boot process.2019-07-14
bopm3.1.3-1Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor.2019-07-14
botan1.8.7-1A C++ crypto library.2019-07-14
browser-vacuum20130309-1Defragment and clean database files from firefox and chromium based browsers.2019-07-14
bullet2.82-1Continuous Collision Detection and Physics Library.2019-07-14
busybox1.23.1-1Tiny versions of many UNIX utilities into a single executable.2019-07-14
caps0.9.23-1C* Audio Plugin Suite.2019-07-14
ccd2iso0.3-1Converts CCD/IMG CloneCD Images to ISO format.2019-07-14
ccrtp2.0.9-1An implementation of RTP, the real-time transport protocol from the IETF.2019-07-14
cddb-py1.4-1Python library for the cddb meta-data server.2019-07-14
cdstatus0.97.03-1Tool for diagnosing cdrom drive and cd problems, is also a cd ripper that can read every frame of the cd, one frame at a time.2019-07-14
check-32-versions0.0.1-1Track versions of compat-32 ports with there 64bit counterparts.2019-07-14
checkmate0.18-1Checkmate is a set of programs which scan MP3 files for errors.2019-07-14
choria0.3.2-1A game set in the land of chores. It is a 2D MMORPG in 800x600 with 3D accelerated graphics.2019-07-14
clamsmtp1.10-1SMTP filter that allows you to check for viruses using the ClamAV anti-virus.2019-07-14
clanlib2.3.5-1A cross platform C++ toolkit library.2019-07-14
clpbar1.11.1-1Command Line Progress Bar.2019-07-14
cnijfilter-common-mp6403.20-1Canon IJ Printer Driver (common package)2019-07-14
cocalores1.0-1Caching httpd/squid log resolver.2019-07-14
collectd5.4.2-1A system statistics collection daemon.2019-07-14
colorgcc1.3.2-1A Perl wrapper to colorize the output of compilers with warning/error messages matching the gcc output format.2019-07-14
compcache0.6.2-1A RAM based block device which acts as swap disk. Pages swapped to this disk are compressed and stored in memory itself.2019-07-14
compton0.1_beta2-1A compositor for X, and a fork of xcompmgr-dana.2019-07-14
crosstool-ng1.24.0-1crosstool-NG aims at building toolchains.2019-07-14
curlftpfs0.9.2-1A FTP filesystem based on cURL and FUSE.2019-07-14
cwallpaper0.3.2-1A graphical wallpaper changing program.2019-07-14
daa2iso0.1.7c-1Convert DAA files (Direct Access Archive, used by PowerISO) to ISO.2019-07-14
dmd2.076.1-1D programming language compiler and standard library.2019-07-14
dmg2iso0.2a-1Converts compressed (z-lib) dmg images to iso images.2019-07-14
dnsflood1.12-1DNS Flood Detector.2019-07-14
dssi1.1.1-1An API for audio processing plugins, particularly useful for software synthesis plugins with user interfaces.2019-07-14
dssi-vst0.6-1A wrapper plugin for Windows VSTs that enables them to be used by DSSI hosts2019-07-14
duff0.5.2-1DUplicate File Finder.2019-07-14
dupmerge1.73-1Reclaim disk space by linking identical files together. It can also expand all hard links and reads the list of files from standard input.2019-07-14
dvb-appsmercurial-1dvb-apps - small utils for DVB to scan, zap, view signal strength2019-07-14
dvb-firmware-cx2388520100518-1Firmware binaries for Conexent CX238852019-07-14
dvdbackupsvn-1DVD Backup utility2019-07-14
dvdisaster0.72.3-1Data-protection and recovery tool for DVDs.2019-07-14
ecj3.7.1-1Ant Compiler Adapter for Eclipse Java Compiler.2019-07-14
ecm1.03-1ECM (Error Code Modeler) lets you prepare CD image files (such as BIN, CDI, NRG, CCD, or similar) so that they'll compress far better.2019-07-14
egenix-mx-base3.1.2-1Collection of professional quality Python software tools.2019-07-14
encfs1.7.4-1Encrypting filesystem for FUSE.2019-07-14
ext3grep0.10.1-1ext3 un-remove utility.2019-07-14
fail2ban0.8.7.1-1Bans IP that makes too many password failures.2019-07-14
fastjar0.98-1Fastjar is an implementation of Sun's jar utility.2019-07-14
faust0.9.10-1A compiled language for real-time audio signal processing.2019-07-14
fbreader0.99.4-3A e-book reader for various formats.2019-07-14
fceultra0.98.12-1A Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Emulator.2019-07-14
fdmf0.0.9s-1Find Duplicate Music Files.2019-07-14
festival1.96-4Text to speech engine.2019-07-14
ffe0.3.2-1Flat file extractor, parse different flat file structures and print them in different formats.2019-07-14
ffmpegthumbnailer2.1.1-1Lightweight video thumbnailer that can be used by file managers.2019-07-14
filesystem3.1-1Root filesystem package with ASM version of /usr/bin/crux from core/filesystem.2019-07-14
finit1.11-1A SysV init replacement with process supervision similar to that of daemontools and runit.2019-07-14
finit-static1.11-1A SysV init replacement with process supervision similar to that of daemontools and runit.2019-07-14
fio2.0.6-1An I/O benchmark and stress/hardware verification tool.2019-07-14
firefox-pgo50.0-1A PGO optimised firefox browser.2019-07-14
firefox-rust59.0.2-1The Mozilla Firefox browser2019-07-14
flexget1.0r2383-1FlexGet is a program aimed to automate downloading or processing content (torrents, podcasts, etc.) from different sources like RSS-feeds, html-pages, various sites and more.2019-07-14
freeimage3.15.3-2Library for loading and saving image formats.2019-07-14
freeorion0.3.15-1A free, open source, turn-based space empire and galactic conquest (4X) computer game being designed and built by the FreeOrion project.2019-07-14
freetype2.6-1A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine with subpixel-rendering and auto-hinter.2019-07-14
ftjam2.5.2-1Build tool that can be used as a replacement for Make.2019-07-14
fusd20100806-1A Linux framework for proxying device file callbacks into user-space, allowing device files to be implemented by daemons instead of kernel code.2019-07-14
fuse-python0.2.1-1Python bindings for FUSE.2019-07-14
fuseiso20070708-1FUSE module to mount ISO images.2019-07-14
fusesmb0.8.7-1SMB for FUSE is a network neighborhood (Samba shares) filesystem.2019-07-14
fuzz0.6-1Is a tool for testing software. It runs the target program repeatedly and provides random data streams to applications in a number of ways and then reports whether the program can be made to crash.2019-07-14
fvwm2.6.4-1Extremely powerful ICCCM-compliant multiple virtual desktop window manager.2019-07-14
fvwm-themes0.7.0-1FVWM precreated themes.2019-07-14
fvwm-themes-extra0.7.0-1FVWM precreated themes - extra.2019-07-14
galculator2.1.2-1GTK+ based scientific calculator.2019-07-14
gcj4.5.3-2GNU Java Compiler.2019-07-14
gcj-ccache-bindings1-1Masquerade directory to use ccache with gcj.2019-07-14
gcj-distcc-bindings1-1Masquerade directory to use distcc with gcj.2019-07-14
gcolor0.4-1Colour selector.2019-07-14
gdk-pixbuf10.22.0-1GdkPixbuf uses Libart to apply generalized affine transformations to images.2019-07-14
geany1.24-1A gtk2 text editor with syntax highlighting.2019-07-14
geoip1.5.0-1Non-DNS IP-to-country resolver C library & utils.2019-07-14
gevent0.13.6-1A coroutine-based Python networking library that uses greenlet to provide a high-level synchronous API on top of the libevent event loop.2019-07-14
gfceu0.6.0-1GTK frontend for the FCE Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System emulator.2019-07-14
gills4.4-1ext3/ext2 undelete tool.2019-07-14
gitstatsgit-1git statistics generator.2019-07-14
gkrellm-hddtemp0.2-beta-1Plugin for gkrellm to display harddisk temperature.2019-07-14
gmpy1.01-1Python modules providing multiprecision arithmetic functionality.2019-07-14
gnome-common3.10.0-1Common development macros for GNOME.2019-07-14
gnome-icon-theme3.12.0-1GNOME icon theme.2019-07-14
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic3.12.0-1GNOME icon theme, symbolic icons.2019-07-14
gnome-python2.28.1-1Python bindings for GNOME.2019-07-14
gnome-python-extras2.14.3-1Gnome python extras.2019-07-14
gparted0.12.1-1Gnome Partition Editor.2019-07-14
gpxe0.9.9-1Network bootloader, it provides a direct replacement for proprietary PXE ROMs, with many extra features such as DNS, HTTP, iSCSI, etc.2019-07-14
graphviz2.40.1-1Graphviz is open source graph visualization software.2019-07-14
greenlet0.3.3-1Lightweight execution units.2019-07-14
gspcav120071224-1Kernel module for various webcams.2019-07-14
gtk-engine-aurora1.5.1-1Latest member of the clearlooks family of gtk engines2019-07-14
gtk-engine-equinox1.50-1A heavily modified version of the beautiful Aurora engine.2019-07-14
gtk-theme-frugalware0.3-2A port of the Frugalware XFWM4 theme for GTK2+.2019-07-14
gtk-theme-murrine0.53.1-1MurrinaCandy, MurrinaCappuccino, MurrinaEalm and MurrinaNeoGraphite for gtk-engine-murrine.2019-07-14
gtk-vnc0.4.2-1A VNC viewer widget for GTK2019-07-14
hddtemp0.3-beta15-2Reads your hdd temperature using S.M.A.R.T values.2019-07-14
hdf51.8.0-1A general purpose library and file format for storing scientific data.2019-07-14
hiawatha10.8.1-1Advanced and secure webserver for Unix2019-07-14
honeyd1.5c-1A small daemon that creates virtual hosts on a network.2019-07-14
humanity-xfce-icon-theme1.0-1Complete Humanity theme for Xubuntu desktop.2019-07-14
hydrogen0.9.3-1An avdanced drum machine for GNU/Linux.2019-07-14
icewm1.3.8-1Window manager: speed, simplicity, and not getting in the user's way.2019-07-14
icewm-theme-berryxp1.3-1BerryXp is a port of the BerryXP them from the program StyleXP.2019-07-14
icewm-theme-bluecrux1.1-1BlueCrux is inspired by the Sawfish Crux theme. It is partially based on the Eazel-blue IceWM theme's pixmaps.2019-07-14
icewm-theme-icegua1.0.2-1IceQua is a nice Aqua-style theme. It is not meant to be an Aqua lookalike, but just a theme utilizing aqua elements.2019-07-14
icewm-theme-silverxp1.2.17-single-1A theme for IceWM window manager inspired by the Silver theme of Windows XP.2019-07-14
icoconvert1.1-1Convert .ico to .png or .xpm formats.2019-07-14
imlib1.9.15-2An image loading and rendering library.2019-07-14
iozone3.300-1Filesystem benchmark tool.2019-07-14
iptables-imq1.4.15-1Intermediate Queueing Device, Iptables filter.2019-07-14
itcl3.2.1-1Provides the extra language support needed to build large Tcl/Tk applications.2019-07-14
jack-rack1.4.7-1An effects-rack for the JACK low latency audio API.2019-07-14
jansson2.6-1C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data.2019-07-14
jaxml3.01-1A Python module which makes the automated generation of XML, XHTML or HTML documents easy.2019-07-14
jemalloc5.0.0-1General-purpose scalable concurrent malloc implementation.2019-07-14
jperf1.0-1Iperf GUI - Measure maximum net bandwidth.2019-07-14
kmod-roccat0.11.0-1Kernel modules for ROCCAT devices.2019-07-14
l7-filter-userspace0.8-1Packet classifier, regular expression matching on application layer data to determine what protocol is being used, pached iptables.2019-07-14
l7-protocols20081218-1Protocol definitions of l7-filter.2019-07-14
lapack3.8.0-1Linear Algebra PACKage - F77 routines for Linear Algebra.2019-07-14
lbreakout22.6beta-7-2A popular Breakout clone for SDL.2019-07-14
lbz3d20090902-1Lemmingball Z is a fighting game for linux and windows, loosely based on `Dragonball Z` the hit anime.2019-07-14
lft3.1-1The alternative traceroute tool for network (reverse) engineers. 2019-07-14
libantlr3c3.4-1C runtime for the ANTLR parsing library.2019-07-14
libarchive3.1.2-3Library to create and read several archive formats (with xz multi-threading support).2019-07-14
libast0.7-1The Library of Assorted Spiffy Things.2019-07-14
libavc13940.5.4-1libavc1394 is a programming interface for the 1394 Trade Association AV/C (Audio/Video Control) Digital Interface Command Set.2019-07-14
libavifile0.7.45-1Linux avi library and utils (video stuff).2019-07-14
libbash0.9.11-1Is a tool that enables bash dynamic-like shared libraries. Actually its a tool for managing bash scripts that contain functions you may want to use in various scripts.2019-07-14
libbsd0.7.0-1libbsd provides useful functions commonly found on BSD systems.2019-07-14
libcanberra0.30-1mplementation of the XDG sound theme and name specifications.2019-07-14
libconfig1.4.9-1C/C++ configuration file library.2019-07-14
libdiscid0.2.2-1A library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs.2019-07-14
libdivx6.1.1-1DivX Codecs for Linux (binary).2019-07-14
libdivx-legacy5.0.5-1DivX Codecs for Linux (binary)2019-07-14
libexosip24.1.0-1eXosip2 - the eXtended osip library.2019-07-14
libg3d0.0.6-1Library for loading 3D models of many file types.2019-07-14
libgaminggear0.1.0-1Provides functionality for gaming input devices.2019-07-14
libglademm2.6.7-1A C++ interface for the glade library.2019-07-14
libgnomecanvas2.30.3-2Engine for structured graphics.2019-07-14
libgnomecanvasmm2.26.0-1A C++ wrapper for libgnomecanvas.2019-07-14
libgsf1.14.11-1The Gnome Structured File Library.2019-07-14
libidl-320.8.14-1A library for creating trees of CORBA Interface Definition Language (IDL) files2019-07-14
libiec618831.2.0-1Media reception and transmission for DV, MPEG2-TS, and AMDTP using only raw1394.2019-07-14
libjackasyn0.13-1An application/library for connecting OSS apps to Jackit.2019-07-14
libjsw1.5.6-1Joystick Wrapper library.2019-07-14
liblinebreak2.1-1A Unicode line-breaking library.2019-07-14
liblo0.28-1An implementation of the Open Sound Control protocol.2019-07-14
liblrdf0.5.0-1A lightweight RDF library with special support for LADSPA plugins.2019-07-14
libmpq0.4.2-1Library that handles Blizzard's MPQ archives.2019-07-14
libmrss0.19.2-1RSS parsing library.2019-07-14
libmtp1.1.6-1An implementation of MTP.2019-07-14
libnsl1.2.0-1Public client interface library for NIS(YP) and NIS+2019-07-14
libnxml0.18.3-1XML parsing library.2019-07-14
libofa0.9.3-4Open Fingerprint Architecture is an audio fingerprint created and provided by MusicIP.2019-07-14
liboping1.8.0-1Ping multiple hosts in parallel using IPv4 or IPv6 transparently.2019-07-14
libosip24.1.0-1GNU an implementation of SIP.2019-07-14
libpeas1.22.0-1A GObject-based plugins engine.2019-07-14
libraw13942.0.8-1Library for direct access to IEEE 1394 (firewire) bus.2019-07-14
librsvg2.42.3-1SVG rendering library2019-07-14
libsexymm0.1.9-1A C++ wrapper for libsexy.2019-07-14
libshbuf0.0.3-1Implements a new kind of IPC: the "shared buffer", a faster, more flexible replacement for standard Unix FIFOs.2019-07-14
libsidplay220101222-1Play commodore 64 audo file formats.2019-07-14
libsrtp1.4.4-git20131224-1Secure Realtime transport protocol library2019-07-14
libstatgrab0.17-1Cross platform access to statistics about the system, CPU usage, memory utilisation, disk usage, process counts, network traffic, disk I/O, and more.2019-07-14
libsvg0.1.4-1A parser for SVG content.2019-07-14
libtcl1.9-1Tcl Standard Library2019-07-14
libtunepimp0.5.3-1Library for creating MusicBrainz enabled tagging apps.2019-07-14
libupnp1.6.10-1An Portable Open Source UPnP Development Kit.2019-07-14
liburcu0.10.2-1Userspace RCU (read-copy-update) library.2019-07-14
libvorbis_autovb5.5-1A fork of libvorbis intended to provide better quality sound at low to medium bitrates.2019-07-14
libxp1.0.0-1X11 print library (Deprecated)2019-07-14
libxslt-python1.1.29-1XSL Transformations library.2019-07-14
libzrtpcpp4.2.0-1C++ implementation of Phil Zimmermann's ZRTP specification.2019-07-14
lilv0.24.0-1A C library interface to the LV2 plug-in standard,2019-07-14
lilypond2.11.22-1Formats sheet music.2019-07-14
linux-igd1.0-1Deamon that emulates Microsoft's Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) for UPnP-aware clients.2019-07-14
listps0.9.0-1Show all running processes, including hidden ones.2019-07-14
lives1.6.2-1LiVES is a Free, Open Source video editor and a VJ tool.2019-07-14
logger08053.1621-1Utility to take control of system logs.2019-07-14
lrzip0.631-1A compression program that can achieve very high compression ratios and speed when used with large files.2019-07-14
lv21.14.0-1Successor to the LADSPA audio plug-in standard.2019-07-14
lzop1.02rc1-1Fast file compressor based on lzo.2019-07-14
magicrescue1.1.5-1Scans a block device for file types it knows how to recover and calls an external program to extract them.2019-07-14
mbedtls2.8.0-1Portable cryptographic and SSL/TLS library2019-07-14
mcomix1.2.1-1A user-friendly, customizable image viewer specifically designed to handle comic books.2019-07-14
mdf2iso0.3.0-1MDF2ISO is a simple utility to convert Alcohol 120% bin images to standard ISO-9660.2019-07-14
mediastreamer2.10.0-1A library written in C that allows you to create and run audio and video streams.2019-07-14
meld1.5.2-1Meld is a visual diff and merge tool.2019-07-14
metakit2.4.9.7-1Metakit is an efficient embedded database library with a small footprint.2019-07-14
metalink0.3.6-1Commandline metalink generator.2019-07-14
metalink-library1.1-1A script based library to create and manage Metalink download files.2019-07-14
metalink_editor1.1.0-1A GUI to metalink.2019-07-14
mfs-chunkserver1.6.26-1MooseFS, backup server (metalogger), fault tolerant, network distributed file system.2019-07-14
mfs-client1.6.26-1MooseFS, chunk servers, fault tolerant, network distributed file system.2019-07-14
mfs-master1.6.26-1MooseFS, master server, fault tolerant, network distributed file system.2019-07-14
mftrace1.2.16-1Scalable Fonts for MetaFont.2019-07-14
miniupnpd1.5-1A daemon which supports the UPnP Internet Gateway Device (IGD) specification and NAT Port Mapping Protocol (NAT-PMP).2019-07-14
mkinitramfs0.9.11-1Is intended to create the ultimate initramfs image.2019-07-14
moarvm2017.07-1A virtual machine for NQP And Rakudo Perl 62019-07-14
mongodb2.6.5-1A schema-free document-oriented database.2019-07-14
monotone-static0.41-1A distributed version control system.2019-07-14
mp3fs0.30-1An read-only FUSE filesystem that transcodes FLAC audio files to MP3.2019-07-14
mpdscribble0.20-1mpd client which submits track info to and similiar services.2019-07-14
mppenc1.16-1Musepack Encoder, encode wav to MPC.2019-07-14
mpq-tools0.4.2-1Tools that handle Blizzard's MPQ archives2019-07-14
msort8.52-1A program for sorting files in sophisticated ways.2019-07-14
mtpfs1.1-1MTPFS is a FUSE filesystem based on libmtp that allows a mtp device to be browsed as if it were a normal external harddisk.2019-07-14
multipath-tools0.8.0-1A device-mapper autoconfig for creating and accessing LU (Logical Units).2019-07-14
multipipe1.0-1Simple command to split output into several parallel commands.2019-07-14
mutagen1.15-1Python based tagging library.2019-07-14
mypaint1.1.0-1A fast and easy open-source graphics application for digital painters.2019-07-14
mytop1.6-1A 'top' clone for MySQL.2019-07-14
nano2.2.6-2GNU pico clone (a tiny text editor)2019-07-14
nas1.9.2-1The Network Audio System is a network transparent, client/server audio transport system.2019-07-14
ng-spicerework-19-1Circuit simulator based on Spice3f5, Cider1b1 and Xspice.2019-07-14
nitrogen1.5.2-1A background browser and setter for X windows.2019-07-14
nose1.3.1-1Extends unittesting in python.2019-07-14
nqp2017.07-1Not Quite Perl compiler2019-07-14
nrg2iso0.4-2Converts Nero .nrg files to standard .iso files.2019-07-14
nspluginwrapper1.2.2-1Wrapper for those nasty plugins that make your browser crash.2019-07-14
obscure-extractor1.0-1Small Gtk program to extract files from (mostly) game archive formats.2019-07-14
ogmtools1.5-1Tools for working with ogg media streams (ogm).2019-07-14
ois1.3-1Library for using all kinds of Input Devices.2019-07-14
openarena0.8.5-1A violent, sexy, multiplayer first person shooter based on the ioquake3 engine.2019-07-14
openjdk6.24-1Open-source Java Development Kit implementation.2019-07-14 spelling and hyphenation for en_AU locale 2019-07-14
opensonic0.1.4-1Game based on the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.2019-07-14
openttd1.1.5-1A FOSS clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe.2019-07-14
optipng0.6.5-1A PNG optimizer that recompresses image files to a smaller size, without losing any information.2019-07-14
ortp0.23.0-1A Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) library.2019-07-14
oss2jack0.25-1A Linux kernel based approach to using OSS applications with the Jack Audio Connection Kit.2019-07-14
ossp1.3.2-1Emulate OSS device using CUSE.2019-07-14
p5-dbd-pg2.19.2-1DBI PostgreSQL interface for Perl.2019-07-14
p5-dbi1.622-1Database independent interface for Perl2019-07-14
p5-term-ansicolor4.02-1ANSI text atribute control module.2019-07-14
p5-xml-simple2.20-1Perl module to easily read/write XML.2019-07-14
parallel20111022-1A shell tool for executing jobs in parallel using one or more computers.2019-07-14
pause2.4-1Pause determines the location of silences in a audio file for use in fragmentation of large recordings.2019-07-14
pdfcrack0.11-1Command line password recovery tool.2019-07-14
pekwm-theme-agualemon20080605-1A port of the XFWM4 theme, agualemon for pekwm2019-07-14
pekwm-theme-frugalware0.3-1A port of the Frugalware XFWM4 theme for pekwm.2019-07-14
pekwm-theme-icequa20080517-1Port of IceWM IceQua theme to PekWM.2019-07-14
pekwm-theme-symphony1.6-1A port of the XFWM4 theme, symphony for pekwm.2019-07-14
pidgin-hide-attention-button1.0-1Hide the attention button in pidgin,2019-07-14
pkg-clean0.0.3-1Remove ports to a clean state.2019-07-14
pkg-not0.0.1-1List untracked files from package database.2019-07-14
pkg-url0.0.1-1List urls of soruce arrays in Pkgfiles.2019-07-14
plotutils2.6-1Contains programs for plotting scientific data and a device-independent function library "libplot" for exporting 2-D vector graphics in many raster and vector file formats.2019-07-14
ply3.4-1A python lex/yacc implementation.2019-07-14
poe0.9989-1Event-driven networking and multitasking framework for Perl.2019-07-14
portaudio20140130-1A free, cross platform, open source audio I/O library.2019-07-14
potrace1.10-1A utility for tracing a bitmap, which means, transforming a bitmap into a smooth, scalable image.2019-07-14
pretty_make1.3-1Pretty make is a very small python script that will organise and colorize your make output.2019-07-14
privoxy3.0.26-1Web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities.2019-07-14
pwmanager1.2.4-1Secure password manager.2019-07-14
pybison0.1.8-1Python-based Parsing at the Speed of C.2019-07-14
pyclamav0.4.1-1Python binding to libclamav.2019-07-14
pylzma0.3.0-1Python bindings for the LZMA compression library.2019-07-14
pyro3.6.1-1Python Robotics.2019-07-14
pyserial2.5-1Python serial port API.2019-07-14
pyshadow0.2-1Python module to access the shadow password file.2019-07-14
pysqlite2.6.0-1Sqlite bindings for Python.2019-07-14
pystatgrab0.5-1Python bindings for libstatgrab.2019-07-14
pytables1.4-1Hierarchical datasets designed to efficiently manage large data.2019-07-14
python-numpy1.15.1-1Array processing for numbers, strings, records, and objects with Python.2019-07-14
python3-cairo1.15.3-1Python3 bindings for the cairo graphics library.2019-07-14
python3-gobject3.26.0-1Python 3 bindings for GObject.2019-07-14
python3-numpy1.15.1-1Array processing for numbers, strings, records, and objects with Python.2019-07-14
pyusb0.3.5-1PyUSB is a native Python module written in C that provides USB access for it.2019-07-14
pyyaml3.04-1YAML parser and emitter for the Python programming language.2019-07-14
qjackctl0.5.0-1QT app to control the JACK sound server daemon.2019-07-14
qjoypad4.1.0-1Translate gamepad/joystick input into key strokes/mouse actions in X.2019-07-14
quake-par0.03.01-1Quake PAK archiving utility.2019-07-14
rakudo2017.07-1Perl 6 implementation on top of Moar virtual machine2019-07-14
raptor2.0.7-1RDF parser library.2019-07-14
rarcrack0.2-1Brute force algorithm to guess the password for decoding an encrypted compressed file. It can crack zip, 7z, and rar file passwords.2019-07-14
rb_libtorrent0.12.9-1C++ bittorent library.2019-07-14
rbldnsd0.996b-1Small Daemon for DNSBLs.2019-07-14
rlog1.4-1C++ logging library.2019-07-14
roccat-tools1.5.0-2Userland applications to configure and make extended use of ROCCAT devices2019-07-14
rosegarden1.5.1-1A professional audio and MIDI sequencer, score editor, and general-purpose music composition and editing environment (KDE).2019-07-14
rust1.25.0-1A safe, concurrent, practical language by Mozilla.2019-07-14
s3d0.2-13D network display server which can be used as 3d desktop enviroment.2019-07-14
safe-build0.0.1b4-1Chroot wrapper, to build ports in a safe environment.2019-07-14
safe-build-dev20090628-2136-1Development version of chroot testing.2019-07-14
schedtool1.3.0-1schedtool interfaces with the Linux CPU scheduler2019-07-14
scm-imlib2cvs-1Powerful image loading and rendering library.2019-07-14
scponly4.8-1SSH shell, read and write files without providing any execution priviledges.2019-07-14
scrapy0.14.4-1A fast high-level screen scraping and web crawling framework.2019-07-14
sdparm1.06-1List or change SCSI/ATAPI disk parameters.2019-07-14
serd0.24.0-1A lightweight C library for RDF syntax which supports reading and writing Turtle and NTriples.2019-07-14
shellsql0.7.7-1SQL for Shell Scripts.2019-07-14
simage1.7.0-1Library with image format loaders and front-ends to common import libraries.2019-07-14
slookup1.2-1Slookup is a simple program to do parallelized DNS lookups in a convenient way.2019-07-14
smarteiffel2.3-1A pure object-oriented language which converts to C or Java.2019-07-14
smarty2.6.18-1Template engine for PHP.2019-07-14
snack2.2.10-2A sound toolkit for Tcl/Tk.2019-07-14
songbird1.2.0-1Songbird is an open-source customizable music player that's under active development.2019-07-14
sord0.16.0-1A lightweight C library for storing RDF data in memory.2019-07-14
spacefm1.0.5-1Multi-panel tabbed file manager.2019-07-14
sqlalchemy0.9.1-1Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper.2019-07-14
squidguard1.4-1A URL redirector used to use blacklists with the proxysoftware Squid.2019-07-14
squidsites1.01-1A tool that parses Squid access log file and generates a report of the most visited sites.2019-07-14
sratom0.6.0-1An LV2 Atom RDF serialisation library.2019-07-14
stellarium0.16.0-1Renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time with OpenGL.2019-07-14
stl3.3-1SGI Standard Template Library (STL).2019-07-14
suspend0.8-1 easy to use suspend userspace tools2019-07-14
swh-plugins0.4.17-1LADSPA audio plugins.2019-07-14
systemtap1.7-1Infrastructure to simplify the gathering of information about the running Linux system.2019-07-14
szip2.1-1Compression software, providing lossless compression of scientific data (HDF4, HDF5).2019-07-14
t1utils1.32-1Command-line tools for dealing with Type 1 fonts.2019-07-14
taskcoach0.72.3-1Simple todo manager to manage personal tasks and todo lists.2019-07-14
tcptraceroute1.5beta7-1A traceroute implementation using TCP packets.2019-07-14
tcptrack1.3.0-1A packet sniffer that displays TCP connections similarly to 'top'.2019-07-14
teamspeak3.0.14-1TeamSpeak is software for quality voice communication via the Internet.2019-07-14
terminator1.90-1Terminator is a little project to produce an efficient way of filling a large area of screen space with terminals.2019-07-14
texinfo6.1-1GNU documentation system for on-line information and printed output2019-07-14
texlive20170524-1TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems.2019-07-14
tidyp1.04-1HTML/XML/XHTML cleanup tool.2019-07-14
tilda1.1.12-1A quake-style popup terminal2019-07-14
tovid0.33-1tovid is a collection of video disc authoring tools; it can help you create your own DVDs, VCDs, and SVCDs for playback on your home DVD player.2019-07-14
transset-df6-1Patched version of Xorg's transset.2019-07-14
tre0.7.5-1POSIX compliant regexp matching library.2019-07-14
ts0.5-1Task Spooler, queue jobs in a console.2019-07-14
tsocks1.8beta5-1Transparent SOCKS proxy library.2019-07-14
ttf-fira3.111-1A monospace and sans-serif typeface designed for Firefox OS.2019-07-14
txt2man1.5.6-1Converts flat text file to man pages.2019-07-14
txt2tags2.5-1A minimal markup document generator.2019-07-14
txt2tags-vim2.5-1Vim syntax highlighting for txt2tags.2019-07-14
ucommon6.1.0-1A light-weight C++ library to facilitate using C++ design patterns.2019-07-14
uif2iso0.1.7-1Convert UIF files (Universal Image Format, used by MagicISO) to uncompressed images depending by the input file: ISO, BIN/CUE, MDS/MDF, CCD/IMG/SUB, NRG.2019-07-14
ulogd2.0.0beta4-1Userspace logging facility for iptables.2019-07-14
ulogd11.24-1Userspace logging facility for iptables.2019-07-14
unicap0.2.17-1Unicap provides a uniform interface to video capture devices.2019-07-14
unique0.25-1Find pieces of code that could benefit from a refactoring.2019-07-14
unsermaker646559-1Unsermake is a replacement for automake.2019-07-14
urw-fonts1.0.7pre41-1Free good quality fonts gpl'd by URW++.2019-07-14
utf8proc1.1.6-1A library for processing UTF-8 encoded Unicode strings.2019-07-14
uthash1.9.9-1A hash library implemented in C.2019-07-14
v4l-dvbmercurial-1dvb-apps - small utils for DVB to scan, zap, view signal strength2019-07-14
v4l-utils1.16.5-1Userspace tools and conversion library for Video 4 Linux.2019-07-14
vdpauinfo1.0-1Command line utility for querying VDPAU capabilities.2019-07-14
vdrift20100630-1A cross-platform, open source driving simulation made with drift racing in mind. 2019-07-14
vice1.22-1Emulates the C64, the C128, the VIC20, almost all PET models, the PLUS4 and the CBM-II (aka C610).2019-07-14
viewperf81-1ViewPerf is an industry standard OpenGL graphics benchmark application.2019-07-14
virtualgl2.3.2-1Run remote OpenGL applications with full 3D hardware acceleration2019-07-14
virtualgl-322.3.2-1Run remote OpenGL applications with full 3D hardware acceleration2019-07-14
vnstat1.4-1Network traffic monitor2019-07-14
vsplit0.1.0-1vsplit splits concatenated (chained) Ogg Vorbis files to individual files.2019-07-14
w3lib1.2-1Library of web-related functions.2019-07-14
w4d0.1-1Waitfordevice is a trivial tool which checks and waits for a device to become available.2019-07-14
webalizer2.23-05-1Fast, free web server log file analysis program. It produces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser.2019-07-14
wengo2.1beta-9722-1WengoPhone, open development project, similar to skype.2019-07-14
wesnoth1.14.7-1The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme.2019-07-14
wxglade0.6.3-1Glade-like GUI designer which can generate Python, Perl, C++ or XRC code.2019-07-14
xarchiver0.5.4.12-1A lightweight GTK archive manager.2019-07-14
xbindkeys1.8.3-1Allows you to launch shell commands with your keyboard or your mouse under xorg.2019-07-14
xcdroast0.98alpha16-1cd burning application 2019-07-14
xcur2png0.7.0-1A program which let you take PNG image from X cursor, and generate config-file which is reusable by xcursorgen.2019-07-14
xdelta3-python3.0.0-2Python bindings for xdelta3.2019-07-14
xen3.2.1-1a Virtual Machine Monitor2019-07-14
xman1.0.3-1GUI frontend to man.2019-07-14
xml20.5-1These tools are used to convert XML and HTML to and from a line-oriented format.2019-07-14
xmlstarlet1.0.1-1A set of tools to transform, query, validate, and edit XML documents.2019-07-14
xorg-cursor-alpha1.1-1True alpha-blended cursors.2019-07-14
xorg-cursor-bridge1.0.0-1Bridge cursor set designed for KDE, Inspired by Oxygen Zion, but re-drawn from scratch for a cleaner feeling.2019-07-14
xorg-cursor-crystalblue1.1.1-1A cursor theme inspired from Crystal icons by Mart - Blue version2019-07-14
xorg-cursor-neutral-plus-inverted0b2-1A white themed set of cursors.2019-07-14
xorg-cursor-obsidian1.1-1A shiny and clean cursor set created in inkscape based upon my previous Polar Cursor Theme.2019-07-14
xorg-cursor-polar1.4-1Polar Cursor Theme is a smooth and simple cursor set created primarily in Inkscape.2019-07-14
xorg-font-formfound-origami-ttf20080705-1A origami font free for personal use.2019-07-14
xorg-font-kochi-ttf20030809-1High quality Japanese TrueType fonts.2019-07-14
xorg-font-larabie-coolvetica-ttf20080110-1A font that is similar to Helvetica.2019-07-14
xorg-font-otf-ipafont003.03-1Japanese outline fonts by Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA).2019-07-14
xorg-font-sourcesanspro2.010-1A set of monospaced OpenType and TrueType fonts designed for coding environments.2019-07-14
xorg-font-sourcescodepro1.017-1Source Code Pro is a set of OpenType and TreuType fonts that have been designed to work well in user interface (UI) environments.2019-07-14
xorg-font-sourceserifpro1.017-1Source Serif Pro is a set of OpenType and TrueType fonts to complement the Source Sans Pro family.2019-07-14
xorg-font-ttf-vlgothic20130607-2Japanese TrueType fonts from Vine Linux.2019-07-14
xpad4.2-1Xpad is a sticky note application that strives to be simple, fault-tolerant, and customizable.2019-07-14
yacy1.92-1P2P application for web searching.2019-07-14
yelp-tools3.10.0-1Tools for creating Yelp documentation.2019-07-14
yelp-xsl3.12.0-1Stylesheets for Yelp.2019-07-14
yodl2.14.0-1A pre-document language converter to formats (html, man, LaTeX, etc.).2019-07-14
zef0.1.26-1Perl 6 Module Management 2019-07-14
zenity3.10.2-1Display graphical dialog boxes from shell scripts.2019-07-14
zeppoo0.0.4-1Zeppoo can detect if a rootkit is installed on your system.2019-07-14
zziplib0.13.58-1Lightweight ZIP library.2019-07-14

413 ports

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