CRUX ports

PortVersionDescriptionLast modified
celt0.11.1-1ultra low delay audio codec.2013-03-19
deadbeefgit-09349cb-1DeaDBeeF - Ultimate Music Player For GNU/Linux 2013-03-19
dhex0.66-1DHEX is a more than just another hex editor: It includes a diff mode, which can be used to easily and conveniently compare two binary files2013-03-19
dhex-themes0.66-1DHEX themes2013-03-19
elfhacksc95eb70-1various ELF run-time hacks.2013-03-19
farsight0.0.31-1Farsight is an audio/video conferencing framework that will allow you to have an Audio and/or Video with aMSN2013-03-19
filezilla3.5.3-1ftp client2013-03-19
glc5a4f81b-1glc is an ALSA & OpenGL capture tool for Linux.2013-03-19
gparted0.12.1-1Gnome Partition Editor.2013-03-19
gpicview0.2.2-1Fast, lightweight, image viewer for X2013-03-19
graphviz2.28.0-1Graphviz is open source graph visualization software2013-03-19
hamachi2.1.0.17-1Simple VPN application.2013-03-19
libgdiplus2.10.9-1Libgdiplus is the Mono library that provide a GDI+ comptible API on non-Windows operating systems2013-03-19
libungif-324.1.4-1An uncompressed GIF library compatible with giflib2013-03-19
lxde-icon-themegit-a202c1a-1icon theme for lxde2013-03-19
mangler1.2.2-1Open source VoIP client with Ventrilo 3.x support.2013-03-19
mono2.10.9-1Mono is a software platform designed to allow developers to easily create cross platform applications2013-03-19
obconf500163e-1openbox preferences manager2013-03-19
openbox3.5.0-1Fast, lightweight, standards-compliant window manager2013-03-19
packetstream3770ef6-1thread-safe ring buffer.2013-03-19
pcmanfmsvn-952-1defunct filemanager, kept because I can.2013-03-19
qjoypadsvn-133-1Translate gamepad/joystick input into key strokes/mouse actions in X.2013-03-19
slang2.1.4-2library that handles display/screen management, keyboard input, keymaps, etc.2013-03-19
smplayersvn-4361-1Mplayer frontend2013-03-19
smplayer-themessvn-4361-1Mplayer frontend themes2013-03-19
smtubesvn-4361-1Mplayer frontend - youtube support2013-03-19
wine641.5.10-1WINE - Implementation of Windows DLL's and core.2013-03-19
wxhexeditorv0.20-1wxHexEditor is another Free Hex Editor2013-03-19
xorg-libxscrnsaver-321.2.1-1X Screen Saver extension client library2013-03-19
xorg-scrnsaverproto-321.2.1-1xorg proto scrnsaverproto2013-03-19
xosd2.2.14-1X11 Onscreen Display2013-03-19

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