CRUX ports

PortVersionDescriptionLast modified
autojump-gitgit-1A cd command that learns2013-02-01
autossh1.4c-1Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels2013-02-01
bootinfoscript0.61-1searches all hard drives for booting information2013-02-01
cgal4.0-1Computational Geometry Algorithms Library2013-02-01
coin3.1.3-1implementation of Open Inventor2013-02-01
dugroup2008-05-07-1du output filter for grouping files together2013-02-01
eigen3.1.0-alpha2-1C++ template library for linear algebra2013-02-01
eigen22.0.17-1C++ template library for linear algebra2013-02-01
fakechroot-gitgit-1gives a fake chroot environment2013-02-01
fetchmail6.3.24-1A remote-mail retrieval utility2013-02-01
freecad-gitgit-1General purpose feature-based, parametric 3D modeler2013-02-01
frtplot-svnsvn-1Free Real-time Data Plotter2013-02-01
geda-gitgit-1gEDA: GPL Electronic Design Automation2013-02-01
gerbv-gitgit-2GERBV: Gerber File Viewer2013-02-01
ghc7.6.2-1Glasgow Haskell compiler.2013-02-01
gl2ps1.3.6-1gl2ps: an OpenGL to PostScript printing library2013-02-01
gobject-introspection1.31.22-1ORBit2 bindings for python2013-02-01
grub-bzrbzr-3A Multiboot boot loader2013-02-01
grub21.98-4A Multiboot boot loader2013-02-01
grub2-1.981.98-4A Multiboot boot loader2013-02-01
gts0.7.6-1GNU Triangulated Surface Library2013-02-01
heekscad-gitgit-1open source, 3D CAD application with extensive CAM features2013-02-01
heekscad-svnsvn-1open source, 3D CAD application with extensive CAM features2013-02-01
heekspython-gitgit-1python scripting to heekscad2013-02-01
java3d1_5_1-1Java 3D API enables the creation of three-dimensional graphics applications and Internet-based 3D applets2013-02-01
java3d-x86_641_5_1-1Java 3D API enables the creation of three-dimensional graphics applications and Internet-based 3D applets2013-02-01
libactp-gitgit-1Adaptive Clearing Tool Path Library2013-02-01
libarea-gitgit-1*o*pencascade *c*ommunity *e*dition2013-02-01
libarea-svnsvn-1*o*pencascade *c*ommunity *e*dition2013-02-01
libdrm2.4.39-1Userspace interface to kernel DRM services2013-02-01
libf2c1-1run-time libraries for the f2c program, also used by g772013-02-01
libqglviewer2.3.16-13D widget based on Qt 4's QGLWidget.2013-02-01
libutempter1.1.6-1Interface for terminal emulators such as screen and xterm to record user sessions to utmp and wtmp files2013-02-01
links2.6-1A lightwigth Browser (with directfb support)2013-02-01
ls++-gitgit-1Colorized LS on steroids2013-02-01
m4-examples1.4.16-1Examples for the standard Unix macro processor2013-02-01
mosh1.2.3-1Mobile shell, surviving disconnects with local echo and line editing2013-02-01
mpfi1.5.1-1library for interval arithmetic2013-02-01
mplabalc303_31-1MPLAB ASM30 Assembler2013-02-01
mplabc303_31-1MPLAB C Compiler for PIC24 and dsPIC DSCs2013-02-01
ncdu-gitgit-1NCurses Disk Usage2013-02-01
oce-gitgit-1*o*pencascade *c*ommunity *e*dition2013-02-01
opencamlib-gitgit-1OpenCAMLib (ocl): a c++ library for creating toolpaths for cnc-machines2013-02-01
opencsg1.3.2-1library for image-based CSG rendering using OpenGL2013-02-01
openscad2011.12-1Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller2013-02-01
openssh6.0p1-1Secure SHell server and client tools2013-02-01
p5-io-tty1.10-1Provide an interface to TTYs and PTYs2013-02-01
p5-term-extendedcolor0.224-1Like Term::ANSIColor, but for the extended colorset2013-02-01
p5-timedate1.20-1perl5 TimeDate distribution2013-02-01
pcb-gitgit-1PCB: Printed Ciruit Board layout tool2013-02-01
pcb2gcode-gitgit-1Gerber to gcode file converter2013-02-01
pic301.10-1PIC C30 support files2013-02-01
pivy-mercurialmercurial-1Coin binding for python2013-02-01
pk2cmd1.20-1Official Microchip Pickit2 programmer software2013-02-01
pk2cmd-plus1.21rc1_1.62.14-1PICkit 2 CLI software with updated DeviceFile and udev rules2013-02-01
profont1-2A small bitmap font which is absolutely great for programming2013-02-01
proggyfonts0.1-5The proggy fonts are a set of fixed-width screen fonts that are designed for code listings.2013-02-01
pyorbit2.24.0-1ORBit2 bindings for python2013-02-01
ranger1.5.5-1file manager with VI key bindings2013-02-01
rs3.1.0-1RS (Real Solutions) is devoted to the study of the real roots of polynomial systems with a finite number of complex roots (including univariate polynomials).2013-02-01
runit2.1.1-1A replacement for sysvinit, and other init schemes, with service supervision2013-02-01
runit-startx1-1start startx from agetty automatically2013-02-01
rxvt-unicode9.16-1rxvt fork with unicode and xft support2013-02-01
sharpfonts1-6Display sharp and clear fonts on Linux and Unix like on Microsoft Windows XP / 72013-02-01
soqt1.5.0-1C++ library providing the glue between Coin high-level 3D visualization library and Qt 2D user interface library.2013-02-01
soxt1.3.0-1SoXt is an Xt/Motif glue library for Coin2013-02-01
stow2.1.1-1Program for managing the installation of software packages.2013-02-01
surfraw2.2.8-1Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web2013-02-01
swig-1.3.401.3.40-1A tool to create language bindings2013-02-01
syslinux5.01-1Collection of boot loaders for the Linux operating system2013-02-01
syslinux-gitgit-1Collection of boot loaders for the Linux operating system2013-02-01
tdu2008-05-07-1a text-mode disk usage utility2013-02-01
ttf-anonymous-pro1.002-001family of four fixed-width fonts designed especially with coding in mind2013-02-01
ttf-inconsolata-dz20091202-2Monospace font for pretty code listings and for the terminal (modified to have straight single and double quotes2013-02-01
ttf-inconsolata-dz-powerline-gitgit-1Inconsolata-dz-Powerline for vim Powerline2013-02-01
ttf-inconsolata-g20090213-3Monospace font for pretty code listings and for the terminal modified by Leonardo Maffi (
ttf-mac1-1Mac OS X TrueType fonts. Please consult
ttf-mensch1-1Mensch -- A coding font2013-02-01
ttf-monofur1-1monospaced geometric rounded sans serif font based on the eurofurence typeface family.2013-02-01
ttf-unifont5.1.20080907-1GNU Unifont Glyphs2013-02-01
ttf-win7_sp1-fonts7.1-3Microsoft Windows 7 TrueType Fonts2013-02-01
ttf-win7_sp1-fonts-pkg7.1-3Microsoft Windows 7 TrueType Fonts2013-02-01
vim-mercurialmercurial-1Highly configurable text editor2013-02-01
xc161.10-1MPLAB XC16 Assembler2013-02-01
xc16-bin1.10-1MPLAB C Compiler for PIC24 and dsPIC DSCs2013-02-01
xc16-data1.10-1MPLAB C Compiler for PIC24 and dsPIC DSCs2013-02-01
xclip0.12-1Command-line utility providing interface to Xclipboard2013-02-01

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